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CLEANING TIPS Viking Gravity Feed Charcoal Smoker


It is recommended that any residual grease that may have built up inside the cooker from a previous cook be removed. This may occur after several uses or after a large amount of food is cooked in one outing. Grease build-up is typically found in the bottom of the unit or on top of the heat diffuser plate that runs just above the bot- tom of the smoker and below the bottom rack. If cleaning the racks as well, Viking recommends starting from the top rack with a stiff wire brush and work your way down removing each rack as you clean it. Once to the top of diffuser plate, scrape any grease build up off and into the bottom of the smoker with a 4 putty knife/scrapper and standard oven cleaner. Tip: To avoid cleaning grease build-up on the heat diffuser plate, wrap it in heavy-duty foil before each cooking and remove it afterwards. After the build-up has been scrapped off the top of the plate and into the smoker bottom, repeat the process on the bottom of the smoker. As you go, rake out all excess par- ticles that break free.


After all your food has been removed, re-latch the main door and fully open the damper valve. This will allow oxygen to flow freely into the smoker, and the tempera- ture to rise. This will burn out the remaining coals left in the chute of the unit. It will also burn off the bulk of food particles that may remain on the grates. If, however you want to save any unlit coals remaining in the chute, close the damper completely and the fire will be snuffed out after approximately 1 hour. After making sure the fire is out, pull the chute tray to release any ash and unlit coals from the chute.


Clean your door gaskets every few months with a mild degreaser and scrub brush (toothbrush works as well). Lightly rub the gasket to loosen and remove the grease. This will ensure your smoker maintains its proper seal.


For everyday use, start with hot, soapy water and a soft cloth. Wipe dry. Finish with a damp micro-fiber cloth. Make sure to rub in the direction of the grain/brushed fin- ish. If anything acidic lands on it (lemon, tomato sauce, etc.) clean up immediately because it will stain. For optimum appearance use a stainless steel cleaner to remove smudges and fingerprints and follow up with a polish such as Wow (www.wowezfinish

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