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Manual Development Group 2017 Yamaha Corporation

Published 02/2017 IP-A0

Supplement for Deezer

Simply the music you love. Wherever you go.

Deezer lets you listen to your music wherever and whenever you want. Explore over 40 million tracks on your computer, tablet, or mobile. Keep all your music in one place, and take your entire library with you everywhere. Amplify your life with the right tracks, right now. Create playlists for every occasion, import your favourite MP3s, and follow the artists you love. Hear every detail with your music streamed in high quality audio. Youll be sure to get all the music you love when your Flow is in charge. It knows your library and selects the songs you want to hear. Tell your Flow what you do and dont like and it will react accordingly, as if by magic!

After registering this unit in the MusicCast CONTROLLER app, use the Deezer service as follows.

1. Deezer account sign-in

To start using the Deezer service on this unit, sign in to your account using the MusicCast CONTROLLER app installed on your mobile device. Follow the instructions on the app screen.

MusicCast CONTROLLER app

NOTE If you do not have a Deezer account, please register your account on

the Deezer web site in advance. To use this function, the unit must be connected to the Internet. For

detail on connections and network settings, refer to Owners Manual.

2. Playback of Deezer content

Use the MusicCast CONTROLLER app installed on your mobile device to select the Deezer content. NOTE The playback screen is displayed on the TV connected to the unit.

About this service Service is limited to certain areas.

This service may not be available for units purchased in some regions.

Service may change or be discontinued without notice.

Using the Deezer service EN

A Deezer account is required. For details, visit the Deezer web site.


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