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CPF-IX001 2-892-537-12 (2)

CPF-IX001 Quick Setup Guide


2006 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia

Step 1

This Quick Setup Guide explains the preparation needed to enjoy music with the CPF-IX001. For details on each step, refer to the Operating instructions in the supplied CD-ROM.

CPF-IX001 Operating Instructions for details on how to operate the CPF-IX001

M-crew Server Installation instructions for details on how to install the M-crew Server

M-crew Server Help (Use after installing the M-crew) for details on how to operate the M-crew Server

Check the following website for the CPF-IX001 latest information, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), and firmware updates; USA:

Canada: shtml



When using the CPF-IX001 with a wireless network, you need a wireless LAN router (access point, not supplied)

A wireless connection (ad-hoc) cannot be made directly with a computer.

Setup Procedure Wireless settings for the CPF-IX001 must be made from a computer that has a wired connection with the CPF- IX001. Be sure to perform the settings by following the procedure below.

Step 1 Installing M-crew Server

Step 2 Setting a wired connection

Step 3 Setting a wireless connection

Step 2 The CPF-IX001 wireless settings are made using the browser, so first establish a wired connection between the CPF-IX001 and your computer.

1 Connect the CPF-IX001 to the network using a wired connection. Connect the CPF-IX001 to your router (hub) or directly to the LAN port of the computer. Use the supplied network cable. Check that the WIRELESS/WIRED selector on the network unit is set to WIRED.

Network cable (supplied)

To router (hub) or LAN port of the computer

To LAN port


Note When using the CPF-IX001 with a fixed IP address, refer to Advanced network settings in the Operating Instructions.

2 Turn on the system. Power switch

Note The demonstration display appears on the network unit. If it does not appear, check the connection (Step 1-4).

3 Press FUNCTION repeatedly until the LINE indicator on the main unit turns off.


4 Press SUSPEND to start up the network unit. The model name appears in the display and the connection starts. Configuring flashes and the network is configured.

Note When connected one-to-one with a computer without using a router, it takes a few minutes to configure the network. In addition, a warning mes- sage appears on the computer to advise that the connection is restricted.

5 Press and check that music or sample music is played. It may take some time until music playback starts depending on the network status. During the sample music playback, the following appears in the display.

Note If SERVER? appears, select the M-crew server according to the following procedure. 1 Press ENTER. 2 Press or repeatedly until M-crew v2 on XXXX (your com-

puter name) appears, then press ENTER.

This completes the settings when using the CPF-IX001 with a wired connection. When using the CPF-IX001 with a wireless connection, press to stop music playback, then proceed to Step 3.


3 Prepare the remote. Pull out the insulating sheet.

4 Install the CPF-IX001. Connect the network unit on the main unit, and connect the subwoofer to the DC IN jack on the back of the main unit.

To DC IN jack

To the wall outlet

Network unit Main unit


Note Be sure to turn off the subwoofer when connecting or disconnecting the network unit.

Install the M-crew Server Ver. 2.0 software and prepare the CPF-IX001.

1 Make sure that you have all the following items, which are required for setup. Main unit (CPF-NW001P)

Network unit (NAS-IX001P)

Subwoofer (SA-NW001P)

Network cable for the CPF-IX001

Remote commander (RM-ANU007)

M-crew Server Ver. 2.0 software CD-ROM

2 Insert the supplied M-crew Server Ver. 2.0 software CD-ROM into your computer. The M-crew Server SETUP window appears. Follow the instructions on the screen and install the software.

Select language

Click to install


If the window does not open, double-click the CD-ROM Setup.exe icon.

With some computer environments, you may need to set the Windows and security software firewall.

If the Windows Security Alert window appears, click [Unblock] to unblock the program.

If the ICF SETTINGS window automatically appears, click [Apply], and OK appears for all status items, then click [Close].

CPF-IX001 2-892-537-12 (2)

Step 3 Make the wireless settings.

1 Confirm the settings of your wireless system. Check the following items of your wireless LAN router to set the same information for the CPF-IX001. SSID (Wireless Network Name):

If your wireless LAN router security is enabled, Security mode:


Key Number (when using WEP):


For details on how to check the wireless LAN router settings, refer to the operation manual of your wireless LAN router.

Check that your wireless LAN router uses the latest firmware version. For details, refer to the operation manual of your wireless LAN router.

2 Press MENU. Press or repeatedly until WLAN SETUP? appears in the display, then press ENTER. The IP address appears in the display.



3 Start up the WLAN Setup Assistant on your computer. Select [Start] [All Programs] [M-crew Server] [TOOLS] [WLAN Setup Assistant].

4 Press NEXT. Wait a moment for Internet Explorer to start up.

5 Enter root to User name section. Leave Password section blank, and click [OK] to login.

6 Select the language.

7 Click Wireless LAN Setup in the Menu on your computer. The Setup screen appears.

8 Enter the SSID, Security mode and Key that you checked in Step 3-1, and click [Setup].


When using WEP, check that the router Key No. and the above setting match.

In most cases only one WEP Key No. is required, in which case enter the WEP Key No. to WEP Key No. 1.

9 After finishing the setup, click Restart Audio Client in the Menu, and then click [Restart]. The CPF-IX001 restarts, and the settings are complete.

10 Set the WIRELESS/WIRED selector to WIRELESS (see Step 2-1), and disconnect the network cable from the network unit. Configuring flashes in the display and the network is configured.

Tip Configuring may flash for several minutes.

11 Press and check that music or sample music is played.

Troubleshooting Step Symptom Action

1-2 The firewall settings screen appear.

Follow the instructions on the screen to allow the M-crew communication.

2-4 Configuring continues to flash in the display for longer than five minutes without the configuration being completed.

If an IP address has been specified in your computers network settings, change the setting to automatically acquire the IP address.

No Server appears in the display.

Follow the procedures below one by one. 1 Confirm the security software

(Firewall) setting on your computer.

2 Restart the M-crew Server. 2-1 Select Stop music server on

the M-crew Server task tray icon.

2-2 Select Start music server on the M-crew Server task tray icon.

3 Reboot your computer. 4 Execute DatabaseClear.exe

to initialize the database (usually located in C:\Program Files\Mcrewserver). When the database is initialized the music links are deleted, so reset the links.

3-1, 3-8

What is SSID or Security Mode?

SSID is the wireless LAN identifier and Security Mode is a communication encryption method. These may be included with your access point. If your wireless key is a string of 10 characters, select WEP (64-bit) for Security Mode. For more details, check the settings of your access point.

3-3 The WLAN Setup Assistant does not appear on the screen.

If you are using a proxy server with your browser, disconnect it temporarily.

3-11 Check Net appears in the display while the wireless icon ( ) is flashing.

The signal is not strong enough. Move the CPF-IX001 closer to the access point. If the CPF-IX001 is already close to the access point, check the configuration of the access point to ensure that the access point is sending a signal. Once the changes have been made to the access point, toggle the WIRED/WIRELESS selector to reconfigure setting. Check the wireless channel of the wireless LAN router. Channels 1 to 11 can be used with the CPF-IX001.

No Server appears in the display while the wireless icon ( ) lights up.

The wireless key may have bee

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