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DTX-MULTI 12 Version1.1 The Owners Manual bundled with your DTX-MULTI 12 covers version 1.00 of the firmware. This firmware has now been upgraded to version 1.1, which adds several new functions. The corre- sponding additions and changes to the bundled Owners Manual are described below.

To check your DTX-MULTI 12s firmware version: While holding down the [SHIFT] button, turn on the electronic percussion pad. Ver : *.** indicates the current version of the firmware.

Support for the DT50S/DT50K (Drum Trigger) (pages 101 and 104 of Owners Manual) Pad types have been added for the DT50S/DT50K. The new trigger parameter NoiseFilterTable has been added. The new trigger parameter 2P Balance has been added. The new setting values 14&15 and 16&17 have been added for Copy Trigger parameters Pad to copy and Pad to replace.

Addition of new pad types (page 101 of Owners Manual) New types of pads are now supported as follows.

Expansion of the Click-track output selection setting range (page 84 of Owners Manual) ph2 setting has been added for ClkOutSel (Click-track output selection) parameter. This setting is used to output the click-track via the PHONES jack only, and all other sound via the OUTPUT (L/MONO and R) jacks only.

Expansion of the input gain setting range (page 101 of Owners Manual) The input gain setting range is expanded.

NOTE For details on how to use the drum trigger DT50S/DT50K with the DTX-MULTI 12, see the Drum Trigger Module Setup Manual for DT50S/ DT50K PDF document.

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Manual Development Group 2016 Yamaha Corporation

Published 07/2016

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