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Pickup Mute

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Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha SILENT BRASS Pickup Mute. In order to obtain the maximum performance and enjoyment from your Pickup Mute, we urge you to read this Owners Manual thoroughly before using. Please keep this Owners Manual in a safe place for later reference.

Pickup Mute PM9/PM7/PM6/PM5/PM3/PM2/PM1

* Personal Studio ST9 is not included.

Pickup Mute

Cable Owners Manual


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* Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

Pickup Mute Specifications

Commonspecificationsforallmodels:InternalMicrophone:Electriccondensermicrophone, NominalLevel:-25dBto-35dB,Material:ABSresin

Pickup Mute Instrument Dimensions (diameter x length) Width at handle Weight


PiccoloTrumpet 70x145mm


(2-3/4"x5-11/16") (2.8oz.)

PM7 Trumpet, 70x200mm


Cornet (2-3/4"x7-7/8") (4.2oz.)

PM6 Flugelhorn,

AltoTrombone 270g

PM5 Trombone, 108x270mm


BassTrombone (4-1/4"x10-5/8")



150mm 300g



Euphonium 190x410mm

220mm 800g

(7-1/2"x16-1/8") (1lbs.,12oz.)

PM1 Tuba 380x980mm


2900g (14-15/16"x38-9/16") (6Ibs.,6oz.) *assembledsize

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Your Pickup Mute will give you years of reliable service if you follow the simple rules given below:


SPECIAL MESSAGE SECTION SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE: The information contained in this manual is believed to be cor- rect at the time of printing. However, Yamaha reserves the right to change or modify any of the specifications without notice or obligation to update existing units. Do not attempt to service this product beyond that described in the user-maintenance instructions. All other servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel. This product, either alone or in combination with an amplifier and headphones or speaker/s, may be capable of producing sound levels that could cause permanent hearing loss. DO NOT operate for long periods of time at a high volume level or at a level that is uncomfortable. If you experience any hearing loss or ringing in the ears, you should consult an audiologist. IMPORTANT: The louder the sound, the shorter the time period before damage occurs.

NOTICE: Service charges incurred due to a lack of knowledge relating to how a function or effect works (when the unit is operating as designed) are not covered by the manufacturers warranty, and are therefore the owners responsibility. Please study this manual carefully and consult your dealer before requesting service.

Disposal Notice: Should this product become damaged beyond repair, or for some reason its useful life is considered to be at an end, please observe all local, state, and federal regulations that relate to the disposal of products that contain lead, batteries, plastics, etc. If your dealer is unable to assist you, please contact Yamaha directly.

Location Donotexposeittothefollowingconditionstoavoid deformation,discoloration,ormoreseriousdamage.

Directsunlight(e.g.nearawindow). Hightemperatures(e.g.nearaheatsource,out side,orinacarduringthedaytime). Excessivehumidity. Excessivedust. Strongvibration.

Handling and Transport Neverapplyexcessiveforcetothecontrols,con-

nectorsorotherparts. Alwaysunplugcablesbygrippingtheplugfirmly,

notbypullingonthecable. Disconnectallcablesbeforemovingtheunit. Physicalshockscausedbydropping,bumping,

orplacingheavyobjectsontheunitcanresultin scratchesandmoreseriousdamage.

Cleaning Cleanthecabinetandpanelwithadrysoftcloth. Aslightlydampclothmaybeusedtoremove

stubborngrimeanddirt. Neverusecleanerssuchasalcoholorthinner.

YAMAHAisnotresponsiblefordamagecausedby improperhandlingoroperation.

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Personal Studio ST9

Connecting Cable Stereo Earphones

Handle (P. 17)


Lock Nut



PM2 for EUPHONIUM Handle

PickupMute_JEDFES_1125.indd 14 11/11/26 9:05


Connecting Cable

Stereo Earphones

PM1 for TUBA

Before connecting the cable and attaching the Pickup Mute, make sure the power is switched OFF and the earphones are removed from your ears.


Assembling the PM1


Inner Head


1. LaytheHeadonthefloor.

2. PlacetheBodyontheHeadand fastenwiththethreehooks.

3. FullyextendtheInner Headthatislocatedin thecenteroftheHead.

* Refer to pg.16 for instructions on attaching the Pickup Mute to the instrument.


Lock Nut

PickupMute_JEDFES_1125.indd 15 11/11/26 9:05


As shown in the illustration, hold the instrumentwithyourlefthandand,while turningthePickupMute,firmlyinsertit intothebellwithyourrighthand.

Attaching and removing the Pickup Mute PM9/PM7/


ForEuphoniums, withthebellfac- ingup,holdthe PM2byitshandle inyourrighthand andfirmlyinsertit intothebell.

Attach the Pickup Mute PM1 to the Tuba

1. AfterassemblingthePM1(referto pg.15)layitonitsside.

Whileseated,holdthetuba betweenyourlegs.HoldthePM1 byitshandleandliftitup.

2. HoldingthePM1withbothhands, gentlyinserttheInnerHeadinto thebellofthetuba.(Continue holdingthetubabetweenyour legs.)

3. AdjustthePM1sothatitisposi- tionedinthecenterofthebell.

* Noise will result if the Inner Head is touching the bell.

4. AttachthePM1fixinghooks tothebell.Ifnecessary,adjust thelength(tension)ofthehook belt.

5. Connectthelocknutequipped endofthesuppliedcabletothe PM1soutputjackandsecure thelocknut.

After removing the PM1 from the instrument, lay the PM1 on its side. If the PM1 is stood vertically, the Inner Head will collapse causing a burst of noise in the earphones that may result in hearing impairments.

When putting the PM1 away, hold the Inner Head with both hands and gently collapse it back into the Body. Strongly dropping the Inner Head may result in damage to the PM1.


Attaching the Pickup Mute to the Euphonium

PickupMute_JEDFES_1125.indd 16 11/11/26 9:05


Holding the Pickup Mute when playing the horn standing up

Asshownintheillustration,lightlysupport thehandleinthemiddleofthePickupMute withtheballofyourthumbwhileholdingthe instrument at the bell rim with your other fingers.Thehandlealsofeaturesaringfora wristband,allowingyoutohangthePickup Mutefromyourwrist(just likeanyother mute)whileemptyingthehorn.(Wristband isnotincluded.) * Always remove the Pickup Mute before emptying

the instrument.

The following cautions are for your own safety and to avoid possible damage to and malfunctioning of the equipment, and thus should be observed carefully.


AvoiddroppingthePickupMute.Droppingthemutemayresultin damage.Also,shocktotheearfromthenoiseproducedbydropping themutemayresultindamagetoyourhearing.



Whenyouarefinishedplaying,removethePickup Mutefromtheinstrument.Cleananymoisture onthePickupMutewithacloth.DO NOT WASH WITH WATER.

IfmoisturegetsonthePickupMuteduringor afterplaying,pleasedrythoroughly.


PickupMute_JEDFES_1125.indd 17 11/11/26 9:05



Insert firmly

* Personal Studio ST9 and stereo earphones are not included.

Tighten the Lock Nut

Connectthesuppliedcableto thePickupMuteoutputjack andtightentheLOCKNUT.

Disconnectingthecablewhilethe powerisONmayresultindamageto theunit.The sudden noise may also may result in hearing impairments.

Do not disturb your neighbours during late hours.

Signal path


Dont step

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