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The Toro Company 1999 Printed in USA All Rights Reserved

FORM NO. 3322-860


Part No. 1002422

Blade Kit

Loose Parts

Note: Use the chart below to identify parts for assembly.


Righthand Blade

Lefthand Blade

Shear Bolt

Lock Nut







Install Blades and Spacer

Removing Existing Blades

POTENTIAL HAZARD Blade is sharp.

WHAT CAN HAPPEN Contact with sharp blade can cause serious

personal injury.

HOW TO AVOID THE HAZARD Wear gloves or wrap sharp edges of the

blade with a rag.

1. Disengage the power take off (PTO), set the parking brake, and turn the ignition key to OFF to stop the engine. Remove the key.

2. Flip up deck and lock into vertical position. Refer to Tilting the Mower on page 3.

3. Hold the blade end using a rag or thickly-padded glove. Remove the blade bolt, shear bolts, lock nuts, spacer and blade from the blade retainer.

4. Discard blades, shearbolts, locknuts and spacer.

Installation Instructions


Installing the Blades and Spacer

Note: Notice there is a left hand and a right hand blade. Notice the direction in which the blades turn. The cutting edge must rotate toward the center of the deck. (Fig. 1).




Figure 1

1. Lefthand Blade 2. Righthand Blade 3. Cutting Edge

4. Curve in Blade Towards Deck

1. Install washer and spacer onto blade bolt. New spacer is black in color (Fig. 2).

IMPORTANT: The curved part of the blade must be pointing upward toward the inside of the mower to ensure proper cutting.

2. Place blade against blade retainer and align holes (Fig. 2).

3. Install blade bolt, washer and spacer onto blade retainer. Thread blade bolt into spindle shaft. Ensure that the spacer is in hole of blade (Fig. 2).

4. Torque the blade bolt to 85110 ft-lb (115150 Nm).

5. Rotate blade. Blade should rotate freely.

6. Repeat this procedure for second blade.








Figure 2

1. Shear Bolt 2. Lock Nut 3. Spacer 4. Blade Bolt

5. Washer 6. Blade (Righthand Shown) 7. Blade Retainer

Installing Shear Bolts

1. Install new shear bolts and lock nuts. Tighten the shear bolt to 8090 in-lb (910 Nm) (Fig. 2).

Note: Notice the direction of the shear bolts being replaced (Fig. 2).

2. Repeat this procedure for second blade.

Installation Instructions


Tilting the Mower

The mower can be tilted up for ease of service.

To Raise Mower

1. Turn engine off, set the parking brake and check that PTO cover is down against deck.

2. Lift on the mower carrier frame to release weight on latch pin and pull out on latch pin to release (Fig. 3). Lower rear of mower onto anti-scalp rollers. Repeat on the other side.

3. Return the pins to the spring loaded (down) position.





Figure 3

1. Parking brake 2. PTO cover

3. Latch pin 4. Notchopen

4. Standing in front of the mower, lift up and push rearward on front to raise mower

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