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AJ300DDocking Entertainment System


Thanks for buying Philips AJ300D Docking Entertainment System. Our Quick Start guides you through just some of the features on the set. Please read our instruction booklet to really rise & shine!

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Step A Connect the supplied mains adapter to the sets

18V DC jack and the plug into a wall outlet.

Step B How to set the Clock & Alarm time 1. Press and hold TIME SET or ALM1 / ALM2

until the hour digits flash. 2. Press and hold 1 2 to adjust time. 3. Press TIME SET or ALM1 / ALM2 to confirm. 4. Repeat the steps 2~3 to complete all the other

time items setting.

Step C Selecting the Alarm mode In standby mode, slide the DOCK/BUZZER/ TUNER to select desired mode.

Helpful hints: If you have selected TUNER alarm mode, make sure

you have properly tuned to a station before turning. If you have selected DOCK alarm mode (only for

Apple iPod and Philips SA9100, SA9200), make sure you have docked the compatible player, or buzzer mode will be selected automatically.

3 ways to switch off the alarm Either press briefly: POWER or REPEAT


Step D Tuning to radio station 1. Press TUNER/AUX once to switch on the radio. 2. Press 1 2 one second or more to tune to

your station.

To store a preset, hold down briefly on a PRESET button 1-5 until you hear a double beep.

Step E Playing Apple iPod/Philips GoGear using AJ300D 1. Make sure that the inserted dock is compatible

with the player to be played. The iPod connector is pre-installed with the AJ300D

main unit. For Philips GoGear users, change to the supplied GoGear connector before use.

2. Select the correct dock adaptor from the supplied, then snap the adaptor into the dock to

provide a snug fit for the player. For the iPod adaptors, the indication on the

adaptors back fits specific iPod player. For the Philips adaptors, a number marked on the

adaptors back fits specific Philips GoGear player. 3. Snap the compatible iPod/GoGear player into the

dock connector. 4. Press DOCK to select the dock mode. Make sure that you have powered on Philips

GoGear before selecting DOCK source. 5. For iPod, the connected player will play

automatically For Philips GoGear, press to start playback if

the playback doesnt start.

Helpful hints: Refer to the user manual supplied for detailed

descriptions of Compatible portable player, Changing the dock , Selecting the correct dock

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