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Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Platinum Wireless Headset Instruction Manual


Precautions Carefully read the information in this instruction manual and on the package before using this product. Also read the instructions for the PlayStation4 system. Retain all documentation for future reference. For more detailed instructions about the use of this product, see:

Safety Observe all warnings, precautions and instructions. CHOKING HAZARD Contains small parts. Keep out of the reach of small children.

Stop using the system immediately if you begin to feel tired or if you experience discomfort or pain in your head while operating this product. If the condition persists, consult a doctor.

Avoid prolonged use of this product. Take a break at about 15-minute intervals.

Permanent hearing loss may occur if the headset is used at high volume. Set the volume to a safe level. Over time, increasingly loud audio may start to sound normal but can actually be damaging to your hearing. If you experience ringing in your ears or muffled speech, stop listening and have your hearing checked. The louder the volume, the sooner your hearing could be affected. To protect your hearing:

Limit the amount of time you use the headset at high volume.

Avoid raising the volume to block out noisy surroundings. Lower the volume if you cant hear people speaking near you.

If you feel that the headset is irritating your skin, stop using it immediately.

Use and handling Do not allow liquid or small particles to get into the product. Do not touch the product with wet hands.

WARNING To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods.



Do not throw or drop the product or subject it to strong physical shock.

Do not put heavy objects on the product. Do not touch the inside of the connector or insert foreign objects.

Never disassemble or modify the product. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Increase the distance between the equipment and receiver.

Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

The wireless headset for the PlayStation4 system brings dynamic sound to your entertainment experience. Please note, wireless products may be affected by the presence of other wireless devices in the general vicinity. If you experience any unexpected performance with your wireless headset please contact us before returning it to your retailer. For details visit

Exterior protection Follow the instructions below to help prevent the product exterior from deteriorating or becoming discoloured.

Do not place any rubber or vinyl materials on the product exterior for an extended period of time.

Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the product. Do not use solvents or other chemicals. Do not wipe with a chemically- treated cleaning cloth.

Storage conditions Do not expose the headset to high temperatures, high humidity or direct sunlight.

Do not expose the product to dust, smoke or steam.


Part names and functions












A Headband (foldable)

b L marking

c SOUND/CHAT button Adjust the chat voice volume in relation to the game sound.

d Status indicator

E Power/audio mode switch Sets audio mode or turns off your headset. Positions: OFF turns off your headset 1 standard mode 2 bass boost mode Both audio modes are customisable and can be replaced with other modes from the Headset Companion app.



F MUTE button / Sidetone Short press to mute or unmute microphone* Long press to choose the sidetone volume** One beep low volume Two short beeps high volume One low beep sidetone off

* When the microphone is muted, the sidetone feature is off. ** The sidetone feature lets you hear your own voice from

your headset. The sidetone volume is adjusted on your headset and not on the PlayStation4 system or other devices.

G VOLUME +/- buttons Adjusts the volume of the headset.

H USB port Connect to a supported USB device to charge your headset.

I Audio input jack When you connect a standard 3.5 mm audio cable to your headset for use with mobile devices, the wireless function is turned off.

J VSS/3D AUDIO switch Enables Virtual Surround Sound or 3D audio based on the content. Positions: OFF stereo output ON enhanced VSS for stereo/5.1/7.1 content; 3D audio

for 3D audio content

3D audio technology goes beyond 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound to provide highly positional audio that delivers sound from every direction in supported games. If a game does not support 3D audio, you can still experience enhanced Virtual Surround Sound.

K Microphones (2) (integrated) Avoid leaving your headset near speakers while the microphone is on, as this might cause feedback (audio noise).

Wireless adaptor

Reset button Status indicator


Initial setup 1 Charge your headset by connecting it to a USB port with

the micro-USB cable (supplied). The headset may need up to 3.5 hours to charge fully from empty.

2 Insert the wireless adaptor into a USB port on your PS4 system or PC/Mac.

3 Slide the power/audio mode switch on the headset to position 1 or 2.

Using your headset with your PS4 system The headset is compatible with PS4 system software version 4.00 or later. More than one headset can be used with your PS4 system.

Status display When you connect your headset to your PS4 system, and when you change settings, status information appears in the upper left corner of the screen.



Displayed when [Output to Headphones] is set to [On] *

Displayed when Virtual Surround Sound or 3D audio is enabled

Displays volume level

Displayed when the microphone is turned off

Displays battery charge level

* [Output to Headphones] is a system setting that controls the type of audio output to the wireless headset. It is available only when the wireless adaptor is inserted in the PS4 system.

Audio output selection With your wireless headset you can listen to music, videos and games from your PlayStation4 system. This can be in stereo, Virtual Surround Sound or 3D audio depending on the content's format.

You can listen to both game audio and chat audio simultaneously. Use the SOUND/CHAT button to adjust the relative volume of game audio vs. chat audio.

You can change the audio output to your headset so that you can hear only chat audio.

You can change the audio output format by using the VSS/3D AUDIO switch.

To change the audio output on your PS4 system, and enable or disable the VSS/3D AUDIO switch and SOUND/ CHAT button, select (Settings) (Devices) [Audio Devices] [Output to Headphones].

Audio output to headset

VSS/3D AUDIO switch


All audio Enabled Enabled

Chat audio only Disabled Disabled

You can experience different types of audio formats by toggling the VSS/3D AUDIO switch. The audio output depends on the format used in the game content.***


Game content

Audio output when VSS/3D AUDIO is off

Audio output when VSS/3D AUDIO is on

Stereo/5.1/7.1 Stereo VSS

3D Audio Stereo 3D Audio

***Non-VR games must have 3D audio technology implemented to allow the headset to output 3D audio format, even when 3D audio is supported for PS VR.

Using your headset with a PC You can use your headset with a PC (Windows or Mac OS) that has a USB port. Insert the wireless adaptor into a USB port on the PC, and then turn on your headset.

Hints Your headset might not work with some computers.

The VSS/3D AUDIO switch and SOUND/CHAT button can be used only when the headset is connected to a PS4 system.

Using your headset with PlayStationVR You can use an audio cable to connect your headset to the headphone jack of PlayStationVR. This will output game audio processed through PlayStationVR.

Hints To experience 3D audio with PlayStationVR, you must use the audio cable and your headset must not be connected wirelessly to your PS4. If the headset is connected wirelessly to your PS4, you will hear only stereo or 7.1 surround sound even if the VR content supports 3D audio. The VSS/3D Audio switch will also be disabled.

To experience 3D audio in non-VR content, disconnect your PlayStationVR from your PS4 and connect the headset to your PS4 wirelessly.



Using your headset with a portable device You can use an audio cable to connect your headset to the headphone jack of compatible devices.

On PlayStationVita systems audio is stereo only. You can use the mic for in-game chat.

On other mobile devices audio is stereo only. You can use the mic for voice communications.

Hints When the included audio cable is connected to your headset, the VSS/3D AUDIO switch and the SOUND/CHAT button cannot be used.

Output volume varies depending on the portable device that is connected. Adjust volume accordingly.

You can use the included stereo audio cable to connect your headset to your mobile device to listen to audio content and talk on the phone.

If you are unable to hear audio content using the cable with your mobile device, turn the headset power off.

Your device may only support use of a standard stereo audio cable (sold separately) to listen to audio content using your headset. Note that standard audio cables do not support voice communication.

This product is not compatible with all mobile devices. Some features may not work on all mobile devices.


Charging your headset When remaining battery level is low, the status indicator flashes red and youll hear a beep. Charge the battery by connecting the headset to a supported USB device such as a PC. While the battery is charging, the status indicator lights up red. The status indicator turns off when the battery is fully charged.

Hints You can view the remaining battery charge on the PS4 system. It is shown on the status display that appears when you change the headset settings.

You might not be able to charge the battery if the USB device or the USB hub does not provide enough power for charging. Try connecting the headset to a different USB device or a different USB port on the device.

Charging takes approximately 3.5 hours when starting with no battery charge left.

When the remaining battery charge is low, the headset beeps while it is connected and receiving an audio signal.

If you do not plan to use your headset for an extended period of time, it is recommended that you fully charge it at least once a year to help maintain battery functionality.

Battery Caution using the built-in battery:

This product contains a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Before using this product, read all instructions for handling and charging the battery and follow them carefully.

Take extra care when handling the battery. Misuse can cause fire and burns.

Never attempt to open, crush, heat or set fire to the battery. Do not leave the battery charging for a prolonged period of time when the product is not in use.

Always dispose of used batteries in accordance with local laws or requirements.

Do not handle the damaged or leaking battery. If the internal battery fluid leaks, stop using the product immediately and contact technical support for assistance. If the fluid gets on to your clothes, skin or into your eyes, immediately rinse the affected area with clean water and consult your doctor. The battery fluid can cause blindness.



Battery life and duration The battery has a limited lifespan. Battery charge duration gradually decreases with repeated usage and age. Battery life also varies depending on the storage method, usage state, environment and other factors.

Charge in an environment where the temperature range is between 10 C - 30 C. Charging may not be as effective when performed in other environments.

Battery duration may vary depending on the usage condition and environmental factors.

Status indicator display


Indicator colour

Flashing pattern Headset status

Blue Solid In use

Flashing once repeatedly

Pairing mode

Flashing twice repeatedly

Waiting to connect

Red Solid Charging

Red Flashing once repeatedly

Firmware update error

Purple Solid Microphone is turned off

Purple Flashing once repeatedly

Firmware update in progress

Wireless adaptor

Indicator colour

Flashing pattern Headset status

Blue Solid In use

Flashing once repeatedly

Pairing mode

Flashing twice repeatedly

Waiting to connect


Headset Companion app With the Headset Companion app, you can change the audio modes for your headset. You can choose from preset modes that have been specially designed for individual games and genres, or create your own with the customisation tool.

To get these audio modes, download the Headset Companion app from PlayStationStore and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once this process is complete, you can experience your selected mode on your headset by sliding the power/audio mode switch to either position 1 or 2.

Resetting your headset If your headset does not respond when you try to operate it, reset it by doing the following:

1 Connect the wireless adaptor to a PS4 system or other powered USB port.

Reset button

2 Insert a small pin or similar object into the hole surrounding the reset button in the wireless adaptor, and push in for at least one second.

3 On the headset, hold down the MUTE button. 4 While still holding down the MUTE button, slide the

power/audio mode switch to position 1 or 2.



Rating Label The rating label contains specific model, manufacture and compliance information. It is located under the right earpad.

To remove the earpad and access the rating label:

1 Use one hand to hold the headset in place. 2 With your other hand, grip the earpad frame. 3 Rotate the earpad counter clockwise.

To replace the earpad, align the earpad with the inner frame. Rotate the ear cushion clockwise until it clicks.

Rating label


Specifications Power source DC 3.7 V: Built-in lithium-ion

rechargeable battery Battery capacity 760 mAh Operating environment temperature

5C - 35C

Dimensions (w/h/d) Wireless headset: Approx. 168 192 40 mm Wireless adaptor: Approx. 21 15.71 54 mm

Weight Wireless headset: Approx. 318.2 g Wireless adaptor: Approx. 13.3 g

Communication system 2.4 GHz RF Maximum communication range

Approx. 13 m*1

Use time when fully charged

9 hours at mid volume level*2

Contents Wireless headset (1) Wireless adaptor (1) Audio cable 3.5 mm (1) USB cable (micro-B type, 60.96 cm) (1) Pouch (1) Printed materials (1 set)

Country of production China

*1 Actual communication range varies depending on factors such as obstacles between the headset and wireless adaptor, magnetic fields from electronics (such as a microwave oven), static electricity, antenna performance, and the operating system and software applications in use. Depending on the operating environment, reception may be interrupted.

*2 Actual use time varies depending on factors such as the battery charge and ambient temperature.

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Commercial use and rental of this product are prohibited.



GUARANTEE This product is covered for 12 months from date of purchase by the manufacturers guarantee. Please refer to the guarantee supplied in the PS4 package for full details.

This product is manufactured for Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited, 10 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7LP, United Kingdom.

Imported into Europe and Distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited, 10 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7LP, United Kingdom.

The Authorised Representative for issuing and holding Declarations of Conformity is Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited, 10 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7LP, United Kingdom.

The date of manufacture is specified on the product packaging or the nameplate near the P/D indication in the following format: P/D: MM.YYYY, where MM month, YYYY year of manufacturing.

Where you see either symbol on any of our electrical products, batteries or packaging, it indicates that the relevant electrical product or battery should not be disposed of as general household waste in Europe and Turkey. To ensure correct waste treatment, please dispose of them via an authorised collection facility, in accordance with any applicable laws or requirements. Waste electrical products and batteries may also be disposed of free of charge via retailers when buying a new product of the same type. Furthermore, within EU countries larger retailers may accept small waste electronic products free of charge. Please ask your local retailer if this service is available for the products you wish to dispose of. In so doing, you will help to conserve natural resources and improve standards of environmental protection in treatment and disposal of electrical waste. This symbol may be used on batteries in combination with additional chemical symbols. The chemical symbol for lead (Pb) will appear if the battery contains more than 0.004% lead. This product contains a battery which is permanently built-in for safety, performance or data integrity reasons. The battery should not need to be replaced during the lifetime of the product and should only be removed by skilled service personnel. To ensure the correct waste treatment of the battery, please dispose of this product as electrical waste.


For customers in Europe and Turkey RE Directive Informal DoC statement Hereby, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., declares that this product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 2014/53/EU. For details, please access the following URL: support The frequencies used by the wireless networking feature of this product are the 2.4 GHz range. Wireless frequency band and maximum output power: Proprietary 2.4 GHz: less than 2.8mW.



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