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HomeLink Mirror User Guide Congratulations! Your new automobile is equipped with an Automatic Dimming Mirror, manufactured by Gentex Corporation. During nighttime driving, this safety feature senses distracting glare from vehicle headlights behind you and automatically dims the mirror to eliminate glare and preserve your vision.

Your new mirror also comes with an integrated HomeLink wireless control system which allows you to program the mirror to activate your garage door(s), estate gate, etc. The mirror actually learns the codes from your various existing transmitters.

To Operate the Auto-Dimming Feature

To Operate the Compass Feature

To Operate the HomeLink Feature

Push in switch to turn the Mirror on/off. Auto-Dimming feature is enabled when green LED indicator is on.

Please refer to the HomeLink programming instructions, the HomeLink web site at, or by calling 1-800-355-3515.

1. Push the Compass display switch. The visual display is now in the compass mode and the vehicles directional heading will be dis- played. 2. Pushing the switch a second time will turn off the visual display. 3. If the display reads C, calibrate the compass by driving the vehicle in one circle at less than ve mph. 4. To adjust for Compass Variance: a. Press the button for more than 3 seconds. The current zone number will appear in the display. b. Find your current location and variance zone number on the zone map (See reverse). c. Press the button until the new zone number appears in the dis- play. After you stop pressing the button in, the display will show a compass direction within a few seconds.











Cleaning the Mirror When cleaning the mirror, use a paper towel or similar material dampened with glass cleaner. Do not spray glass cleaner directly on the mirror as that may cause the liquid cleaner to enter the mirror housing and damage the mirror.

Exterior Auto-Dimming Mirror With Approach Lighting - If Equipped







1. C is displayed in the compass window

2. Inaccurate compass direction

4. Note

3. Vehicles magnetics may have changed: recalibrate compass

The compass needs to be calibrated. Drive the vehicle in one circle at ve mph or less until the display reads a direction. You can also calibrate the compass by driving your vehicle on your everyday routine. The compass will be calibrated once it has tracked one complete circle.

1. With the display turned on, push the button for 3 seconds, until the Zone selection comes up (a number will be displayed in the mir- ror compass window). 2. Toggle until correct zone is found and release switch. 3. The display will return to the normal compass mode after about 5 seconds of no switch activity. 4. If the vehicle changes zone, repeat steps 1 thru 3. See map.

(1) Installing items such as a ski rack, antenna, or even some body re- pair work can cause changes to the vehicles magnetic eld. In these situations, the compass will need to be recalibrated to the vehicles magnetic eld. (2) The compass may not indicate the correct compass point in tunnels or while driving up or down a steep hill. (The compass returns to the correct compass point when the ve- hicle moves to an area where the geomagnetism is stabilized.)

1. Press and hold the button for more then 9 seconds, or until a C appears in the display. 2. Drive the vehicle in a complete circle at less than 5 mph.

Troubleshooting Guidelines

550-0565AAB *550-0565-000*

*HomeLink and the HomeLink House logo are registered trademarks of Gentex Corporation.

The exterior auto-dimming feature is controlled by the interior auto-dimming mirror and will automatically dim the exterior mirror to eliminate glare and preserve your vision when the interior mirror adjusts. The auto-dimming feature of the exterior mirror can be turned on/off by setting the interior mirrors auto-dimming feature to on o

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