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you have chosen... IMPORTANT: Some newer cars have a plastic safety coating on the inside of the windshield... The windshield bracket may leave permanent marks on this type of surface... To find out if your vehicle has this type of windshield, check the owners manual or ask your dealer... We recommend that you do not leave the suc- tion cup bracket on the window in direct sunlight... If the detector is removed, this may cause blistering of the dash in some vehicles...

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WARNING!!! Stay Alert is NOT intended as a substitute for adequate rest... You should NOT operate a vehicle if you are drowsy... During extended periods of vehicle oper- ation, you should take frequent breaks... Improper reliance on the Stay Alert feature may result in vehicle damage, personal injury or death... NEVER OPERATE A VEHICLE IF YOU ARE DROWSY...

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PROBLEM: No display or audio... Check fuse in Whistler plug; replace if necessary with a 2 amp 3AG type... Check fuse for lighter socket; replace if necessary... Make sure lighter socket is clean... PROBLEM: Unit alarms when vehicle hits bumps... Check for loose lighter socket; tighten and clean... Check connections at both ends of power cord... Substitute another cord to determine if cord is defective... Return defective cord to the factory... PROBLEM: Unit alarms when using vehicle equipment, electrical accessories (brakes, power mirrors/windows, directionals, horn, etc... ), or when accelerating... Vehicles electrical system, including battery and alternator, may have electrical noise... Install a filter capacitor (470mfd... 25 volt or larger capacitance value) on the back of the lighter socket... PROBLEM: Audio alerts are not loud enough... Cancel Auto Quiet Mode or City Mode... Check audio level setting (see page 9)... PROBLEM: No X band signals... Cancel City 2... PROBLEM: Unit gives laser alert when accelerating... Possible bad or low quality distributor cap... Replace with high quality cap... If difficulties occur which cannot be solved by informa- tion in this Troubleshooting Guide, please call Whistler Customer Service at 1-800-531-0004 before returning your unit for service...

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The minimum out of warranty service fee for your Whistler detec- tor is $55... 00 (U... S... )... If you require out of warranty service, please return your unit as outlined in the section Service Under Warranty along with a certified check or money order for $55... 00... Payment may also be made by MasterCard, VISA or American Express; personal checks are not accepted... In the event repairs cannot be covered by the minimum $55... 00 service fee, you will be contacted by a Whistler technical service specialist who will outline options available to you... If you elect not to have your unit repaired, it will be returned to you along with your certi- fied check or money order...

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