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HMZ-T3W 4-471-975-11(1)

Continued in 2 Adjust and Wear

1 Connect Prepare the following items included in the box.

Head mounted unit and battery unit (1)

Processor unit (1) Headphones (1) HDMI cable (1) Micro USB cable (1)

AC adaptor (small) (AC-UD10) (1)

AC adaptor (large) (AC-L200D) (1)

AC power cord (mains lead) (2)

Printed using VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)-free

vegetable based ink.

2013 Sony Corporation Printed in Japan 4-471-975-11(1)

Before use, charge the battery.

Charging starts when the small AC adaptor and the AC power cord are connected to the battery unit. The (power) indicator is lit in orange during charging, and it goes dark when charging is complete.

Head mounted unit

Battery unit


You can use the system while charging, with the AC power cord connected to the power source.

It will take about 5 hours to fully charge the battery, when the system is turned off.

Micro USB cable (supplied)

AC adaptor (small) (supplied)

To wall outlet

AC power cord (mains lead) (supplied)

1 Connect playback equipment and a TV to the processor unit.

You can watch video from playback equipment on the TV by connecting the TV to the processor unit with a High-Speed HDMI cable. In such a case, set HDMI pass-through in General Setup to On.

HDMI cable (supplied)

TVGame console Blu-ray Disc player

Note HDMI pass-through does

not enable simultaneous video playback on the head mounted unit and TV.

Processor unit (Rear)


HDMI cable (sold separately)

2 Connect headphones. Connect the miniplug of the headphones to the headphone jack.

3 Connect the large AC adaptor and the AC power cord to the processor unit.

Processor unit (Rear)

AC adaptor (large) (supplied)

AC power cord (mains lead)


To wall outlet

4 Turn the system on. 1. Turn the processor unit on.

2. Turn the head mounted unit on.

5 Turn the playback equipment on.

7 Adjust the orientation of the battery unit and confirm that the WIRELESS indicator lights in blue.


The radio waves may not be received properly, depending on the orientation of the battery unit. Use the battery unit with the SONY logo side up.

Use where there are no obstructions between the processor unit and the battery unit.

Communication distance: Approx. 5 m

6 Select the input. Press the INPUT button on the processor unit to select the input for the source equipment. The HDMI INPUT indicator of the selected input will light in orange.

Head Mounted Display

Startup Guide

Before use, also refer to Health Precautions and Precautions in the Reference Guide.


HMZ-T3W 4-471-975-11(1)

To loosen

To tighten

1 Raise the top headband and the forehead supporter.

The position of the forehead supporter is adjustable. The lowest position is standard.

2 Pull out the straps of the top and bottom headbands.

Hold down the button on the upper side of each adjuster and pull out the strap on the right.

3 Put the head mounted unit on your head.

Lower the bottom headband to the base of your head.

4 Tighten the headbands loosely and adjust the position of the head mounted unit.

Push the strap into the adjuster on the top and bottom headbands to fix the head mounted unit. Carefully adjust the unit left, right, up, and down to find the best position for viewing the centers of the screens.

5 Tighten the headbands securely.

6 Put on the headphones.

If you normally wear glasses or contact lenses, wear them as usual during use (with the exception of reading glasses). Note that watching with bifocals may be less than optimal.

2 Adjust and Wear

For a Comfortable Fit

Support the unit with your forehead and at two positions on the back of your head.

Do not rest it on your nose. Adjust the unit so that the screens are in front of your eyes. Place the battery unit in a stable position.

When you wear glasses or need further adjustment Refer to Fitting the Head Mounted Unit of the Reference Guide.


All three marks and the horizontal line intersect.

One or more marks and the horizontal line do not intersect.

1 Select a display language (first time only).

Press the / button to select a language, and then press the MENU or button.

2 Adjust the lens span.

Slide each lens span adjuster until you can see both screens clearly. After adjustment, press the MENU button or button.


If you cannot see the screen clearly after lens span adjustment, start over from 2 Adjust and Wear.

If adjustment is difficult, try sliding both adjusters to the center position before adjustment.

3 Check display alignment. Confirm that all three marks and the horizontal line intersect then press the MENU or button. It is acceptable if the marks and the horizontal line intersect in a position other than the center of the screen.


The marks and the horizontal line do not intersect if the position of the head mounted unit is shifted. Readjust the length of the headbands and confirm the position, referring to 2 Adjust and Wear and Adjust the lens span.

If even one of the marks and the horizontal line do not intersect, refer to Confirming Screen Alignment of the Reference Guide.

4 Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Refer to the information on the screen for operation.

5 Operate the playback equipment.

The picture appears on the screen of the head mounted unit. Tips

Adjust the volume using the VOL +/ button on the head mounted unit.

It is useful to keep the remote control unit for the playback equipment at hand.

Some functions of the playback equipment can be controlled from this system. For details refer to Control for HDMI in General Setup of the Reference Guide.

3 Set Up and View Follow the instructions displayed on the screen for operations.

Resolving lack of audio, video, or 3D playback

1. Turn on the processor unit and the head mounted unit.

2. Turn the playback equipment of

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