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U.R.G., Digital Musical Instruments Division 2011 Yamaha Corporation

WZ52980 106YJ-A0

About DTX500 Version 1.2 The Owner's Manual included in the DTX500 is for firmware version 1.00. This leaflet provides supplemental information for DTX500 version 1.2.

To check the version number: Press the power switch while holding down the [SHIFT] button.

Version Number

Trigger Setup List (page 12 of Owner's Manual) On this new version, the Trigger Setups have just updated shown below. Select the Trigger Setup according to your configuration.

In the default setting, "1: Medium" is selected. Medium (Med): Normal Setting Dynamic (Dyna): Wide dynamic range. The setting is designed for maximum expressive control, allowing performance subtleties over a wide dynamic range.

Excessive vibration however, may result in crosstalk (sound being produced by other pads). If you use a kit other than those listed above, create your original Trigger Setup (16-19) by following the instructions on page 34 of the Owner's Manual, referring to

the Pad Types described below.

Pad types (page 35 of Owner's Manual) Pad types of the DTX500 version 1.2 are defined as follows.

KICK KP125W/125/80S/80/65/60 SN-1 XP120SD/120T/100SD/100T SN-2 TP120SD/100 SN-3 TP65S/65 SN-4 XP80/70 SN-5 XP120SD/120T/100SD/100T/80/70/TP65S/65 SN-6 XP80 SN-7 XP70 TM-1 XP120SD/120T/100SD/100T TM-2 TP120SD/100 TM-3 TP65S/65 TM-4 XP80/70 TM-5 XP80/70/TP65S/65 TM-6 XP80 TM-7 XP70 CY-1 PCY155/150S/135/100/65 * CY-2 PCY155/150S/135/100/65 * CY-3 PCY155/150S/135/100/65 * CY-4 PCY130SC CY-5 PCY130S/130 CY-6 PCY65S HH-1 RHH135/PCY100/TP65 HH-2 RHH130

Other Comments Executing a cymbal "choke" (gripping a cymbal pad's edge to mute the sound) transmits a Polyphonic Key Pressure MIDI message.

No. Name Kit Descriptions

1 Medium DTX500 series Drum Sets Snare: TP65/XP80/XP100SD Tom: TP65/XP702 Dynamic

3 500K Med for DTX500K Snare: TP65 Tom: TP654 500KDyna

5 520K Med for DTX520K (or DTX530K)

Snare: XP80 Tom: TP656 520KDyna

7 540K Med for DTX540K (or DTX560K)

Snare: XP80 Tom: XP708 540KDyna

9 550K Med for DTX550K Snare: XP100SD Tom: TP6510 550KDyna

11 SP Med for DTXPRESS IV Special Drum Set

Refer to page 12 of the Owners Manual

12 SP Dyna

13 STD Med for DTXPRESS IV Standard Drum Set14 STD Dyna

15 DT10/20 -

16 -19 UserTrg -

DT Snare DT series drum trigger (for snare pad) DT HiTom DT series drum trigger (for small toms) DT LoTom DT series drum trigger (for large toms) DT Kick DT series drum trigger (for bass drum) misc 1-6 Other manufacturers pads 1 to 6

SN-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are used as snare pads. TM-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are used as tom pads. CY-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are used as cymbal pads. HH-1 and 2 are used as hi-hat pads.

* These pad types differ in the

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