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DS-101g+ Disk Station Quick Installation Guide

ATTENTION Please refer to Chapter 2 Get to know the Hardware in the Users Guide for the detailed button and LED description.

Packing List Before you begin, please open the box and check the package contents to verify that you have received the items below.


HDD is not included. Please prepare a 3 1/2 SATA HDD by yourself.

1. DS-101g+ Disk Station 2. DS Resource CD

3. AC power adapter 4. 2M RJ-45 LAN cable

5. AC power cord 6. DS-101g+ Disk Station Quick

Installation Guide

7. Assembling Kit

A bracket for holding the HDD

5mm screws for fixing the HDD

10mm screws for fixing the brackets

Black screws for fixing the cover

Aluminum foil stickers

Recommendations Recommended HDD

Brand Model Size

Seagate ST3200822AS 200G

Seagate ST3120026AS 120G

Seagate ST3300831AS 300G

Seagate ST3400832AS 400G

Hitachi HDS724040KLSA80 400G

Hitachi HDS722516VLSA80 164.7G

Hitachi HDS722525VLSA80 250G

WD WD1600JD-00HBB0 160G

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 60G


After the HDD is installed, please refer to Steps 1- 8&9 to format the HDD.

Limitations 1. DS-101g+ supports up to 1 USB printer with a USB hub or without 2. DS-101g+ supports up to 3 USB disks without a USB hub, and multiple card

readers 3. USB Copy function only supports USB disks with FAT32 file system under

4GB capacity 4. Some digital cameras are defined as a USB still image device, such as

Canons, and DS-101g+ will support USB Copy function only (No USB share function support.)

5. Please refer Recommendations before connecting a USB device 6. For Mac users, DS-101g+ supports only USB printers with PostScript

Step 1 Install HDD

Attention After the HDD is installed, please press the RESET button twice within ten seconds. DS-101g+ will beep twice and format the HDD. After that, you may start to use the DS-101g+. Please refer to the following points 8&9 for the detailed instruction.

1) Prepare a 3 1/2 SATA HDD which is brand new or never been formatted by DS-101g+ Disk Station.

2) Screw up the HDD holding bracket on both sides of the HDD.

3) Open the side cover with the USB COPY button. Be careful to keep the

cable connected to the main board.

4) Slide the HDD into the SATA connector.

5) Attach the HDD bracket to the main board with four screws provided, and put on two aluminum foil stickers.

6) Close the side cover by leading the cable in front of the SATA HDD.

7) Tighten the last two screws on the back of the side cover to finish the HDD installation.

ATTENTION Please do not have AC adapter connected to the power when installing the HDD during above steps.

8) Connect the AC adapter, press the power button, and the POWER LED will flash while processing a self-test for about 40 seconds. You will hear a beep sound after the DS-101g+ completes the self-test, and see the POWER LED become still.

9) Press the RESET button with a pin and do not release it for four seconds

until you hear a beep sound; then repeat it again immediately. The DS-101g+ will beep two times to confirm the two presses on the RESET button if your operation is correct, and then will format the HDD. If the HDD is a DS-101g+ HDD (i.e. it has already been formatted by DS-101g+), the DS-101g+ will not format the HDD but restore IP, DNS, and the passwords for the admin and guest accounts.

Attention All data on the HDD will be deleted after formatting!

Step 2 Please check the following conditions for connecting the DS-101g+ on the network.

1. Office Network 1.1 Plug in the power adapter. 1.2 Plug in the RJ-45 LAN cable to connect the DS-101g+ on the network. 1.3 Press the Power button to start the DS-101g+.

2. Home Network with IP Sharing 2.1 Plug in the power adapter. 2.2 Plug in the RJ-45 LAN cable for connecting the network. 2.3 Press the Power button to start the DS-101g+.

3. Home Network without IP Sharing 3.1 Plug in the power adapter. 3.2 Without IP sharing, you need to install a router to set up the network first. 3.3 Plug in the RJ-45 LAN cable to the DS-101g+ for connecting it to the router.

As the picture above. 3.4 Press the Power button to start the DS-101g+. 4. Direct Connection 4.1 Connect your computer and the DS-101g+ with RJ-45 LAN cable. 4.2 Press the Power button to start the DS-101g+.

Step 3 Run the setup utility DSAssistant. 1. Insert the CD into your PCs CD-ROM drive. 2-A Windows users: 1.) An auto-run menu should appear after a few seconds.

2.) If the auto-run menu does not appear, click Start button, and select Run. Type D:\autorunmenu.exe (where D is the letter of your CD-ROM drive) into the Open window and press Enter. The auto-run menu will soon appear.

3.) Refer to Step 3-3 to continue.

2-B Mac users: 1.) Double click the icon of the CD-ROM. 2.) Double click the icon to open it and select the operation system you use, then you will see DSAssistant.

3.) Double click on DSAssistant icon to run the program. 4.) Refer to Step 3-3 to continue.

3. The setup of the DS-101g+ Disk Station is performed using the following steps: Please check the following steps to complete the setup of the DS-101g+ Disk Station. Connect the AC power adapter to the DS-101g+ Disk station, and plug the AC power cord into a power outlet. Click Next to continue.

4. Plug the RJ-45 LAN cable into the DS-101g+ Disk Station, and connect the other side of the LAN cable to your switch/hub/router or PC/notebook. Click Next to continue.

5. Press the power button on the DS-101g+ Disk Stations front panel to turn the DS-101g+ Disk Station on. Wait until the POWER LED becomes solid in blue light. Click Next to continue.

6. The orange STATUS LED indicates the HDD inside the DS-101g+ Disk Station has not been formatted yet. For first time installation, please format the HDD by pressing the RESET button twice with a pin. Press the RESET button with a pin and do not release it until you hear a beep sound; then repeat it again immediately. The DS-101g+ will beep twice to confirm the process is correct. Click Next to continue.

7. While formatting the HDD, the POWER LED will start blinking again. Please wait

until the POWER LED shows a constant blue light, and the STATUS LED a constant green light. Click Next to run DSAssistant.

8. DSAssistant will help you to finish the setup in a few simple clicks.

If you want to setup two or more DS-101g+ Disk Stations, please set them up one by one.

9. DSAssistant will scan the network and list the system that is not configured yet. Click Yes when the prompt dialogue pops up.

10. If you click No, then double-click the unconfigured system to set it up. 11. Click Next on the Welcome page.

12. System name. The default system name is DiskStation. Enter the new system name if you want to change the default one, and click Next. (Keep the system name in mind because you will need it later.)

13. Enter the administrators password (set the password yourself) and re-enter to confirm it again; then click Next. (Keep the password in mind because you will need it later.)

14. Select the correct network setting according to your network configuration; the

wizard will provide a recommended item or you can set the IP manually. Click Next to continue.

15. Please select the proper time zone of your location from the pull down menu. Then enter the date and time of the system. Click Next to go on.

16. Check the settings again and if they are correct, click Finish.

17. Congratulations! The DSAssistant setup has already completed successfully.

Step 4 Welcome to use DS-101g+ Disk Station; and you can start storing your data. 1. After finished the DSAssistant setup, enter the administrators password, then you

can start using the DS-101g+ Disk Station. 2. The system will automatically provide you the mapped drive/volume (public share),

at the end of setup. Note that the system will pick the letter from Z: to A automatically.

3. You can start to store your data to the public share folder in the DS-101g+.

4. You can now notice all neighborhoods in the same network to start using

DS-101g+. (Refer to the Tips at the following page.)

Step 5 Map drive of shared network folder that you will often access in the future.

ATTENTION Map drive function is for Windows only. 1. Choose your DS-101g+ Disk Station, and click Map Drive on the left side. Map

drive wizard will help you to connect a shared network folder and assign a drive letter to the connection so that you can access it through My Computer later.

2. Map drive wizard will list the shared network folders that you can access under

this DS-101g+ Disk Station. Click on the folder you want to connect to, and click Next to continue.

3. Enter a user name in Account column, and password in Password column. Click Finish to continue.

4. You will see the following page if you map network drive successfully. You can

either enter the shared folder by clicking Finish button or by using My Computer later on.

Tips Without DS Resource CD, you can also use and manage DS-101g+ easily with the following tips. 1. Copy or access data on DS-101g+ from PC.

1) Click Start and select Run.

2) Enter \\the-system-name (type two backslash; the system name should be

the same as what you entered in 3-12; and if you didnt change the system name, please enter \\DiskStation ) and press OK.

3) Then you can also see all shares that can be used, including public share, photo share and web share.

2. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer to manage DS-101g+ from PC or Mac. 1) Open your Microsoft Internet Explorer. 2) Enter http://the-system-name:5000 (type two forwardslash; the system

name should be the same as what you entered in 3-12; and if you didnt change the system name, please enter http://DiskStaion:5000 ) and press Enter.

3) Enter the administrators password (the password should be the same as what you entered in 3-13) and press OK.

4) Then the management page will show up and you can start to

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