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Ventilation Using a cooking appliance will result in the production of heat and moisture in the room in which it is installed... Make that the kitchen is well ventilated; keep natural ventilation holes open or install a powered cooker hood that vents outside... If you have several cooking zones on or use the hob for a long time, open a window or turn on an extractor fan...

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Take care NOT TO PLACE HOT LIDS onto the Hob surface... Lids that have been used to cover a hot pan can stick or create a vacuum effect to the Glass Hob... Should this occur, DO NOT attempt to lift the lid off the glass surface, this may damage the glass... Instead slide the lid to the edge of the hob surface and remove, taking care not to scratch the hob surface... Alternatively wait until the lid has cooled to room temperature, the vacuum has been released, then remove the lid by lifting it from the hob surface Fig... 1... 5...

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We recommend that you avoid wiping any surface unit areas until they have cooled and the residual heat indicator has gone out... Sugar spills are the exception to this (see Cleaning your Hob)... After cleaning, use a dry cloth or paper towel to remove any cleaning cream residue...

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The Hob Use only pans that are suitable for induction hobs... We recommend stainless steel, enamelled steel pans or cast iron pans with enamelled bases... Note that some stainless steel pans are not suitable for use with an induction hob so please check carefully before purchasing any cookware...

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Pan Detector, If a cooking area is switched on and there is no pan in place or if the pan is too small for the cooking area, then no heat will be generated... The symbol [ ] will appear on the hob control display; this is the pan-missing symbol... Placing a pan of the correct size on the cooking area will cause the [ ] symbol to disappear and cooking can begin... After 10 minutes without detecting a pan the cooking zone will switch off automatically...

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4... A necessary power reduction of the other cooking zone of the same induction system is indicated to the user by the allocated display flashing; it offers a correction time of 3 sec... before the power reduction to the necessary reduced power level (cooking stage) takes place... The boost function has a time limit in the system...

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2... Press the - button again... If all steps are carried out within 10 seconds the key lock is cancelled... The controls will be in stand-by mode... Otherwise the input will be incomplete and the control remains in the locked condition, switching off after 20 seconds...

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Small object safety When an unsuitable size or non-magnetic pan (e... g... aluminium), or some other small item (e... g... knife, fork, key) has been left on the hob, the hob will automatically go into standby within 1 minute... The fan will keep cooling down the induction hob for a further 2 minute...

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First of all make sure that all heat indicator lights are off and that the cooking surface is cool... Apply a small dab of ceramic cleaning cream in the centre of each area to be cleaned... Dampen a clean paper towel and work the cream onto the cooking surface... As a final step, wipe the cooking surface with a clean, dry paper towel...

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When using the induction hob there may be some noise emitted from the pan... This is normal and may be most noticeable when cooking on high power settings or if 5 pans are used simultaneously... The type of pan may also contribute to induction noise...

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E6 / E9 Bad induction hob heat radiation... Restart after the induction hob cools down...

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n Never leave the packaging materials (cardboard, plastic bags, polystyrene foam, etc... ) within childrens reach since they could become potential sources of danger...

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Positioning the Hob It is recommended that the hob be installed in a worktop with a minimum thickness of 38 mm and depth of 600 mm... The cut-out dimensions and the recommended minimum clearances from the hob to nearby surfaces are shown in (Fig... 5... 1) and (Fig... 5... 2)...

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Electrical Connections This appliance must be installed by a qualified electrician to comply with the relevant Institution of Engineering and Technology (I... E... T... ) regulations and also the local electricity supply company requirements...

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Minimum space above hotplate See Positioning of the Hob Fig... 5... 1 on page 13

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Energy Consumption (ECElectric cooking) - Wh/kg 171... 3

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Please note that AGA Rangemaster Limited have appointed UK Warranty Solutions to administer in warranty repairs on our behalf... If you make a request for an in warranty repair, your details will be held by Warranty Solutions...

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