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EM 064-8543 1011-50 TEL 011 (512) 6113

EM 980-0804 2-2-10 TEL 022 (222) 6147

EM 108-8568 2-17-11 TEL 03 (5488) 5445

EM 460-8588 1-18-28 TEL 052 (201) 5199

EM 542-0081 3-12-9 TEL 06 (6252) 5231

EM 812-8508 2-11-4 TEL 092 (472) 2130




EM TEL. 03(5488)5445 Printed in Indonesia





(M5 x 4)


(x 1)

(x 1)

SPAT1 100





* Before assembling the unit, please confirm that all parts listed below are included in the package.

Right-side speaker attachment (x 1) Fixing screws (M5 x 4)

Left-side speaker attachment (x 1)


* Firmly tighten each of the attachment parts and screws.

Printed in Indonesia

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

YAMAHA Speaker Attachment

SPAT1 Set up example

Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha SPAT1 Electronic Drum Speaker Attachment. Before using the attachments, we ask that you thoroughly read this Owners Manual to use the product in a safe manner.

Assembly Instructions (this sheet)

SPAT1 Package Contents

PRECAUTIONS Before using, please read this Assembly Instruction sheet,

and use this product in a safe and proper manner.

Especially for children, parents or an instructor should teach

the children the proper manner in which to use the device.

To prevent against accidents and injury

Please follow the cautions listed below

Caution (including danger, or warning). This mark indicates cautions in which you should pay close attention to.

Acts indicated with this icon are prohibited and should not be attempted.

This icon indicates acts that you are urged to follow.

Use the supplied screws when attaching the attachments to the speaker. The speaker falling off may result in injury.

This attachment is designed for attaching a pair of speakers to an electronic drum system rack. Do not use this product for any other purpose.

Do not attach any speakers other than those specified for use with the product. Speakers can become damaged or fall off resulting in injury.

Watch your fingers when adjusting the clamp. Fingers can become pinched and injured.

Take care around the end of, and inside the pipe. Sharp objects, etc. can result in injured fingers, etc.

Use the supplied band to secure the cables, etc. Tripping over cables can cause the unit to fall over, drop off, etc. and also result in injury.

If this symbol is ignored and the equip- ment is used improperly, fatal injury to persons or serious damage could occur.

A Phillips (+) screwdriver is required when attaching the SPAT1 module.

SPAT1 Dimensions 100




Unit: mm



Right-side speaker attachment

Left-side speaker attachment

Firmly insert the pipe end fully into the clamp.



Firmly tighten the fixing screws. Parts may drop or fall off, etc., which can result in injury.

Do not suddenly loosen screws or bolts when adjusting the height or angle. It may cause the speaker to slide down or fall off resulting in injuries such as pinched hands or fingers, etc.

After assembly and attachment is complete, make sure the attachments are safe and secure. Also, check regularly to make sure that the attachments are safe and secure so as to prevent the product from falling off or dropping.

If this symbol is ignored and the equip- ment is used improperly, there is a danger of injury to persons handling the equip- ment, and material damage could occur.WARNING

Speaker Compatibility

These attachments are compatible with the following Yamaha speakers, etc.


* When connecting the au

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