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SAFETY ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3

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We also take great pride in our complete line of apparel, parts, and accessories, available through our on-line store at www... purepolaris... com... Have your accessories and clothing delivered right to your door!

Page 6

Record your generators identification numbers in the space provided... The model and serial number decal is located on the bottom of the side panel...

Page 7

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that all

Page 8

sure it is kept upright... If it tilts, fuel may leak... Be

Page 9

circuit in electrical components that could result in

Page 10

legal in your area... If in doubt, contact your authorized Po-

Page 11

WARNING Improper Generator use can result in SEVERE INJURY or DEATH... Read the Owners Manual... Follow all instructions and Warnings...

Page 13

D SMART Throttle Switch Automatically reduces engine speed when loads are shut off or disconnected...

Page 14

in the connected appliance the output indicator will go out

Page 15

vary according to the position of the Smart throttle switch...

Page 17

IMPORTANT: Operating the generator with an obstructed fuel system will result in serious engine damage... Perform maintenance as recommended...

Page 18

2... Fill carefully to avoid spilling fuel on the fuel tank strainer (B)... Do not overll the fuel tank (there should be no fuel above the upper limit mark) ...

Page 19

Inspect the air filters (see Maintenance, Air Filters)...

Page 21

The use of regular unleaded gasoline containing no more than 10% ethanol (E10)... If the content of ethanol exceeds the specied limits, it may cause starting or performance problems... It may also damage metal, rubber, and plastic parts of the fuel system... Do not use any gasoline containing methanol... Damage due to ethanol or methanol is not covered under warranty...

Page 22

7... To start the generator, using the recoil, lightly pull the

Page 23

1... Shut off or disconnect all appliances connected to the

Page 24

list the rating information near the model or serial number...

Page 25

2... Plug the battery charging cable into the DC receptacle

Page 26

tionally, all other loads should be turned off until the air

Page 27

tion at an altitude different than that which this engine was

Page 28

must certify that use of the part will not result in a failure

Page 29

Importance of Maintenance NOTE: Maintenance, replacement, or repair of the

Page 30

(3) These items should be serviced by an authorized Polaris dealer unless the owner has the proper tools and is

Page 31

1... Position the ignition switch (A) and fuel valve lever to

Page 32

3... Insert the dipstick (A) into filler neck, screwing it in, to

Page 33

7... Re-install the oil drain bolt (B) and replace the rubber

Page 34

4... If the paper element (B) is dirty or torn, replace it with

Page 35

7... Clean the spark plug with a wire brush if it is to be reused...

Page 36

0% - 24% 11... 4 volts or less Needs charge with de-sulfating charger At least 20 hours

Page 37

and exhaust cover to gain access to the spark arrestor...

Page 39

2... Position the ignition switch (A) and the fuel valve lever

Page 40

2... Remove the fuel tank strainer (B) from the fuel tank...

Page 41

10... Cover the generator and store it indoors, in a dry, well-

Page 42

2... If fuel was drained during storage preparation, fill tank

Page 43

2871326 Premium Carbon Clean / Fuel Stabilizer

Page 47

Water or fuel in crankcase Take the generator to an authorized Polaris servicing

Page 48

Incorrectly installed spark plug wires Take the generator to an authorized Polaris servicing

Page 49

Stopping / starting without adequate warm-up Allow the engine to warm up before operating and / or

Page 50

Output indicator is OFF, and overload indicator is ON Take the generator to a Polaris servicing dealer or refer to

Page 51

warranty... No verification of registration will be sent to the

Page 52

If your generator requires warranty service, you must take

Page 53

federal lave, all other warranty terms will remain in effect...

Page 54

a potential violation of the Clean Air act if a part supplied

Page 55

time your generator is serviced... This will provide you and

Page 57

Additives / Sealants / Thread Locking Agents / Misc...

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