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New Functions in DTX700 Version 1.03 Yamaha has upgraded the DTX700 firmware to Version 1.03, adding a new function. This supple- ment to the Owners Manual describes this change.

Addition of a Startup Wizard The DTX700 now features a Startup Wizard that will make it easy to optimize the Trigger Setup for your drum kit.

When you start up your DTX700 for the first time, the following will be displayed.

Turn the dial to select your drum kit, and then press the dial. The drum kits you can select are as follows:

DTX760K, DTX750K, DTX720K, DTX700K, and UserTrigger

Addition of new pad types New types of pads are now supported as follows.

KP100, KU100, TP70S Snare, TP70S Tom, TP70S HiHat, TP70, PCY90

Accordingly, the complete pad-type table is as follows.


KP125W/125, KP100, KP65, KU100, XP120/100 Snare, XP120/100 Tom, XP80 Snare, XP80 Tom, XP70 Snare, XP70 Tom, XP120/100/80 Snare, XP80/70 Tom, TP120/100 Snare, TP120/100 Tom, TP70S Snare, TP70S Tom, TP70S HiHat, TP70, TP65S Snare, TP65S Tom, TP65S HiHat, TP65, PCY155, PCY135, PCY150S, PCY130SC, PCY130S/130, PCY100, PCY100 HiHat, PCY90, PCY65S/65, PCY155/135, RHH135, RHH130, DT Snare, DT HiTom, DT LoTom, DT Kick, TRG Snare, TRG HiTom, TRG LoTom, TRG Kick


Addition of new Trigger Setups New types of Trigger Setups are now supported as follows.

760K Normal, 760K Wide, 720K Normal, 720K Wide

Accordingly, the following Trigger Setups are deleted from the List.

Wide, Narrow, 750K Narrow, 700K Narrow

Accordingly, the complete Trigger Setup List is as follows. When you specify the model number, the DTX700 will automatically optimize the trigger output levels for all of your pads.

Addition of new file type, One Kit A One Kit file type is now supported. This file combines all of the information contained in a kit, such as waves, User Songs, and Trigger Setups. Once you have saved your favorite kit as a One Kit file, you can reload that kit whenever you want.

Expansion of the input gain setting range The input gain setting range is expanded from between 1 and 64 to between 1 to 127.

If you repeatedly load a One Kit file, internal memory may become full and loading will no longer be possible. In such a case, perform one of the following operations.

Initialize unnecessary kits. (INIT KIT) Delete unnecessary kits. (CLEAR KIT) Optimize wave data memory.*

* : If internal memory remains full after performing one of these operations, refer to Wave in the DTX700 Reference Manual (PDF document).

To reduce the possibility of this type of situation, load One Kit files to the existing kit number, not to a completely new one.

No. Name Description

01 760K Normal Standard Response

02 760K Wide Ultra Expressive

03 750K Normal Standard Response

04 750K Wide Ultra Expressive

05 720K Normal Standard Response

06 720K Wide Ultra Expressive

07 700K Normal Standard Response

08 700K Wide Ultra Expressive

09 750/700 Nrml Standard Response

* 9 preset data/20 types (all rewritable)


(User Trigger)


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