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Operating Instructions Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference.


Sony Corporation 1998 Printed in China


To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture.

WARNING This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the products enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.

This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance.

Owners Record The model and serial numbers are located at the rear of the unit. Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product.

Model No.SA-PC201W

Serial No.

Active Subwoofer

Troubleshooting Should any problem persist after checking the following items, consult your nearest Sony service facility.


No sound at all

Sound only from the subwoofer


Cause and/or remedy

Connect the AC power cord to an AC power outlet.

Connect the AC adapter to the subwoofers DC IN.

Check that the u (power) switch is in the on position.

Turn the (volume) control clockwise.

Increase the sound volume with the volume control on the connected equipment.

Check the connected equipment. Is the equipment turned on? Is operation of the connected equipment correct?

Check to see if the monitor or active speaker is connected correctly.

Make sure the headphones are disconnected from the monitors headphones connector.

Turn down the volume of the connected equipment.

Turn down the (volume) control.

Install the unit at least 5 centimeters away from the wall.


On operating voltage Operate the unit with the supplied AC power adapter only. The supplied AC adapters operating voltage is 120V AC, 60Hz.

On safety The name plate indicating operating voltage,

power consumption, etc. is located on the rear exterior of the unit and on the back on the AC power adapter.

Unplug the AC power adapter form the wall outlet when it is not being used for an extended period of time. To disconnect the cord, pull it out by grasping the plug. Never pull it out by the cord.

Should any solid object or liquid fall into the unit, disconnect the AC power cord, and have the unit checked by qualified personnel before operating it any further.

On cleaning the cabinet Before cleaning the cabinet, disconnect the AC power cord. Clean the cabinet with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water or mild detergent solution. Do not use alcohol, benzene, or thinner as they may mar the finish.

Precautions If your monitors picture is magnetically distorted Although this unit is magnetically shielded, the picture on some monitors may become magnetically distorted. In such a case, turn off the power of your monitor and computer, and turn it on again after 15 to 30 minutes. Take the appropriate measures (such as saving data) before turning off your monitor and computer.

When there seems to be no improvement, place the unit farther away from your computer and monitor. Be sure not to place objects which use magnets, such as audio racks, TV stands, toys, etc. near your computer and monitor. These may cause the picture to distort due to their interaction with the unit. If you have any questions or problems concerning your system that are not covered in this manual, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.

Installation This subwoofer is best suited for the Sony

VAIO microtower personal computer systems. When you connect the subwoofer to your VAIO microtower, we recommend that you install the unit under the computer as shown at right. If you install the unit away from the computer, we recommend that you install the unit on a solid floor where resonance is unlikely to occur.

Do not install the unit near heat sources such as radiators or air ducts, or in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust, mechanical vibration, or shock.

Good ventilation is essential to prevent internal heat buildup. Place the unit in a location with adequate air circulation. Do not place the unit on a soft surface or too close to a wall.

Notes Always install the unit in a flat (horizontal) position

and at least 5 centimeters from the wall. Do not install the unit upside down or vertically (upright).

If you install the unit separately from the computer, do not place any object on the unit or sit on it.

If the unit is installed in the center of a room, the bass sound may become weak. This is due to the influence of the standing wave of the room. If this happens, move the unit away from the center of the room.

Amplifier section Power output 13 W

(4 ohms at 50 Hz 250 Hz, 10% THD)

Input impedance 47 kilohms Output impedance (stereo mini jack)

470 ohm

Speaker section Type Super Acoustically-loaded

woofer Speaker unit 8 cm cone type Frequency range 50 Hz 250 Hz Impedance 4 ohm

General Power requirements

AC adapter : AC 120 V/60 Hz Subwoofer : DC 15V

Power consumption 26 W

Dimensions Approx. 180 mm 100 mm 350 mm (w/h/d) (7 1/8 4 13 7/8 in.)

Mass Approx. 1.6 kg (4 lb. 5 oz)

Supplied accessories Connecting cord (Stereo mini plug Stereo mini plug) (1) AC power adapter (1)

Please ask the dealer for detailed information about the optional accessories available in your country.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

How to Use Your SubwooferSetup 1 Connecting to a monitor with a subwoofer output (CPD-101VS, CPD-

201VS etc.)

to the INPUT connector

to the DC IN connector

Monitor (rear) Computer (rear)

to the subwoofer output connector

Connecting cord (supplied)

Subwoofer (rear)

to an AC power outlet

2 Connecting to an active speaker with a woofer output (SRS-PC41/ PC51/PC71 etc.)

Computer (rear)

Active speaker (not supplied) (rear)

to the active speakers woofer output connector

Subwoofer (rear)

to an AC power outlet

to the subwoofers INPUT connector

Connecting cord (supplied)

3 Connecting to an active speaker without a woofer output (SRS-PC21 etc.)

Computer (rear)

to the computers audio output

Connecting cord (supplied)

to the subwoofers INPUT connector

Subwoofer (rear)

to an AC power outlet

to the subwoofers OUTPUT connector

Active speaker (not supplied) (rear)

Active speakers connecting cord

Note If your personal computer does not have audio output jacks, you will have to install a sound board, etc. Consult qualified personnel for details.

u (power) indicator

(volume) control u (power) switch

1 Press the u (power) switch. The u (power) indicator first lights up in orange, then changes to green when the subwoofer receives a signal.

2 Turn on the power of your other connected equipment.

3 Turn on the power of your computer.

4 Adjust the bass level with the (volume) control. Adjust the balance of the volume between the subwoofer and your speaker(s). Increase the subwoofers bass level according to your personal preference.

When connecting to a monitor or active speaker with a woofer output The volume of the subwoofer is linked to the volume of the monitor or active speaker. If you adjust the volume of the monitor or active speaker, the volume level of the subwoofer is automatically adjusted as well. Adjust the volume of all speakers using the volume control on your monitor or active speaker, and use the subwoofers volume control to adjust the bass level output. See the operating instructions for your monitor or active speaker to adjust the linked volume level.

When connecting to an active speaker without a woofer output Adjust the volume of the active speaker and the subwoofer independently. If you want to adjust their volume together, adjust the volume of the connected computer as it is linked to the volume level of both.

When using headphones Turn off the subwoofer. If you connect headphones to your monitor, computer, or active speaker, bass sound continues to come from the subwoofer.

Auto Power on/off function When the audio input signal is cut for more than 5 minutes, the unit automatically enters standby mode and the u (power) indicator lights up in orange. When the unit receives an audio input signal again, it automatically enters normal operation and the u (powe

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