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BDP-BX1 3-452-887-11 (3)


Quick Start Guide Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player BDP-BX1

3-452-887-11 (3)

2008 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia

A single HDMI cable carries both video and audio signals.



Follow the steps below to use your Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player.









1 Select one of the connections below

For any inquiries,

please call 1-800-222-SONY(7669)

or visit the Sony Web Site :

For more information,

refer to the supplied Operating Instructions.

[HD] Capable up to 1080p, 1080/24p resolution (recommended)

The number of stars ( ) indicates picture quality.

Video +

Audio HDMI Cable (supplied)

Component Video Cable (not supplied)

Video +

Audio Audio / Video Cable (supplied)


Audio Audio / Video Cable (supplied)

S Video Cable (not supplied)


Audio Audio / Video Cable (supplied)

[HD] Capable up to 1080i

[SD] 480i only

BDP-BX1 3-452-887-11 (3)


2 Connect 3 Setup 4 Play

Useful Functions

HOME Shows the XMB (XrossMediaBar) menu that allows you to operate disc playback and setups.

OPTIONS Shows the optional menu available in each case.

TOP MENU Shows the original menu provided with the disc.

POP UP / MENU Shows the pop-up menu, which can be displayed during playback.

HDMI Cable

Component Video Cable and Audio / Video Cable

S Video Cable and Audio / Video Cable Audio / Video Cable

1 After all of the other connections are complete, connect the supplied AC power cord.

2 Insert two Size AA (R6) batteries.

3 Turn on your TV and switch the input selector.

4 Press / to turn on the player. Wait for a short while before the player turns on. The OSD language selection display appears.

5 Perform basic settings by following the on- screen instructions in Easy Setup using ////ENTER.

To enjoy more BD functions, the following steps in the supplied Operating Instructions are necessary.

Step 3: Inserting the External Memory Step 4: Connecting to the Network

1 Press (open/close), and place a disc on the tray.

Carefully align the HDMI OUT jack on the rear of the player and the HDMI connector by checking their shapes. Make sure the connector is not upside down or tilted.

Playback side facing down to AC outlet

2 Press (open/close) to close the disc tray. When you insert a commercially available BD-ROM or DVD VIDEO, playback automatically starts depending on the disc. Refer to Playback in the Operating Instructions for more details on playback, or when playback does not start automatically.

When Easy

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