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Contents 1 Important 4

Safety 4 Notice 4

2 Your camcorder 6 Introduction 6 Whats in the box 6 Functional overview 7

3 Get started 9 Load the Micro SD card 9 Turn on 9 First-time setup 9 Charge the built-in battery 10

4 Use your camcorder 11 Record video 11 Take pictures 11 Play 11 Options during video play 11 Adjust settings 12

5 Use more of your camcorder 13 View video or pictures on TV 13 Install and use the camcorder software 13

6 Technicalspecifications 15

7 Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 16




This product complies with the radio interference requirements of the European Community.

Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be recycled and reused.

When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means that the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC. Please inform yourself about the local separate collection system for electrical and electronic products. Please act according to your local rules and do not dispose of your old products with your normal household waste. Correct disposal of your old product helps to prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health.

Your product contains batteries covered by the European Directive 2006/66/EC, which cannot be disposed with normal household waste.Please inform yourself about the local rules on separate collection of batteries because correct disposal helps to prevent negative consequences for the environmental and human health. Always bring your product to a professional to remove the built-in battery.

1 Important


a Read these instructions.

b Keep these instructions.

c Heed all warnings.

d Follow all instructions.

e Do not use this apparatus near water.

f Clean only with dry cloth.

g Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

h Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or otherapparatus(includingamplifiers)that produce heat.

i Only use attachments/accessories specifiedbythemanufacturer.

j Referallservicingtoqualifiedservice personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped.

k Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing.

l Do not place any sources of danger on theapparatus(e.g.liquidfilledobjects, lighted candles).

Any changes or modifications made to this device that are not expressly approved by Philips Consumer Lifestyle may void the users authority to operate the equipment.





2 Your camcorder

Introduction With this portable camcorder, you can: take full HD (1080P) or VGA movies take pictures play recorded movies or pictures either

directly or on the large screen of a connected TV

upload the recorded movies or pictures to the Internet directly via your PC/Mac

Whats in the box Make sure that the following items are packed in the box: Camcorder Quick start guide Pouch Hand strap



During video play, change the volume. Perform the specific function as

shown on the display panel.

d Shutter button In viewfinder mode, take a picture or

start/stop video recording. In play mode, switch to viewfinder mode.

Functional overview

a Built-in speaker

b Display panel

c +/- In viewfinder mode, zoom in/out. Navigate up/down in a menu. Change a value in the settings menu.



















e In viewfinder mode, switch to play

mode. In play mode, play a selected video

clip. Confirm settings.

f MICRO SD Connect a Micro SD card.

g / Navigate left/right in a menu. Select a menu option. In play mode, turn to the previous/

next picture/video clip. In viewfinder mode, switch to the

settings menu.

h USB connector

i Eject the USB connector.

j Tripod socket

k Hand strap hole

l HDMI Connect to a TV through an HDMI

cable with a mini HDMI connector.

m Turn on/off the camcorder.

n Lens

o Built-in microphone

p Mode switch button Switch between picture and video

recording modes.




To save energy, the camcorder turns off automatically after being idle for 3 minutes.

First-time setup When you turn on the camcorder for the first time, a menu for OSD language selection is displayed. 1 Press +/- to select a language. 2 Press to confirm.

A welcome message is displayed briefly. An inquiry box for date and time

setting is displayed.

3 Press to highlight [Yes]. A date setting menu is displayed.

4 Press / to select the day, month and year fields successively.

5 Press +/- to change the value of each field. 6 Press to confirm the date setting.

A time setting menu is displayed.

7 Press / to select the hour and minute fields successively.

8 Press +/- to change the value of each field. 9 Press to confirm the time setting.

The first-time setup is complete. The camcorder enters viewfinder



See Use your camcorder - Adjust settings for more settings.

3 Get started

Load the Micro SD card

1 Flap open the protective cover on the

Micro SD card socket. 2 Insert a Micro SD card (not supplied) into

the socket. Ensure that the the Micro SD card is

not write-protected. Ensure that the metal contact of the

card faces down. 3 Close the protective cover securely.

Turn on Press .

For first-time users, a menu for date and time setting appears (See Get started - Set the date and time).

The camcorder switches to viewfinder mode.

To turn off the camcorder: Press and hold .

The backlight on the display panel turns off.



You can also charge the camcorder via a USB adaptor (not supplied) connected to mains power. The charge time is about 2 hours.

Select a special effect 1 In viewfinder mode, press to enter the

window for scene selection. 2 Press +/- to select a scene. 3 Press to confirm and go back to

viewfinder mode. Or press to cancel and go back to

viewfinder mode.

Charge the built-in battery

1 Press at the bottom of the camcorder

to eject the USB connector. 2 Connect the USB connector to a USB

socket on a PC. The status indicator on the shutter

button starts flashing in orange.

3 Wait until the status indicator stops flashing and turns to green steadily.

The built-in battery is fully charged.


The camcorder is fully charged for first-time use. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the built-in

battery via the PC.



Play 1 In viewfinder mode, press to enter

play mode. The last recorded video clip is played


2 Press / to select a picture or video clip for play.

3 If the selected file is a video clip, press to start play.

Deleteafile 1 In play mode, press / to select a file. 2 Press + to enter deletion mode. 3 Press to highlight [Yes] and confirm the

deletion operation. [Deleted!] appears briefly.

Preview In play mode, press -.

The thumbnails of 6 files are displayed on each page.

To select a file, press +/-/ / .

Options during video play

Fast forward/reverse During video play, press and hold / .

To return to the normal speed, release / .

Adjust volume level During video play, press +/-.

4 Use your camcorder

Record video 1 Switch the mode switch button to .

The selected resolution and remaining recording time are displayed on the display panel.

2 Hold the camcorder steadily and aim the lens as needed.

3 Press the shutter button to start recording. A red time indicator is displayed on

the display panel. The status indicator on the shutter

button starts flashing in red.

4 Press the shutter button again to end recording.

[Recording saved!] is displayed briefly.

Take pictures 1 Switch the mode switch button to .

The file size and remaining number of pictures that can be taken are displayed on the display panel.

2 Hold the camcorder steadily and aim the lens as needed.

3 Press the shutter button down halfway to adjust the focus.

4 Press the shutter button down completely to take a picture.

[Picture saved!] is displayed briefly.



Adjust settings 1 In viewfinder mode, press .

A settings menu is displayed.

2 Press +/- to highlight an option. 3 Press / to select a setting. 4 Press to confirm the setting and return

to viewfinder mode.

Description [Scene] Select an automatic exposure

mode that matches your shot for easy shooting.

[Effects] Add a special effect to your shooting.

[Resolution] Select a video resolution. [Volume] Change the keypad tone and

operation sound. [Date] Set the date. [Time] Set the time. [Auto power]

Enable/disable automatic power- off mode.

[Capture sound]

Turn on/off the capture sound.

[Language] Select your desired menu language.

[Pre-record] Enable/disable 3-second pre- record mode.

[TV system] Change this setting if the output video does not appear correctly on your TV.

[Format] Clear contents from the micro SD card or internal memory (when no micro SD card is inserted).




The software supplied only works on PCs that operate Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

When you connect the camcorder to a Mac, use the iMovie software to import and edit your pictures/ videos directly.

Install the camcorder software 1 Connect the camcorder to a PC (see Get

started > Charge the built-in battery). 2 If the software does not install

automatically, find and click the Setup icon at My Computer\CAM102B.

3 Follow the on-screen instructions to finish installation of the software.

Install and use the camcorder software 1 On your PC, click Start\(All) Programs\

ArcSoft MediaImpression HD Edition. The main screen of the software is


2 Click an option to select the corresponding

operation. 3 Follow the on-screen instructions to

complete the operation.

5 Use more of your camcorder

View video or pictures on TV

1 Connect an HDMI cable (not supplied) to:

the HDMI socket on the camcorder (requiring a mini HDMI connector)

the HDMI input socket on an HDTV 2 Select a file and start play.

Install and use the camcorder software


If you remove the supplied software, you will not be able to get one from ArcSoft for free.

With the software (ArcSoft MediaImpression HD Edition) available in the internal memory of the camcorder, you can import, edit, archive or upload your pictures/videos to the Internet easily.



Transfer video/pictures to a PC/Mac 1 Connect the camcorder to a PC/Mac

(see Get started > Charge the built-in battery).

It may take some time for the PC/Mac to recognize the camcorder.

2 Find your video/pictures at My Computer\CAM102B\DCIM\100MEDIA or My Computer\CAM102B SD\ DCIM\100MEDIA.

3 Copy any video/pictures you want to your designated folder in the PC/Mac.


You can also import the video/picture files with the camcorder software (for PC) or iMovie (for Mac).



Audio file format AAC Battery 700mAh Li-ion (built-in) PC interface Mini USB 2.0 port System support Windows XP/Vista/

Windows 7, Mac (mass storage only )

TV out NTSC/PAL selectable, Mini HDMI (type C)

Weight 0.06kg Dimensions (W x H x D)

55.3 x 99.4 x 17.3 mm

6 Technical specifications

Product information is subject to change without prior notice.

Image sensor 1/3.2 5MP CMOS sensor Operation modes Movie record, picture

record Lens (focusing) Fixed Focus mode Fixed Focus range 0.7m to Infinity Aperture F2.8 Digital zoom 2X Exposure control Auto Exposure compensation


White balance Auto Auto power off 3 minutes Memory 128MB + Micro-SD card

Slot Shutter type Electronic Shutter speed 1/2~1/4000 second Picture file format JPEG Video compression format

*.MP4 (H.264 )

Video resolution Full HD (1080p 30) 1440X1080 (30fps) HD (720p 30) 1280X720 (30fps) VGA (4:3) 640X480 (30fps)



Why do my video/pictures look blurry? Hold the camcorder steady in your hands

during shooting. During video capture, do not move the

camcorder too fast. Use a tripod (not supplied) if necessary.

Why do my video/pictures look distorted on a TV screen? Select the correct TV system.

How do I charge the camcorder? You can charge the camcorder via the USB

pop-out connector. When you connect it to your PC/laptop it will automatically charge. You can also plug the camcorder via the pop-out USB into a USB charger.

How long do I have to charge the camcorder? The camcorder is fully charged for first

usage. The camcorder charge time when connected to your PC/laptop is 3 hours. When you charge it via USB adaptor, the charge time is 2 hours.

WherecanIfindanadaptorforCAM102Bto charge the battery? CAM102B can be charged via regular USB adaptors, which are readily available in electronic stores. CAM102B is also compatible with iPhone adaptors.

How do I fast-forward or rewind on the camcorder? You can fast-forward during play of a movie

by pressing the right-button for 2 seconds. You can rewind during play of a movie by pressing the left-button for 2 seconds.

Camcorder stopped responding? In the unlikely event that your camcorder

stops responding, you can manually reset it. The reset button is located under the HDMI cover. There you see a small opening above the HDMI connection. Please use a small prying object (like a pen) to insert and press gently for resetting. After you have reset the camcorder, please turn on the camcorder again, and set-up will start again.

7 Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why is there no response when I use the camcorder? The camcorder is in power-off mode. Turn

on the camcorder (see Get started > Turn on).

The built-in battery may be drained. Charge the battery (see Get started > Charge the built-in battery).

Why is [Memory full!] displayed when I try to record? Ensure that the Micro SD card has been

inserted correctly (see Get started > Load the Micro SD card).

The memory is used up. Save your video/ pictures to a computer (see Use more of your camcorder > Transfer video/pictures to a PC/Mac). Then delete files from your camcorder or clear the memory.

How much memory is needed for 1 hour of Full HD recording? The camcorder uses 4GB on average

for 1 hour of Full HD video. For a more complex video recording (e.g. with lots of motions in the video, or a lot of panning), the camcorder will use more memory. This is done to maintain the video quality, but will increase the usage of memory.

Why do I have no access to folders on the camcorder from my computer? Ensure that the USB connection is correct. The camcorder turns off automatically

15 minutes after it is connected to a computer. You can press to turn it on again.



camcorder to your Mac via USB, launch iMovie and start importing by clicking the camcorder icon. Select Use original quality to ensure the best quality, and to maintain file sizes at an optimum.

How do I play my videos on TV? To play back on TV, please use an HDMI

connector (mini HDMI to standard HDMI) if your TV accepts HDMI input.

Why is there no lens cover? The camcorder comes without a lens

cover, keeping it simple to use and fuss- free. It is made of robust material that doesnt scratch under normal usage. A travel pouch and a lens cloth are provided, allowing you to keep the camcorder clean.

What format does the camcorder record in? The camcorder uses the same video

format as Blu-ray players and discs H.264. This highly sophisticated format delivers superb HD picture quality.

What does pre-record mean that is in the setting? The pre-record button is designed to

let you never miss a moment. When you enable the pre-record function, the camcorder will record video 3 seconds before you have pressed the record button. So when you play-back the recorded film, you will automatically see the first 3 seconds before you have pressed the record button. This can be useful when filming unexpected moments. The pre-record function will not drain battery life, it will operate as normal.

Tips on video making You can easily look back on fun moments

and relive them with the camcorder. To enjoy these memories to the fullest, here are some simple video tips: When capturing videos, hold your

camcorder steady in your hand

Why does the camcorder sometimes not record the right color? To record both indoors and outdoors,

and not having to change any settings, the camcorder has an automatic white- balance correction. This enables you to record both indoors and outdoors where the amount of light in the environment changes. If you move fast from outdoors to indoors, the camcorder might need some time to correct that, and in extreme cases the colors might seem a bit unnatural. However, after a few seconds this will be corrected automatically by the camcorder.

Can I connect the camcorder directly to TV, DVD/Blu-ray player or Home Cinema set via their USB-port? The USB plug is designed to share your

videos/pictures to your PC or Laptop. You can plug the CAM102B directly into your TV, DVD/Blu-ray player or Home cinema set (called the host from this point on), and it will play the pictures that are stored on the CAM102B. To play the videos from the CAM102B, it depends if your host supports the file format H.264 of the CAM102B. Most Blu-ray enabled players are able to play this format.

How do I connect it to a Windows PC/laptop? Connect the camcorder to your PC/laptop

via USB. The USB pop-out connector is strong enough to support the camcorder when it is plugged into the PCs USB port. For easy sharing and editing, install the software program (Media Impression HD) that comes with the camcorder.

How do I connect it to a Mac? The camcorder works with the Mac

via USB. The USB pop-out connector is strong enough to support the camcorder when it is plugged into the USB port. The camcorder works great with the iMovie software, which is part of the iLife package that comes with your Mac. To transfer videos using iMovie, simply connect the



Dont move too fast when panning (i.e. moving the camera horizontally) as it will be hard to follow what is captured when you review the video

Try shooting from different angles for example, from the side, from the front, or even from below. You can easily join the different video segments together with

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