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Owners Manual


Mode demploi

Manual de instrucciones

Manuale di istruzioni

Manual do Proprietrio





















1 2

3 4

HOT1 22 1 3

-40 (dBV / Pa)





-90 20 50 100 200



330 30

210 150

300 60

240 120

270 90

500 1k 2k 5k 10k 20k (Hz)

1 kHz

10 dB

20 dB




To assure the finest performance, please read this manual carefully. Keep it in a safe place for future reference.

Due to the high sensitivity of the cartridge, do not drop it from a high place or apply a strong shock to it.

To maintain the sensitivity and quality of the sound reproducing, avoid exposing it to moisture, dust, or extreme temperatures.

Avoid placing this microphone in any of the following locations: - Locations that are exposed to extremely high temperature (e.g., near a heater or inside a car), as they may cause damage to this microphone, and/or personal injury.

- Locations that are exposed to water or close to containers with liquid in them, as entering of liquid or foreign object into the microphone may cause damage to this microphone.

Keep this product out of the reach of children.

Do not use force on the switch or cable of the microphone.

When disconnecting the microphone cable, grasp the connector and do not pull the cable.

Since the microphone consists of precise parts, do not attempt to modify or fix it. Contact qualified Yamaha service personnel when any service is needed. Do not disassemble the microphone for any reasons.

Do not clean this unit with chemical solvents; this might damage the finish. Use a clean, dry cloth.

Also please refer to the owners manual of the component to be connected to this microphone.



Accessory Microphone Cable: 5 m (16.4 ft) 1

A Connecting and Disconnecting the Microphone Cable

Before making the connection, make sure that the microphone and the component (e.g., amplifier) are switched off.

Insert the connector into the microphone socket. Align the key on the connector with the groove in the microphone, and then push the connector into the microphone until it clicks.

Lower the volume of the component (e.g., amplifier) before connecting the microphone.

To disconnect the cable from the microphone, pull the connector away from the microphone while depressing the latch lock.

B How to Use Set the switch to ON when using the microphone, and set it to OFF

when not in use.

When using the microphone, do not cover any part of the grille with your hand to ensure sound quality.

C Hints In order to prevent howling:

- Lower the volume. - Place this microphone so that it is not pointed to the speaker and that there is a sufficient distance between the microphone and the speaker.

- Do not cover the lower part of the grille with your hand.

Positioning the microphone close to the sound source causes the so-called proximity effect (a boost in the low-frequency response). This phenomenon can be used to create a richer and warmer bass sound.

D 12 Wiring 3 Frequency Response 4 Polar Pattern


Specifications Type Dynamic Microphone

Polar Pattern Unidirectional

Frequency Response 60 Hz 15,000 Hz

Sensitivity / 2.83 V, 1 m -54 dB 3 dB (0 dB = 1 V/Pa, 1 kHz)

Output Impedance 500 30 % (1 kHz)

Connector 3-pin XLR-M type

Cable 6 mm 5 m with XLR-F type connector and 6.3 mm plug

Dimensions (Microphone only) (max. diameter length)

51 169 mm (2 6-5/8 in)

Weight (Microphone only) 220 g (7.80 oz.)

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Information for users on collection and disposal of old equipment:

This symbol on the products, packaging, and/or accompanying documents means that used electrical and electronic products should not be mixed with general household waste. For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of old products, please take them to applicable collection points, in accordance with your national legislation.

By disposing of these products correctly, you will help to save valuable resources and prevent any potential negative effects on human health and the environment which could otherwise arise from inappropriate waste handling. For more information about collection and recycling of old products, please contact your local municipality, your waste disposal service or the point of sale where you purchased the items. For business users in the European Union: If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment, please contact your dealer or supplier for further information. Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the European Union: This symbol is only valid in the European Union. If you wish to discard these items, please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal.



Important Notice: Guarantee Information for customers in European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland

English Important Notice: Guarantee Information for customers in EEA* and Switzerland For detailed guarantee information about this Yamaha product, and Pan-EEA* and Switzerland warranty service, please either visit the website address below (Printable file is available at our website) or contact the Yamaha representative office for your country. * EEA: European Economic Area

Deutsch Wichtiger Hinweis: Garantie-Information fr Kunden in der EWR* und der Schweiz Fr nhere Garantie-Information ber dieses Produkt von Yamaha, sowie ber den Pan-EWR*- und Schweizer Garantieservice, besuchen Sie bitte entweder die folgend angegebene Internetadresse (eine druckfhige Version befindet sich auch auf unserer Webseite), oder wenden Sie sich an den fr Ihr Land zustndigen Yamaha-Vertrieb. *EWR: Europischer Wirtschaftsraum

Franais Remarque importante: informations de garantie pour les clients de lEEE et la Suisse Pour des informations plus dtailles sur la garantie de ce produit Yamaha et sur le service de garantie applicable dans lensemble de lEEE ainsi quen Suisse, consultez notre site Web ladresse ci-dessous (le fichier imprimable est disponible sur notre site Web) ou contactez directement Yamaha dans votre pays de rsidence. * EEE : Espace Economique Europen

Nederlands Belangrijke mededeling: Garantie-informatie voor klanten in de EER* en Zwitserland Voor gedetailleerde garantie-informatie over dit Yamaha-product en de garantieservice in heel de EER* en Zwitserland, gaat u naar de onderstaande website (u vind een afdrukbaar bestand op onze website) of neemt u contact op met de vertegenwoordiging van Yamaha in uw land. * EER: Europese Economische Ruimte

Espaol Aviso importante: informacin sobre la garanta para los clientes del EEE* y Suiza Para una informacin detallada sobre este producto Yamaha y sobre el soporte de garanta en la zona EEE* y Suiza, visite la direccin web que se incluye ms abajo (la version del archivo para imprimir esta disponible en nuestro sitio web) o pngase en contacto con el representante de Yamaha en su pas. * EEE: Espacio Econmico Europeo


Italiano Avviso importante: informazioni sulla garanzia per i clienti residenti nellEEA* e in Svizzera Per informazioni dettagliate sulla garanzia relativa a questo prodotto Yamaha e lassistenza in garanzia nei paesi EEA* e in Svizzera, potete consultare il sito Web allindirizzo riportato di seguito ( disponibile il file in formato stampabile) oppure contattare lufficio di rappresentanza locale della Yamaha. * EEA: Area Economica Europea

Portugus Aviso importante: informaes sobre as garantias para clientes da AEE* e da Sua Para obter uma informao pormenorizada sobre este produto da Yamaha e sobre o servio de garantia na AEE* e na Sua, visite o site a seguir (o arquivo para impresso est disponvel no nosso site) ou entre em contato com o escritrio de representao da Yamaha no seu pas. * AEE: rea Econmica Europia

: * Yamaha , ( ) Yamaha . * :

Svenska Viktigt: Garantiinformation fr kunder i EES-omrdet* och Schweiz Fr detaljerad information om denna Yamahaprodukt samt garantiservice i hela EES-omrdet* och Schweiz kan du antingen beska nedanstende webbaddress (en utskriftsvnlig fil finns p webbplatsen) eller kontakta Yamahas officiella representant i ditt land. * EES: Europeiska Ekonomiska Samarbetsomrdet

Norsk Viktig merknad: Garantiinformasjon for kunder i ES* og Sveits Detaljert garantiinformasjon om dette Yamaha-produktet og garantiservice for hele ES-omrdet* og Sveits kan fs enten ved beske nettadressen nedenfor (utskriftsversjon finnes p vre nettsider) eller kontakte kontakte Yamaha-kontoret i landet der du bor. *ES: Det europeiske konomiske samarbeidsomrdet

Dansk Vigtig oplysning: Garantioplysninger til kunder i EO* og Schweiz De kan finde detaljerede garantioplysninger om dette Yamaha-produkt og den flles garantiserviceordning for EO* (og Schweiz) ved at besge det websted, der er angivet nedenfor (der findes en fil, som kan udskrives, p vores websted), eller ved at kontakte Yamahas nationale reprsentationskontor i det land, hvor De bor. * EO: Det Europiske konomiske Omrde


Suomi Trke ilmoitus: Takuutiedot Euroopan talousalueen (ETA)* ja Sveitsin asiakkaille Tmn Yamaha-tuotteen sek ETA-alueen ja Sveitsin takuuta koskevat yksityiskohtaiset tiedot saatte alla olevasta nettiosoitteesta. (Tulostettava tiedosto saatavissa sivustollamme.) Voitte mys ottaa yhteytt paikalliseen Yamaha-edustajaan. *ETA: Euroopan talousalue

Polski Wane: Warunki gwarancyjne obowizujce w EOG* i Szwajcarii Aby dowiedzie si wicej na temat warunkw gwarancyjnych tego produktu firmy Yamaha i serwisu gwarancyjnego w caym EOG* i Szwajcarii, naley odwiedzi wskazan poniej stron internetow (Plik gotowy do wydruku znajduje si na naszej stronie internetowej) lub skontaktowa si z przedstawicielstwem firmy Yamaha w swoim kraju. * EOG Europejski Obszar Gospodarczy

esky Dleit oznmen: Zrun informace pro zkaznky v EHS* a ve vcarsku Podrobn zrun informace o tomto produktu Yamaha a zrunm servisu v celm EHS* a ve vcarsku naleznete na ne uveden webov adrese (soubor k tisku je dostupn na naich webovch strnkch) nebo se mete obrtit na zastoupen firmy Yamaha ve sv zemi. * EHS: Evropsk hospodsk prostor

Magyar Fontos figyelmeztets: Garancia-informcik az EGT* terletn s Svjcban l vsrlk szmra A jelen Yamaha termkre vonatkoz rszletes garancia-informcik, valamint az EGT*- re s Svjcra kiterjed garancilis szolgltats tekintetben keresse fel webhelynket az albbi cmen (a webhelyen nyomtathat fjlt is tall), vagy pedig lpjen kapcsolatba az orszgban mkd Yamaha kpviseleti irodval. * EGT: Eurpai Gazdasgi Trsg

Eesti keel Oluline mrkus: Garantiiteave Euroopa Majanduspiirkonna (EMP)* ja veitsi klientidele Tpsema teabe saamiseks selle Yamaha toote garantii ning kogu Euroopa Majanduspiirkonna ja veitsi garantiiteeninduse kohta, klastage palun veebisaiti alljrgneval aadressil (meie saidil on saadaval prinditav fail) vi prduge Teie regiooni Yamaha esinduse poole. * EMP: Euroopa Majanduspiirkond

Latvieu Svargs paziojums: garantijas informcija klientiem EEZ* un veic Lai saemtu detaliztu garantijas informciju par o Yamaha produktu, k ar garantijas apkalpoanu EEZ* un veic, ldzu, apmekljiet zemk nordto tmeka vietnes adresi (tmeka vietn ir pieejams drukjams fails) vai sazinieties ar jsu valsti apkalpojoo Yamaha prstvniecbu. * EEZ: Eiropas Ekonomikas zona


Lietuvi kalba Dmesio: informacija dl garantijos pirkjams EEE* ir veicarijoje Jei reikia isamios informacijos apie Yamaha produkt ir jo technin prieir visoje EEE* ir veicarijoje, apsilankykite ms svetainje toliau nurodytu adresu (svetainje yra spausdintinas failas) arba kreipkits Yamaha atstovyb savo aliai. *EEE Europos ekonomin erdv

Slovenina Dleit upozornenie: Informcie o zruke pre zkaznkov v EHP* a vajiarsku Podrobn informcie o zruke tkajce sa tohto produktu od spolonosti Yamaha a garannom servise v EHP* a vajiarsku njdete na webovej strnke uvedenej niie (na naej webovej strnke je k dispozcii sbor na tla) alebo sa obrte na zstupcu spolonosti Yamaha vo svojej krajine. * EHP: Eurpsky hospodrsky priestor

Slovenina Pomembno obvestilo: Informacije o garanciji za kupce v EGP* in vici Za podrobneje informacije o tem Yamahinem izdelku ter garancijskem servisu v celotnem EGP in vici, obiite spletno mesto, ki je navedeno spodaj (natisljiva datoteka je na voljo na naem spletnem mestu), ali se obrnite na Yamahinega predstavnika v svoji dravi. * EGP: Evropski gospodarski prostor

: * Yamaha * - ( ), Yamaha . * :

Limba romn Notificare important: Informaii despre garanie pentru clienii din SEE* i Elveia Pentru informaii detaliate privind acest produs Yamaha i serviciul de garanie Pan- SEE* i Elveia, vizitai site-ul la adresa de mai jos (fiierul imprimabil este disponibil pe site-ul nostru) sau contactai biroul reprezentanei Yamaha din ara dumneavoastr. * SEE: Spaiul Economic European

Hrvatski Vana obavijest: Informacije o jamstvu za drave EGP-a i vicarske Za detaljne informacije o jamstvu za ovaj Yamahin proizvod te jamstvenom servisu za cijeli EGP i vicarsku, molimo Vas da posjetite web-stranicu navedenu u nastavku ili kontaktirate ovlatenog Yamahinog dobavljaa u svojoj zemlji. * EGP: Europski gospodarski prostor




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