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1 Remove the old strings. (Refer to the Removing the old strings section in the FC Tremolo System Manual.)

2 Loosen the FC nut locking lever, and remove the locking lever.

3 Remove the locking bolt.

4 Replace the locking blocks 1 and 2.

5 Set the locking bolt.

6 Re-attach the locking lever and tighten lightly.

7 This completes locking block replacement. Install the new strings and tune the guitar. (Refer to the Installing the new strings section in the FC Tremolo System Manual.)

* Store the set of locking blocks you removed from the guitar in a safe place for future use.

Changing the Locking Blocks


* Set the wider blocks for the 1st3rd strings.

* Set the narrower blocks to the 4th6th strings.










C# G# E


F# C#




.022 (Wound)

.032 (Wound)

.042 (Wound)

.052 (Wound)

CV820WB About Wes Borlands String Gauges

FC Nut

The guitar is strung with .010.046 gauge strings when shipped from the factory. In order to use the same gauge strings as Wes Borland you will need to change the locking blocks in the FC nut. The procedure given in the following section describes how to change the locking blocks.

FC Nut Part Names

FC Nut Components

*1 : About locking blocks 1 and 2

Included with the guitar is a set of locking blocks that fit the string gauges used by Wes Borland. Please note that the width of each locking block is different.

Locking Block 1: for strings 13 (wider width) (x2) replacement blocks are included *1

For Normal Gauge Strings

(.009.042/.010.046, etc.)

Supplied Replacement: For Wes Borland Gauge


Locking Bolt (x1)

Locking Block 2: for strings 46 (narrower width) (x2) replacement blocks are included *1

Locking Block 3 (x1)

Locking Lever x1

The CV820WB is the Wes Borland signature guitar model.The unique string gauges and tunings used by Wes Borland are given below.

CV820WB Control System

Owners Manual

Bridge Pickup Volume

Neck Pickup Volume

Bridge Pickup

Neck Pickup


Neck Pickup

Bridge Pickup

Pickup Selector

Locking Block 1

1st3rd strings (wide)

Locking Block 2

4th6th strings (narrow)

Head side Fingerboard side

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