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Owners Manual

Thank you purchasing the Yamaha Drum stool.Before you use, please thoroughly read this Owners Manual and use the drum stool in a safe and proper manner. Also, please keep these instructions in a safe place for future reference.


Before using, please thoroughly read this PRECAU- TIONS sheet and use the instrument in a safe manner. (Please follow the precautions listed below.) Parents or instructors should instruct children on how to properly use the instrument.

To prevent against accidents and injury -Please follow the cautions listed below-

Icons are used to indicate and explain the pre- cautions. To promote the safe and proper use of this product, and to protect you and others from injury and loss of personal property.

Please read the precautions after you understand the meaning of the icons.

Caution (including danger, or warning). This mark indicates cautions in which you should pay close attention to. Acts indicated with this icon are prohibited and should not be attempted.

This icon indicates acts that you are urged to follow.

* Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

If this symbol is ignored and the equipment is used improperly, fatal injury to persons or serious dam- age could occur.

Always set the instrument on a flat and solid surface. Placement on a sloping, unstable surface or on steps may result in the instrument being unstable and over- turning.

When carrying the stool, make sure the wing bolt and nut are firmly tightened. Carrying the stool with a loose bolt or nut may cause the seat or leg section to drop resulting in injury.

Never stand or step on the stool. You may fall and damage the stool resulting in an accident and injury.

The drum set has many parts, stands and cymbals. Do not play or roughhouse around the drum set. You may hit your face or head. Many people roughhousing around the set may re- sult in the set being overturned so children should refrain from playing around the set.

Stay away from the drum set if an earthquake oc- curs. If a strong vibration such as an earthquake should occur, be sure to stay well clear of the drum set.


Firmly tighten all fixing and adjustment bolts to pre- vent them from coming loose during use.

When folding the stand legs, etc., watch your fin- gers. Fingers may become pinched resulting in in- jury.

Be careful around pipe ends and inside the pipe. Metal shavings, etc., may injure your fingers. Do not insert your fingers into the pipe on purpose or for any other reason.

If this symbol is ignored and the equipment is used improperly, there is a danger of injury to persons han- dling the equipment, and material damage could occur.


Display Symbols

1K90035 R1 Printed in Taiwan



430-8650 10-1


1. Extend the Legs, slide the Leg Base to the end of the Base Section.

2. Insert the Upper Tube Section into the Leg Bases Joint Section (Make sure the protrusion on the position clamp is facingdown).

3. After adjusting the height of the Upper Tube Section, firmly tighten the Wing Bolt

on the Base Section.

4. Loosen the Wing Nut on the Position Clamp on the Upper Tube Section, align

the Position Clamp with the Joint and tighten the Wing Nut. With the Position Clamp set in place, the stool will be set

to the same height every succeeding time the stool is assembled.

5. Attach the Seat to the Upper Tube Sec-

tion and tighten the Wing Bolt.

6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to adjust the stool height.

If this symbol is ignored and the equipment is used improperly, fatal injury to persons or serious dam- age could occur.

If the stool is used in a high position, make sure that the Upper Tube Section is inserted at least 6cm into the Leg Bases Joint Section.Using the stool in a high position can result in injury due to the stool over turn- ing, slipping, etc.

Always get off the stool when adjusting the height. Sitting while making adjustments (suddenly loosen- ing the screw) may result in pinched fingers or the stool suddenly dropping causing possible injury to you back.

Make sure the Wing Nut on the position clamp is se- cured tightly before using. If it is not tightened, the seat may suddenly slip. This is extremely hazardous so please pay close attention.

Do not loosen the bolt that fixes the Leg in place marked with a . The stool may become unstable causing an accident resulting in injury.


3 4




Leg Base

Wing Bolt

Base Section


Wing Bolt

Drum Key Bolt

Upper Tube Section

Hexagonal Nut

Position Clamp




If the stool is used in a high position, make sure that the Upper Tube Section is inserted at least 6cm into the Leg Bases Joint Section. The line on the upper pipe indicates the minimum required depth.







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