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Wireless Speaker


Operating Instructions

LF-S50G_UC (GB)_4-727-167-14(1)

Setup How to use

1 Connect the AC adaptor. Talk to your Google Assistant. Touch-free Gesture Control Volume Operations2 Install the Google Home app. 3 Set up Wi-Fi with App.

Install the Google Home app on a smartphone/iPhone. Follow the directions in the app to set up your speaker with Wi-Fi. Set the speaker to the smartphone/iPhone's same Wi-Fi connection. Depending on your service, you may have to create an account in advance.

Sure, here's some music on Google Play Music

Ok Google, Play some music*1

Next Pass over left to right

Previous Pass over right to left

Start your request Pass over far to near*2

Play / Pause Pass over near to far

*2 To cancel the request, pass over from near to far.

Volume down Circle over counterclockwise

Volume up Circle over clockwiseThe lit area of the LED shifts

as the volume increases or decreases.

Indicates a volume level in the range from 0 to 100%. The volume increases/decreases in increments of some percentage.*3

Circle within this area.


*3 To ne-tune the volume Say a voice command to set the volume to your desired level.

*1 Refer to the conversation leaflet Voice Commands (supplied) or visit the following website for the latest voice commands; (USA) (United Kingdom) (Canada) (Australia)

Google, Android, Google Play, Google Home, Chromecast Built-in and other marks and logos are trademarks of Google Inc.

LF-S50G_UC (GB)_4-727-167-14(1)

You can also use as a BLUETOOTH speaker Other useful functions

1 After establishing a Wi-Fi connection as described on the front side, press and hold the (Bluetooth)/ PAIRING button to set your speaker into Bluetooth pairing mode.

2 Establish a Bluetooth pairing. 3 Start playback. Lock buttons

Prevent unintentional operations (gestures/ buttons) for 3 minutes. To unlock buttons, press and hold the HOLD button again.


The brightness of the clock display switches between High Middle Low Off every time you press this button.

Switching the clock display (12 hour/24 hour)

Press and hold the DIMMER button.


HOLD button

DIMMER button Press

Press and hold

RESTART button Press

Parts and ControlsAbout Help Guide (web manual)

Gesture LED

Status LEDs (for Google Assistant)

Clock display/Volume display

Built-in microphones

Gesture control sensor

Bluetooth LED

N-mark Touch here when connecting by One-touch (NFC)

(microphone off) button

(Bluetooth)/PAIRING button


HOLD button

DC IN connector

From your smartphone or other device's Bluetooth settings, find and select your speaker's name.

Is the Bluetooth LED flashing? It means the firmware of your speaker has been updated; it will stop flashing on its own.

Did your speaker turn off? Press the RESTART button.

Can you not operate your speaker or connect to a Bluetooth device? A Wi-Fi connection is required, so check whether the speaker is connected to one.

Do you want to turn off the MIC? Press the button.

Do you want to reset your speaker? Press and hold the button until the four status LEDs light in orange. <

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