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ACT101M/19 ACT101M/17 ACT101M/97

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Whats in the box

Mount the arm/thigh band, if necessary.

Connect the headphones. Adjust the cord for close fit.

Setup Turn on/ off Activa

Press and hold until the device is turned on or off.

Install software On your PC, install the supplied software Philips Songbird and add-ons. Philips Songbird helps you collect and manage workout data and music.

1 Connect Activa to the PC.

2 On the PC, find Activa under [My Computer] or [Computer].

3 Double click setup.exe to start installation.

4 Follow the screen instructions.

Set up your Activa By setting up your Activa, you can select a preferred trainer, and load music for TempoMusic to match music with your pace automatically. 1 On the PC, launch Philips

Songbird by double clicking the icon on the PC desktop.

2 Connect Activa to the PC.

3 On Philips Songbird, set up your Activa as prompted (e.g. follow a, b, c, d, e):

A 1 A 2

Activa Pouch

Arm/thigh band

Quick Start Guide

Headphones, Ear buds, Cable clip

USB cable

Philips GoGear audio player

Quick start guide

Packing box (also a drinking bottle)


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a: Select your current level of activity; b: Fill in your personal information; c: select you preferred trainer;

d: Set a long-term goal; e: Choose whether to fill Activa

with music (up to 3 hours) from the PC.



4 Remove Activa from the PC safely after the transfer is complete.

Now, you are ready for workout.

A 3 A 4 B 1

B 2 B 3 C

Record the workout


1 On Activa, go to .

2 Select the desired sports.

3 Set a goal for this exercise: To skip the step of goal setting,

select [Open ended]. Select [Calories] or [Time]; Press / , or press and hold

/ to select a value; Press to confirm.

4 Select [TempoMusic] to listen to music that matches your pace automatically.

5 To start recording: Wear Activa properly in the position as displayed on the screen; Press to start warm-up; Press again to start workout.

During workout

340 kcal

/ Press repeatedly to display the calories burnt, time used, and distance covered;

Press repeatedly to skip songs if you listen to music (or, to switch to the next preset radio station if you listen to radio);

Press and hold to switch between music and radio.

Press to pause/resume/stop workout recording.

Press BOOST to listen to a voice report on the workout progress.

Press and hold BOOST to start the boost song that you filled in Activa.

You can review the workout result on Activa or on a PC for more details. On Activa

Go to > [Review]. On a PC

1 Launch Philips Songbird on the PC.

2 Connect Activa to the PC The workout data on Activa is automatically transferred to the PC.

3 On Philips Songbird, click [Workouts].

For more information on Activa features and tips, check the User Manual. Launch Philips Songbird on the PC, and read under Help->User Manuals.

"Keep it up"

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