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Table of Contents 1 DATA PREPARATION ... 3

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5 USER DATA ... 41

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1 Data Preparation The Data Preparation tab presents you with an alternative view on your asset data and helps you

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New columns for the fields that contain validation errors will now be displayed to the right of the

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To change the visible columns in this table, right-click in any column header bar and choose

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Volume Generation Assumptions Volume Generation Assumptions allow you to specify criteria for generating volumes in your

Page 9

There is a default assumption set within Asset DB, which will be applied automatically to all

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here will be applied to the volume calculated from that... If there is only a Life Total for a tri-colour

Page 11

1... 2... Editing and deleting Volume Assumptions To edit an assumption you have created previously, click to select the assumption in the list on

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for all devices in a project or for a sub-set of the devices... To generate volumes for all assets,

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You will then be presented with a breakdown of the results of the volume generation calculation,

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3 Calculating costs: The TCO Tool For the TCO analysis, cost and yield data relating to printers and MFDs is held on a server

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device in the project... To assign a cost category, you can either left-click in the relevant cell in the

Page 16

from the list, right-click one of the selected assets and use the Cost Category option to select a

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Hovering over the red warning triangle in the Status column will display what information is still

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right-click function and requires you to remain online in order to retrieve a list of similar models

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It is also possible to fetch consumables for a device without fetching the cost data... This can be

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selecting the Export Data button from within the different views (Asset View for hardware costs

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Note: Yield data is held in the database and will be used in the calculation but is not displayed in

Page 22

on the tool bar... Select the Edit Local Consumables tab and fill in the data for the consumable to

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automatically be selected... If you wish to force the use of this consumable irrespective of its price,

Page 24

consumables... Please select this if you wish to have them available for use... (Note: Only exact

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unwilling to provide contract information, benchmark cost data can be used in this step instead...

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clicking on the paper Contract icon (shown above, next to the green waste bin)... If the contracts

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shown in Figure 29... The Lease Contract tab requires a number of key areas to be completed:

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A Tri-Colour Cost per Click contract is created in the same way as a single-colour Cost per

Page 29

As the Other Support Cost contract allows for generic data entry, it can be used for soft costs as

Page 30

It is also possible to export contract data to be sent to your customer for completion, similarly to

Page 31

have a major impact on the accuracy of the final cost calculations for printers where the variable

Page 32

With all the costs and Assumption Sets created, the final step before running the calculation is to

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Select your contract group from the drop down at the top, then select the desired contract in the

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It is possible to export and import TCO analyses Via File > Export > TCO Analysis... The result is

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actual calculation behind the costs can be verified by right-clicking on an icon on the floor plan or

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starting point, then the full data can be exported by going to Project > Export > Asset DB Data...

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4 Calculating CO2: The Green Calculator The Asset DB Green Calculator enables the user to calculate, quickly and consistently, the

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which will show all the devices in a list ready for you to connect to the service and search for data

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All of these factors will have an impact on the calculation and enable a credible calculation to be

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all... Different assumptions sets can be applied to different groups of devices (e... g... to reflect the

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environmental impact... Click the green foot button shown in Figure 45, if you select Calculate for

Page 42

Overwrite box for your assets, before you calculate again... This ensures that the data you already

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5 User Data Being able to visualise how a printing environment is being used is a powerful way of supporting

Page 44

to this table... Click Project > Export > User Data > Device IP Mappings, and give this file to the IT

Page 45

> User Data Configuration, which will present a pop up window as seen in Figure 49... First, delete

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These statistics panels can also be exported using the Export button or via a right-click menu into

Page 47

Using the Highlight/Filter tool found under View > Highlight or Filter Assets, you are able to

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Highlight styles include a large star surrounding the icon, a star next to the icon or a circle around

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The highlight/filter tool can also be used to filter out particular assets by selecting the Hide radio

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7 The Print Assessment Summary Report Once calculated TCO and Green analyses have been performed and data transferred to the

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8 Portfolio If you have finished working on an analysis and need to keep the data but no longer need to be

Page 53

To import a Portfolio file, go to File > Import > Portfolio and navigate to where you have saved

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Note: if you choose to import the project part of the portfolio and the project still exists in Asset

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