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Quick Start Guide Follow the procedures in steps 1 through 6 to print an image from a Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, or SD card. For detailed explanations on operations and other printing methods, see the Operating Instructions.

2006 Sony Corporation Printed in China 2-682-266-12(1)

1 Check the contents of the package. Items with * will be used for sample printing.

2 Prepare the necessary items for sample printing.

To create a print like the sample above, prepare the items necessary for sample printing as marked with * in step 1: -Printer* -Sample print pack *(print paper and print cartridge)

-AC adaptor* -AC power cord* -Paper tray*

Note on print pack To make a print you need a print pack containing print paper and print cartridge. When the supplied sample print pack runs out, please purchase an optional print pack.

3 Load the print cartridge. Use the print cartridge designed for this printer.

1Pull and open the cartridge compartment door.

2Insert the print cartridge in the arrow direction until it clicks into place.


3Close the cartridge compartment door.

4 Insert the print paper. 1Open the eject paper tray (), and then

slide () and lift open the paper tray lid ().

2Set the print paper into the tray. Face the stamp marker to the paper feeding direction and toward the paper tray.

Insert the protective sheet together with paper, and remove the protective sheet.

Protective sheet

Feeding direction

3Close the paper tray door () and slide it to the paper feeding direction ().

Keep the paper eject tray open.

4Pull and open the printers paper tray compartment door, and insert the paper tray into the printer.

Insert it straight in until it reaches the end.

5 Connect to the AC power source. Insert one plug of the AC power cord to the wall outlet close-by and the other to the AC adaptor. Then connect the plug of the AC adaptor to the DC IN 24 V jack of the printer.

AC adaptor

To the wall outlet AC power cord

Go to step 6

Sample color printing pack * 10 sheets of post card size print

paper A print cartridge for 10 prints For details, see page 10 on the operating instructions.

Paper tray * AC adaptor (AC-S2425) *

Printer * AC power cord *

Cleaning cartridge

Operating Instructions Quick Start Guide (this leaflet) * Warranty (In some regions, the

warranty is not supplied.) Sony End User Software License


CD-ROM (Sony DPP-FP55 Printer Driver Software and Picture Motion Browser Ver. 1.1)

Optional print packs

For4x6inch(101.6x152.4mm)post cardsizeprinting: SVM-F40P 40 sheets of 4x 6 inch print paper (20-sheet-pack x 2) Print cartridge for 40 prints

SVM-F80P 80 sheets of 4x 6 inch print paper (20-sheet-pack x 4) Print cartridges for 40 prints x 2

SVM-F120P 120 sheets of 4x 6 inch print paper (20-sheet-pack x 6) Print cartridges for 40 prints x 3

To DC IN 24 V

6 Print an image. You are now ready for printing. Depending on the memory card or device you use, the printing procedures differ. This leaflet explains how to select and print a memory card image.

Prepare the desired memory card for printing. Prepare a memory card (Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo*, or SD card) containing an image to be printed. * A Memory Stick Duo adaptor is not


Insert a memory card into the appropriate memory card slot. If you insert multiple cards at the same time, the desired card may not be detected properly. Insert the memory card that you want to use for printing only.

Press the (on/standby) switch to turn on the printer. An image contained in the memory card is displayed.

Select an image for printing. Press /// button repeatedly until the image that you want to print appears.

To set print quantity.() PresstheENTERbutton.

The print quantity indication appears.

Settheprintquantity. To increase the print quantity: Press . To decrease the print quantity: Press .


Press the PRINT button. While the PRINT indicator lights in blue green, the printer is ready for printing. When printing is complete, and the print paper automatically emerges, remove it from the paper tray.


Displaying an image


Memory card slot

Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo* SD card

(on/standby) switch

/ buttons

/// buttons

PRINT button

ENTER button

To print an image from a PictBridge-complaint digital camera, see page 46 of the operating instructions. To use other external device such as

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