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HMZ-T1 4-297-825-12 (1)

1 ConnectaplaybackequipmentandaTV.

3 ConnecttheACpowercordandplugit in.

2 Connecttheheadmountedunit.

Head mounted unit

Processor unit (Front)

Enjoy Video in Four Steps By design, the system will offer an impressive experience only after you take a moment to adjust it to fit you well. Confirm the following steps and prepare for use before enjoying content with this system.

1 Connect

2 Wear Adjust the head mounted unit correctly. Adjust the head mounted unit securely to your head, so that the display stays directly in front of your eyes.

3 Set Up Adjust the lens span correctly.

The distance between the centers of the pupils

Wide Narrow

The distance between pupils varies from person to person. Wear the head mounted unit correctly and adjust the lens span to the correct width to align images on the left and right lenses and form images.

4 Enjoy

Whats in the box

AC power cord (2 for Dubai and Saudi

Arabian models, 1 for other models)Head mounted unit Processor unit HDMI cable (1) Accessories

Head Mounted Display

Startup Guide


Before use, also refer to Health Precautions and Precautions in the Reference Guide.


1 Connect




Blu-ray DiscTM player

Game console


Processor unit (Back)

4 Turntheplaybackequipmenton.

2011 Sony Corporation Printed in Japan

If your playback equipment has only one HDMI OUT jack and you also want to watch content from it on a TV, connect it to the processor unit with the supplied High-Speed HDMI cable, and connect the processor unit to the TV with another High-Speed HDMI cable (recommended cable length: up to 5 m (17 ft)).


Make sure to set HDMI pass-through to On in the General Setup menu when connecting a TV or other display device.

Make sure that the system is in standby mode when watching content on a connected TV or other display device.

HDMI cable (supplied)

To wall outlet

HMZ-T1 4-297-825-12 (1)


Top headband strap

Bottom headband strap

Headband, release button

If you normally wear glasses or contact lenses, wear them as usual during use (with the exception of reading glasses). Note that watching with bifocals may be less than optimal.

1 Pullouttheheadband. On one side after another, hold the band release button down and loosen the headband.

2 Turnthesystemon(). The power indicator on the processor unit is now lit in green.

3 Bringtheheadbandstrapdownaround thebackofyourhead.

Lower the bottom headband strap to the base of your head.

4 Straightentheunit onyourhead.

Straighten the front of the unit, so that it is not tilted downward.

5 Tightentheheadbandgently. Gently tighten the headband, evenly on both sides. If the top or bottom headband strap is too loose, adjust the length.

6 Adjustthepositiononyourhead. Carefully adjust the unit left and right (and up and down, as needed) to find the best position for viewing the center of the screens.

7 Tightentheheadbandsecurely. Support the unit with both the forehead supporter and

the bottom headband strap. Do not support the unit with the bridge of your nose.

Fasten it to keep it level on your head.


If the unit tips forward, lower the bottom headband strap to balance the unit on your head.

8 Adjusttheheadphones. Move the headphones forward, back, up, or down to position them over your ears.

1 Selectadisplaylanguage(firsttime only).

Press the / button to select a language, and then press the MENU or button.

2 Adjustthelensspan.

Hold the lens span adjusters on both sides and slide them together until you can see the screen clearly. After adjustment, press the MENU button or button.


If you cannot see the screen clearly after lens span adjustment, start over from 2 Wear.

3 Checkdisplayalignment. Confirm that all three marks and the horizontal line intersect, and then press the MENU or button. It is acceptable if the marks and the horizontal line intersect in a position other than the center of the screen.


If even one of the marks and the horizontal line do not intersect, stop using the system. For details, see the Reference Guide.

4 Followtheinstructionsdisplayed. After reading the information, press the MENU or button.

All three marks and the horizontal line intersect.

More than one of the marks and the horizontal line do not intersect.


Controlling Playback from the Unit

For details on configuring menu settings and attaching accessories, see the Reference Guide.

2 Wear Wearingtheunitwillpreventyoufromseeingoutsidethedisplay. Before you put it on, take a moment to review steps 2 4 (Wear, Set up, and Enjoy), so that you know the sequence of operations.

3 Set Up Follow the instructions displayed on the screen for operations. 4 Enjoy

Toremovetheheadmountedunit Hold the band release buttons on both sides and pull the unit forward as you lift it off.


The system cannot be used for advanced playback equipment control, such as menu operations.

Control using these buttons is only possible when the Control for HDMI in General Setup is set to On (default setting).

Some playback equipment cannot be controlled using the head mounted unit buttons.


Fast-forward Hold the button down to jump to the next chapter.


Poweron/standby Hold the button down to enter standby mode.

Fast-rewind Hold the button down to jump to the previous chapter.

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