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Quick Start Guide


Connect your controller to your PlayStationTV system You can use your DUALSHOCK3 or DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller with your PS TV system simply connect your controller's USB cable to the USB port.

Rear view

USB port

DUALSHOCK3 wireless controller

USB cable miniB A type

USB cable microB A type

DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller


You'll need to connect a USB cable to register your PS TV system with your controller, as well as charge your controller. When the registration and charging processes are complete, you can remove the USB cable and start using the controller wirelessly.

USB cable sold separately. You must use the correct USB cable to connect your DUALSHOCK3 wireless controller (USB cable miniB A type) or DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller (USB cable microB A type) to your PS TV system. Using the USB cable originally supplied with your PlayStation3 or PlayStation4 system is recommended.

1 Let's get started!



Using memory cards Although there's 1 GB of internal memory built in to your PS TV system, that may not be enough for you depending on the size of what you save on the system and how you use it. So, if you need more space to save your games and content, you can use a PlayStationVita memory card (sold separately).

PlayStationVita memory card


Only insert or remove the memory card when the system is switched off. Always power off your PS TV system.

Once a memory card is inserted, data will be saved to it, and not to the internal memory card. Saved data will be located on the inserted memory card, and this location cannot be changed until the inserted memory card is removed.

The internal memory card - including data you've chosen to store there - cannot be used when a removable memory card is inserted.


2 How to set up your PS TV system

Select the appropriate channel on your TV

Connect your system to your TV When you have correctly connected all of the cables, plug the power cord into an electricity supply and the PS TV system will turn on - the white power indicator will light up.

Rear view

To the router

HDMI output port LAN port

DC IN 5V connector

HDMI cable

LAN cable (sold separately)

AC adaptor AC power cord

To an electricity supply

You don't need to use a LAN cable with a Wi-Fi connection.HDMI input


Power button



When plugged in, the PS TV system will turn on and the power indicator will light up.

Front view

Power indicator

Press the (PS) button on your controller Your controller will then be registered with your PS TV system.


Before you can start playing, you'll need to register your controller with your PS TV system.

Follow the on-screen instructions Choose your date and time and create a Sony Entertainment Network account. Once you complete this initial setup, the home screen will be displayed.


Create a Sony Entertainment Network account after completing the initial setup. From the home screen, select (Settings) [PSNSM] [Sign Up]. You can also create a Sony Entertainment Network account using a PS4 system, PS3 system or a PC - and then use your account on the PS TV system.


3 The home screen and basic operations

Select any application on the home screen to open up its LiveArea screen. Select its "gate" to start the application.


Home screen

GateClose (Hold down)

LiveArea Application screen

Return to the LiveArea screen

Move to a different page

Enter Enter

Info bar You can check the status of the PS TV system at the top of the home screen.

PS TV system communication status

Active applications Inserted PS Vita card

Notification indicator Select the notification indicator to see the new information.


Use the left stick, the L1 and R1 buttons or the directional buttons for navigation of the system menus.

You can run multiple applications at the same time, and have a maximum of 10 pages on the home screen.



Basic button operations (PS) button

Turn your PS TV system on, return to the LiveArea screen from an application screen or display a list of LiveArea screens (index screen).

(PS) button (press and hold)

Turn your PS TV system off or adjust your controller's settings. Available options may vary.

Directional buttons/Left stick Select item.

button Confirm the selected item.

Using the DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller If your game's manual or any on-screen instructions refer to a SELECT button or a START button, just use the SHARE button or the OPTIONS button respectively.

SHARE button This replaces the SELECT button in some games.

OPTIONS button This replaces the START button in some games.


The speaker and stereo headset jack on your controller do not function with your PS TV system.


4 Playing games

You can either download compatible PlayStationVita games directly from (PS Store) or pick them up on PlayStationVita card from all good retailers. For information on games that are compatible with the PS TV system, visit

Inserting a PS Vita card A PS Vita card contains PlayStationVita format software. Open the PS Vita card slot cover and insert your PS Vita card into the PS TV system - the game's icon will then appear on the home screen.

PS Vita card slot cover

PS Vita card access indicator

PS Vita card

Starting a game On the home screen, select the game icon to open up the LiveArea screen. Select the "gate" to start the game.


LiveArea screen

e Play feature,




If your game will not start, try updating the software by selecting (Refresh LiveArea Screen) on the LiveArea screen. Select (Update) when displayed after selecting (Refresh LiveArea Screen), and then you can update your software.

Pausing or quitting a game Press the (PS) button on your controller to return to the LiveArea screen. Press and hold the button to close the LiveArea screen and quit the game.

Using the on-screen touch pointer when playing a PS Vita game The touch pointer allows you to use a controller to perform touch operations like you would on a PS Vita system when playing a game. Touch pointer cannot be used on the home screen or the LiveArea screen.

To use the touch pointer, press and hold the (PS) button, and then tick the [Use Touch Pointer in Games] option. You can then use the touch pointer in any supported games.

When you press the L3 button, a touch pointer representing the PS Vita system's touchscreen will appear. Use your DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller's touch pad to control the on-screen action.

When you press the R3 button, a touch pointer for the rear touch pad will appear.

When you press the L3 and R3 buttons at the same time, overlapping touch pointers for both the touchscreen and the rear touch pad will appear.


Move the touch pointer by using the left and right sticks or by swiping the DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller's touch pad, and press the button or the touch pad button to confirm.


Enjoy games for the PS4 system using Remote Play If you have a PS4 system, you can use the Remote Play feature to play PS4 format games on your PS TV system in another room. Some games may not support this feature.

Connect your PS TV system to the same network as your PS4 system

Adjust your PS4 system settings Sign into PSNSM on your PS4 system, using the same

Sony Entertainment Network account on your PS TV system. On the function screen, select (Settings) [Remote Play Connection

Settings], and then tick the [Enable Remote Play] option.

Operate from your PS TV system On your PS TV system, select (PS4 Link) on the home screen and then follow the on-screen instructions to connect it to your PS4 system.

For details on settings and how to operate, refer to the User's Guide.


When using the Remote Play feature, we recommend that you use a wired connection via a LAN cable to the same network as your PS4 system, and use a DUALSHOCK4 wireless controller for (PS4 Link).

Remote Play may not be available while the PS4 system is in use for some operations. Also, some types of content cannot be played while Remote Play is in use. For further details, refer to the PS TV User's Guide.

4 Playing games



5 Putting your PS TV system into rest mode

When in "rest mode" the PS TV system allows you to conveniently resume playing any applications that you leave open.

Putting your system into rest mode You can power off your PS TV system, pausing your game. Select  (Power) on the home screen, or press and hold the (PS) button on your controller, then select [Standby]. Your PS TV system will enter rest mode, and the power indicator on the front of your PS TV system will turn off.


You can also put your PS TV system into rest mode by pressing its (power) button on the rear of your PS TV system.

In rest mode, press the (PS) button on your controller or the (power) button on the rear of your PS TV system. Your PS TV system will then turn on and the power indicator on the front of your PS TV system will light up.

Turning off your system Always turn off the power completely before inserting or removing a memory card or unplugging the power cord. Select (Power) on the home screen or press and hold the (PS) button on the controller, and then select [Power Off]. Your PS TV system's power indicator will then turn off.


You can also turn off your PS TV system by pressing its (power) button on the rear of your PS TV system.

If you turn off the power, the system will not turn on again when you press the  (PS) button on your controller. To turn on, press the (power) button on the

rear of your PS TV system and then press the (PS) button on your controller.


Safety Guide The Safety Guide contains information about how to safely use your PS TV system, and information about specifications. Be sure to read it before using the system.

User's Guide The User's Guide contains more information about what your PS TV system can do just select (User's Guide) on the (Settings) LiveArea screen to access it. You can also view the User's Guide by visiting you must have an internet connection to view the User's Guide.

Get help Need more info about PS TV system? Can't find the answer to your question? Then visit our Get Help section at to learn more.

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Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Information about system functionality and images published in this document may vary from those for your PS TV system, depending on the system softw

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