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DMX-NV1 Attachment Guide

Sony Corporation 2008 Printed in U.S.A.

For TV Models: KDL-40WL140/KDL-46WL140/KDL-52WL140

Required Items for Assembly Your Sony TV with XMB

(1) / BRAVIA Internet Video Link (DMX-NV1) (1)/ Cable Cover (1)/ Mounting

Bracket (1)/ Plastic Fastener (2)/ Mounting Knob (2)/ Phillips Screwdriver (for removal only; not supplied)

To Begin

On the back of the TV, locate the attachment holes situated on the right side, above the rear input panel.

These instructions are shown without cables attached. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the attachment process, then review the BRAVIA Internet Video Links Quick Setup Guide (supplied) for information on connecting the cables.

1 Align the holes on the bracket (supplied) to the holes on the back of your TV.

2 Insert the 2 Plastic Fasteners (supplied) into the holes, then press in the head of the fasteners using your finger until they click.

~ Do not push in the head of the fastener until you have inserted the fastener into the bracket and the hole on the TV. Do not use a screwdriver to tighten the screws.

Plastic Fasteners

3 Insert the Mounting Knobs into the threaded holes and lightly twist by hand. Do not fully tighten the Mounting Knobs.

4 Place the bottom Mounting Knob into the hole on the bracket, leaving the top Mounting Knob sitting above the top hole.

5 Push down the receiver so both Mounting Knobs are locked into the grooves, then fully tighten the Mounting Knobs by hand.










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