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Table of Contents Overview ... 2 Supported Reader Technology ... 2 Operation ... 2 Diagnostics ... 3 Card Reader Software ... 3 Magnetic Stripe Reader Constraints ... 3 Prerequisites ... 4 Installation ... 4

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Each of the currently approved badge readers has internal intelligence to read a card and to acknowledge success by blinking the LED or creating sound with the beeper on the reader itself... Note that this behavior is different than with the Xerox Secure Access (XSA) solution... With XSA, the authentication server is in control of the LED on the reader... This means users will observe faster acknowledgement that their card has been recognized because that recognition does not require communication with a server... A side effect is that the LED indications will not be consistent with those of the XSA solution...

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Diagnostics USB card readers have been chosen which communicate using the Human Interface Device (HID) keyboard emulation mode... The rationale for this decision is primarily to aid in the ability to troubleshoot problems in the field... An HID reader can be plugged directly into any personal computer and tested independent from the MFP... All one need do is open a document application such as Microsoft Notepad which expects Text as input... If an employee badge is swiped across the reader, the CSN will be displayed in the Notepad application... This makes it easy to diagnose reader related problems in the field...

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Installation Connecting the USB card reader Connect the card reader to one of the available USB ports on the MFP... The reader can be mounted in a number of locations on the MFP... For example, it can be placed on the top panel next to the UI, on the left hand shelf or on the top of the finisher... Most of the tested readers will indicate that they have power and are operational by illuminating an LED and possibly emitting a sound once the card reader has booted up... Please insure the card reader software is at the latest level by checking with the particular manufacture web site as outlined in Appendix A... Some readers require a particular configuration to be compatible with the MFP... This is defined in Appendix B... Please be sure the software and configuration are correct before the reader is installed on the MFP...

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3... Enter System Administrator credentials if prompted 4... On the Xerox Device Certificate tab, click on [Create New Xerox Device Certificate] 5... Select Connection [Enabled] with port 80 6... Select Secure HTTPS [Disabled] 7... Select [Default Xerox Device Certificate] 8... Select Device Certificate : [Default Xerox Device Certificate] 9... Complete all text fill in fields 10... Select the {Subject Alternative Name] checkbox 11... When all entries are complete select [Finish 12... Wait while the new certificate is created... ] 13... Select [Apply]

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9... Configure [Accounting Information] If the Job Based Accounting option has been purchased, these fields will be available for selection... Choose whether the server will enter the appropriate accounting code or whether the user will be prompted to enter a code...

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RF IDeas RDR-XX6081-AKU family USB Prox readers and all other readers from the USB Enroll family

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Magnetic Stripe Reader Configuration The ISO specification for magnetic stripe cards defines the data format for the 3 possible tracks on a mag stripe card... Each line starts with a unique character called a sentinel which denotes which line of data is being read... The ISO spec specifies characters used to define the data blocks within a line as well as the line termination character... Shown below are three lines of data contained on a hypothetical 3 track mag stripe card: %B6006493801^XEROX ^1012110 LQI? ;6006493801=101211050282809? ; 6006493801? Xerox MFPs require this data to be concatenated into a single string with only one carriage return as the terminating character... %B6006493801^XEROX ^1012110 LQI?;6006493801=101211050282809?; 6006493801? In order to determine if the reader conforms to the Xerox standard, the reader can be easily tested using a personal computer...

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ID TECH Magnetic Stripe Reader Configuration Upgrade Software can be found at: http://www... idtechproducts... com/download/swipe-readers/doc_download/38- configuration-software... html Select the IDTech_Xerox_Config... zip file to access the ID TECH MagStripe Configuration file that will be required later in the setup process... The file is located within the USB_Card_Reader_Install... zip file mentioned in the Prerequisites section... Save the file to your PC for later use...

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RF IDeas Magnetic Stripe Reader Configuration Upgrade RF Ideas magnetic stripe readers can be configured with the pcSwipe tool available from their website (http://www... rfideas... com)... Select Support / Software & Downloads then scroll down to pcSwipe Magnetic Card Reader... Download and install pcSwipeConfig... exe... 1) Connect the reader to the workstation and run the pcSwipe tool...

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