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The CX print server provides three optional kits each of which requires a USB dongle...

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Turning on the CX print server and turning on the printer

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2 Obtain the software files... The Preps_6-0-0_ Win_Installer... exe file is available on the DVD...

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6 In the Shared printers area, double-click the server name to display the list of network printers...

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7 Select whether you want this to be the default printer, and then click Finish to complete the setup...

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5 Select the Mac Utilities folder... 6 Double-click the relevant ColorServerPrintDriverInstaller... dmg file...

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Click Agree to agree to the terms and continue with the installation procedure...

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During the installation of the Print Driver software, the PPD file is automatically copied to your computer... Requirements: Have the following information available before performing this procedure: The IP address and computer name of your CX print server The name of the virtual printer that you want to use with the Print Driver software

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7 In the Print & Fax window, select the printer and click Open Print Queue...

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For more information about Creo Branded Products, contact your local representative or visit www... creoservers... com...

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