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Do not attempt to update your Yamaha receiver using any other data file except which provided directly from the

Yamaha website.

Follow the instructions carefully and do not attempt any other procedures not specified in the instructions provided by


Improperly updated products may cause improper operation, and any parts or service required to restore proper

operation will not be covered under the Yamaha Limited Warranty.


Click here for Firmware Update by USB

(A USB thumb drive is required)

In case of error, see the Troubleshooting section



Firmware Update by USB

Requirement: USB thumb drive, with enough free space to store over 25MB.

(File system with FAT16 or FAT32 format)

Firmware file provided by YAMAHA, R0xxx-xxxx.bin.

1 Prepare USB thumb drive for the update

Download the firmware, unzip and copy R0xxx-xxxx.bin into the root directory of the USB thumb drive.

Drag & Drop the file into USB thumb drive.

2 Power off the receiver (Standby mode)

3 Insert the USB thumb drive

USB port is located at the lower of the front panel.

4 Enter the ADVANCED SETUP mode

While pressing the STRAIGHT key, press the (power) key and keep STRAIGHT key pressed until

ADVANCED SETUP appears on the front panel display.

5 Select firmware update from the menu

Press the PROGRAM key until UPDATE.....USB is displayed.

USB port



(power) key




6 Start firmware update

a. Press INFO key to start the update.

(Update process may take up to 10 minutes)

* If UPDATE SUCCESS appears, this means your receiver is already up-to-date. In this case, power off to

exit from Advanced Setup. Your AV receiver is ready for normal use.

Firmware update in progress


DO NOT interrupt power during the update.

In case the power is accidentally cut off resulting in a condition where you cant recover normal operation, refer to

the troubleshooting method (Troubleshooting CASE 2) on the last page.

b. When completed, UPDATE SUCCESS , PLEASE... and POWER OFF! appears on the display.

c. Turn off the power of the receiver by pressing the (power) key.

Congratulations! You have completed the firmware update. Your AV receiver is ready for normal use.

USB port

(power) key

INFO key



CASE 1 Error message appeared during the update

Cause: For some reason, the receiver cant read the firmware data.

Method: For your solution, check the following

[Update by USB thumb drive]

USB thumb drive is connected properly to the receiver.

USB thumb drive is not password protected.

(AV receiver cannot read data from a security protected USB thumb drive)

Make sure the USB thumb drive is inserted before the receiver is powered on for the


The firmware data, R0xxx-xxxx.bin is stored in the root directory of the USB thumb drive.

There is no other data except the firmware data in the USB thumb drive.

No folders are created in the USB thumb drive.

Else, retry the update by USB using another USB thumb drive.

CASE 2 Firmware update doesnt start for other reasons

Receiver doesnt power up after the update.

Or, error message appeared when confirming the firmware version.

Recovery method using USB method:

1. Unplug the AC power cable from wall outlet.

2. Insert the USB thumb drive which has the firmware data stored inside, into the USB port

located on the front panel.

3. Press and hold the INFO key and keep it pressed while you plug the AC power cable

back into the wall outlet again.

USB UPDATE will appear on the front display. Then, release the INFO key.

4. T

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