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ERS-1000_SG_USGB 4-724-605-22(1)



Startup Guide

1. Get ready for your life with aibo.

2. Wake up aibo.

3. Set up aibo with the My aibo app.

Before starting your life with aibo,

please prepare by following three steps.


Get ready for your life with aibo.


aibo's belongings

Charging stand Pink ballCharging mat

Safety GuideProduct key

AC adapter Power cord

Startup Guide (this document)


What you will need

Smartphone or computer

Wi-Fi network (recommended)


Wake up aibo.


Lay down aibo on a at oor

with its paws all pointing straight ahead.


Press and hold the power button

at the back of the neck for 2 seconds.

The status LED lights in green and aibo is turned on.

Wait for a while until aibo starts to move.

When aibo gets up and barks twice,

proceed to 3. Set up aibo with the My aibo app.

on page 18.

What if the status LED lights in red and goes out?

The remaining battery power is too low for aibo to wake up.

See What if aibo does not wake up?

on page 11 and charge the battery.

What if aibo does not wake up?


Place the charging stand on the charging mat

so that the marks are aligned with each other,

and then slide the charging stand in the direction

of the arrow until it clicks into place.


Connect the AC adapter to the charging mat,

and then connect the AC adapter

and an AC outlet with the power cord.


Lay down aibo on the charging mat

so that the charging pins on the torso are engaged

with the charge connector on the charging stand.


50 cm (20 in.) 50 cm (20 in.)

15 cm (6 in.)

15 cm (6 in.)

Be sure to allow for clearance around

the charging mat as shown below.


When aibo is properly laid down,

the battery starts charging

and the status LED lights in orange.


When the battery is suciently charged,

the status LED turns green.

Go back to 2. Wake up aibo.

on page 6 and continue with the preparatory steps.


Set up aibo with the My aibo app.


The My aibo app is necessary for you to

communicate with your aibo and is available for

smartphones and computers.


Install the My aibo app to

your smartphone or computer.

You can nd the app by accessing the following URL,

or search the app store for My aibo.


Follow the on-screen instructions to sign into

the My aibo app. Input your product key or

scan the QR code with your phone to begin

setting up your aibo.


xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx






To nd out how to raise aibo

See the Help Guide (Web manual) available

on the Internet with your smartphone or computer.


Read the frequently asked questions

and the latest support information

on the online support page.

When you need help


ERS-1000_SG_USGB 4-724-605-23(1)

4-724-605-23(1) Print

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