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Unpacking Guide

1 Removing the Accessories and the Glass Panels

1 Remove the accessory pack. Do not discard; the boxes contain accessories and operating instructions.

2 Remove the glass panel cushioning.

3 Remove cushions. Accessory box

Glass panels


Operating instructions

Note Handle the glass panels with care.

HES-V1000After unpacking, move on to the following documents (contained in the Operating Instructions box).

Quick Start Guide Operating Instructions (Getting Started)

2007 Sony Corporation Printed in Japan

2 Removing the Upper Carton

1 Remove four plastic tabs located at the bottom of the carton.

To pull out the joints Grasp the middle

of the tab. Pull out.

The upper box is detached from the pallet.

2 Lift the upper carton.

3 Removing the Lock Screws

1 On the bottom of the unit (not the box), you should find two lock screws.

2 Unscrew counter-clockwise and remove them.

Note Store the lock screws in a safe place as you will need them when transporting the unit. These screws are necessary to prevent damage to the disc pickup mechanism during shipping and transport.

4 Removing the Lock Stick

1 On the bottom of the unit (the same place as Sec. 3), you should find a lock stick.

2 Unlock the lock stick by turning the stick clockwise 90 degrees and remove it.

Note Store the lock stick in a safe place as you may need it when transporting the unit. The lock stick is necessary for securing the unit to the packing material to prevent damage of the mechanical block during shipment and transportation.

5 Placing the Unit Upright

With two persons, bring the unit gradually into the upright position (pallet at the side).


Notes Make sure to move the unit with at least two persons. The unit weighs

48kg (105 3/4 lb). Move the unit slowly and carefully so the unit does not drop out and

fall over. Refer to the above illustration so as not to hold the wrong side of the


This box contains accessories, padding materials, and the server unit. Since the unit is large and heavy, make sure to work with another person, and follow the procedures in this document as described.

3 Close the three holes (including the holes in Sec. 3) with the supplied dust-tight seals. The dust-tight seals are included in the accessory box.

Dust-tight seals

3-279-573-12 (1)

Important Notice

Important Important

6 Removing the Pallet

1 Remove the cushioning from the top of the unit.

2 Remove the pallet while another person is holding up the unit.


7 Removing the Cover Sheet, and Placing the Unit

1 Remove the white cover sheet.

2 Move the unit to the place of installation. Be sure to grasp the handles when moving the unit.

Note Install the unit on a flat surface in a stable place.

8 Attaching the Glass Panels

1 Check the orientation indicated on the glass panels. Right side panel will only fit right side and left panel will fit only left side. (They are not interchangeable.)

2 Remove the tape that covers the panel lock lever (painted in red), and pull out the lever with a coin or flathead screwdriver, etc.

3 Insert the panels projecting tabs on the bottom edge into the three slots on the unit.

Note To move the unit, detach the glass panels and grasp the handles underneath.

4 Holding the glass panel to the side, push the lever back to its original position. The panel is locked.

Push the lever inside

Lever not engaged, panel not firmly locked. Push the lever all the way through till it remains flush with the back panel surface.

5 Repeat steps 1 to 4 to attach the other panel.

Hint Use the supplied cleaning cloth to wipe the glass surfaces. The cleaning cloth is included in the accessory box.


Observe the following precautions when moving the unit:

Be sure to remove all discs before turning off the power.

Attach the two lock screws and the lock stick to the unit. Be sure to disconnect the power cord when attaching them. Use the su

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