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Form No. 3404-808 Rev A Transport Wheel Kit HoverPro 450/500/550 Machine Model No. 02622

Operator's Manual

Safety Before using this kit, refer to the machine Operators

Manual safety section.

Do not lift the machine onto the transport wheel kit or move the machine using the transport wheel kit while the engine is running.

Vibration Measured vibration level for the left hand = 7.7 m/s2 (model 02602); 3.1 m/s2 (model 02604); 5.8 m/s2 (model 02606).

Measured vibration level for the right hand = 4.8 m/s2 (model 02602); 4.4 m/s2 (model 02604); 4.0 m/s2 (model 02606).

Uncertainty Value (K) = 3.5 m/s2 (model 02602); 2.0 m/s2 (model 02604); 3.0 m/s2 (model 02606).

Setup 1. For models

02602/02603/02604/02606/02609/02610/02611, with serial number range 314000000314999999 only:

Drill a 6.4 mm (1/4 inch) diameter hole in the lower handlebar of the machine (Part No. 111-7260-03), 360 mm (14.17 inch) from the bottom of the handlebar (Figure 1).

Note: If there is already a hole at this location on the handlebar, no drilling is required.

Figure 1

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2. Attach the hook to one side of the lower handle bar using 1 hex bolt, 1 spacer, and 1 nyloc nut. Repeat for the other side (Figure 2).

Note: Refer to Figure 2 for the correct orientation of the bolts, spacers, and nuts.

3. Slide the axle spacer (300 mm) onto the axle (Figure 2).

4. Place 1 axle spacer (25 mm) and 1 plain washer into each wheel. Slide the wheels onto the axle.

5. Attach the axle to the undercarriage using 4 washers, 2 hex HD bolts, and 2 nuts.

Note: Keep the wheels on the inside of the undercarriage (Figure 2).

6. To transport the machine, lift the unit up and latch the hooks onto the top crossbar of the lower handle bar.

Operation Note: When mowing, ensure that the transport wheel kit is secured to the lower handle bar with both hooks.

Use the transport wheel kit to safely transport the machine from one location to another.

1. Shut off the engine, then release the hooks from the lower handlebar, allowing the wheels to touch the ground.

2. Lower the upper handlebar down far enough for the deck to clear the ground.

3. Push the machine to the next desired location. To continue mowing, secure the hooks back up on the lower handle bar.

Maintenance WARNING

Improper maintenance, using nonconforming replacement components, or removing or modifying any component may cause death or serious injury.

Do not modify any components of the kit or replace any parts.

Ensure that all moving and pivoting parts are sufficiently lubricated and regularly serviced.



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Figure 2

1. Hex bolt (2) 5. Nut (2) 9. Axle spacer (25 mm) (2) 13. Hex HD bolt (2) 2

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