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Handling Precautions Do not alter the product. Doing so may result in damage or deterioration to the product. Do not step on or place heavy objects on the product. It may result in damage. Do not use or keep the product in places with extremely high temperature (places in direct sunlight, close to

a heater, in a closed car, etc.) or damp (bathroom, outside on a rainy day, etc.). It may result in deformation, discoloration, stickiness, damage or deterioration.

To clean the product, please wipe with a soft cloth or a damp cloth that has been wrung out thoroughly. If the product is soiled or sticky, use a neutral detergent on a cloth then wipe with a damp cloth that has been wrung out thoroughly to remove any remaining detergent. Do not use benzine, thinner or alcohol as it may result in discoloration or deformation. Also pay close attention so as not to let the water and detergent come into contact with the cushions used in the product, it may result in deterioration.

Before using, please read this Assembly In- struction sheet, and use this product in a safe and proper manner. Especially for children, parents or an instructor should teach the children the proper manner in which to use the device.


Always set the instrument on a flat and solid surface. Placement on a sloping, unstable surface or on steps may result in the instrument being unstable and overturning.

Make sure all bolts are tightened firmly. Loose bolts may result in the rack overturning or parts dropping causing injury.

When adjusting the height or angle, do not suddenly loosen the bolt. The pad may drop, the rack or pipes may slip, pinching or causing injury to hands or fingers.

Do not sit or step on the rack. The rack may overturn or be damaged resulting in injury.

Please be careful when children are close to or touching the product. The product has many pipes and arms so careless movement around the product may result in injury.

When setting the pads and modules, please pay close attention in regards to the handling and setting of cables. Feet may become entangled in the cables resulting in falls.

Do not put your hands or feet under the foot pedal or foot switch. They may be pinched resulting in injury.

Watch your fingers when adjusting clamps. They may become pinched resulting in injury.

Be careful around pipe ends, inside the pipe and screw ends. Metal shavings, etc. may injure your fingers.

Do not attach acoustic drums to the electronic drum rack. Clamps may be damaged and drums may drop, causing injury.

Caution (including danger, or warning). This mark indicates cautions in which you should pay close attention to.

Acts indicated with this icon are prohibited and should not be attempted.

To prevent against accidents and injury

Please follow the cautions listed below

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

If this symbol is ignored and the equipment is used improperly, fatal injury to per-

sons or serious damage could occur.WARNING

CAUTION If this symbol is ignored and the equipment is used improperly, there is a danger

of injury to persons handling the equipment, and material damage could occur.

RS150 Assembly

* Parts for the RS150's main structure have already been assembled before packing. After removing the unit from the box, follow the instructions described below to complete the assembly.

A Phillips (+) screwdriver is required when attaching the DTXTREME IIS. Please prepare one before starting assembly.

After removing the unit from the box, remove all cushion material.1

2 Setting up the parts

INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha Electronic Drum Rack System RS150. Before using, thoroughly read these assembly instructions, and use this product safely and correctly.

Inside This Package Before setup, please make sure that all of the items listed below are present and ac-

counted for. If anything is missing, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased

the unit.

Module Holder

Piller (C)

Piller (R)

Piller (L)

$ Caution

Leg (L) Leg (C)

Leg (R)








Remove temporarily.

* Before assembling the rack stand, make sure all of the parts shown below are included.

Piller L Piller C Piller R Center Pipe A

Module Holder Cross Pipe

Tom Clamp CL-940Ax4

Cymbal Holder CH740x2

Assembly Instructions

this sheet

Small Screws M5 x 8

Module Holder Fixing Screws x4 Cable Bandx10

Center Pipe D

Center Pipe C

Center Pipe B

Cymbal Holder CH745









Cymbal Holder (CH740)

Cymbal Holder (CH740)

Cymbal Holder (CH745)

Tom Clamp (CL-940A)

Tom Clamp (CL-940A)

Tom Clamp (CL-940A)

Memory Clamps Using the memory clamps let you obtain the same height setting for all future setups.

Holder Clamp

Holder Clamp

Caution : Make sure the bolts marked with a " " are loosened before setting up.

Leg Connector

Center Pipe (A)

Center Pipe (B)

Center Pipe (C)

Center Pipe (D)

Leg Connector Holder Clamp

Holder Clamp

Leg Connector

Cross Pipe

Holder Clamp Holder Clamp

Holder Clamp

Holder Clamp

Tighten knob of leg connector

q Temporarily remove the leg connector from pillar (R).

w Attach center pipe (D) to pillar (R) and pillar (C), and secure.

e Reattach the leg connector.

r Attach the cross pipe to the leg connector.

t Attach center pipe (C) to pillar (L) and pillar (C), and secure.

y Attach center pipe (B) to pillar (R) and pillar (C), and secure.

u Attach center pipe (A) to pillar (L) and pillar (C), and secure.

i Attach the module holder to pillar (L), and secure.

o Attach the cymbal holders and tom clamps to the holder clamps, and secure.

Follow the setup order (q~o) in the diagrams shown below.

Set up example

Printed in Indonesia WG24090

Optional Parts

Pad and Drum Trigger Grouping

Monitor System and Attachement Grouping

e PCY150S Cymbal Pad

q DTXTREME IIS Drum Trigger Module

w PCY130/130S Cymbal Pad

t TP100 Drum Pad

y TP120SD Drum Pad

u KP65 Kick Pad

r RHH130 Real Hi-hat Pad

i Foot Pedal * DFP-9310 etc.

o Snare Stand *SS652 etc.

!0 Hi-hat Stand *HS-740 etc.

SPAT1 (1 set L/R units)


MS50DR Sub Woofer

amp unit

MS100DR Sub Woofer

amp unit Satellite

Speakers Satellite


Sub Woofer amp unit












Satellite Speaker Satellite Speaker




Maker sure all bolts on clamps, pads, etc., are tightened firmly. However, loose or over-tightened bolts may result in the part falling off and/or damage. Please use caution. After assembly is complete, setup the kick pad, real hi-hat pad, etc., and connect the cables. Use the supplied cable bands to secure the cables to the frame pipes to keep cables out of the way during performance. If the rack is moved even after setup is complete, make sure the bolts are loosened before moving the rack.

Attaching the cymbal pads4 Attach the cymbal pads to the cymbal holders and adjust their

position, then secure in place. (Please refer to the Owner's Manual that came with the cymbal pads on attaching the cym- bal pads.)


Drum Pad

Cymbal Pad (PCY130/130S/150S)

Anti-swivel brace (supplied with the (PCY130/130S/150S)


Module Holder

Step 3-1 Step 3-2

Holder Clamp

Step 5

Step 4

Attaching the DTXTREME IIS3 3-1 Remove the module holder from the holder clamp, and

use the supplied screws to attach the DTXTREME IIS.

Make sure only the supplied screws are used. Using any ot

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