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Smart Priority ... 15 Interface Overview ... 15 Add and Edit the SW List ... 16 How to Use Smart Priority ... 18

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Ambient Link ... 32 Network Requirements ... 32 Philips Hue Setup (optional) ... 32 Nanoleaf Setup (optional)... 32 How to reset the Light Panels ... 33 Enter Ambient Link Control Panel ... 33 Game Mode... 34 Ambient Link... 36

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Copyright Micro-Star Intl Co... , Ltd... All rights reserved... The MSI logo used is a registered trademark of Micro-Star Intl Co... , Ltd... All other marks and names mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners... No warranty as to accuracy or completeness is expressed or implied... MSI reserves the right to make changes to this document without prior notice...

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corner and click on it to enter [My Device] page 3... Click on [Product Registration] to enter Login page... 4... Click on [MSI Website] to link to MSI offical website...

Page 7

6... Select [Join MSI Member] to create an account, and then follow the on-screen instructions to apply a personal account and register your MSI product...

Page 8

on-screen instructions to complete the registration... 3... To register MSI multi-media accessories which are connected to the notebook, click

Page 9

Before using MSI Center, you may decide the appearance and the language of the user interface according to your personal preferences in Settings page... 1... Move the mose cursor to the [Setting] icon at the upper right corner and click on it... 2... Make selections to the Color, Dark mode or Light mode; and the Language...

Page 10

Within the latest MSI Center, you are able to choose your own style and features... Simply install or update your favorite features in Feature Sets page... Experience the convenience that MSI Center brings to you! 1... Move the mouse cursor to the [Feature Sets] icon at the upper right corner and click

Page 11

Activate MSI Center and click on Features... Find the features which are selected and installed in Feature Sets... Now, lets get familiar to these MSI exclusive featues... Here comes the brief introductions to each feature, and you may read it before going any further...

Page 12

prioritize your game to ensure the best performance... 2... True Color: Switch True Color to Gamer mode for the best visual experience... 3... Nahimic: Switch Nahimic to Game mode for the audio experience... 4... Touchpad disabled: Disable the touchpad for palm resistance... 5... Mystic Light: Show Hotkey Lighting or Game Sense on Per Key RGB Keyboard for the

Page 13

Click Add Game button... Then follow the on-screen instructions to select the games ... exe file and complete the installation...

Page 14

1... Click to switch On the Gaming Mode for the selected game... 2... Click to browse the Gaming Mode options dialog box... 3... Find the supported functions within the Gaming Mode options dialog box... 4... Click to switch On/ Off each function...

Page 15

Smart Priority allows users to allocate system resources manually to the specified App selected in accordance with users' needs, as long as the Apps are supported by Smart Priority...

Page 16

1... To add an App into SW List, move the mouse cursor to [Add] and click on it... 2... Find and select the executable file of a specified App... 3... Click [Open] to complete inserting the selected App into SW List... 4... To delete an App in SW List, move the mouse cursor to [Edit] and click on it... 5... Select the specified App, and then click the [trashcan] icon to delete... 6... Click [Delete] to delete the selected App or click [cancel] to continue...

Page 18

6... For those Apps listed in the Priority List, they will get optimized system resources... 7... To remove the Apps shown in the Priority List, move the mouse cursor to the icon of

Page 20

Extreme Performance: A powerful mode that boosts the highest performance for AAA games... For certain CPU/GPU, you can overclock in advanced settings...

Page 21

4... If Extreme Performance is selected, you may use the OC Option to overclock your GPU... Move the mouse cursor to the gear icon in the lower right corner of Extreme Performance and click on it...

Page 22

8... To adjust Fan Speed, select [Advanced] first, and then click on the gear icon beside the drop-down menu to enter the [Advanced] page...

Page 23

To use User Scenario with keyboard FN keys, simply press FN and F7 keys repeatedly to switch between each scenario, and you may read the selected scenario shown on the display... Refer to the User Guide for further information about Keyboard FN keys...

Page 24

Functions listed here may differ from model to model... 1... Windows Key: Enable or disable Windows Key on the keyboard... 2... Switch Key: Click to switch the Windows key and the Fn key on the keyboard... 3... WebCam: Enable or disable WebCam function 4... Display OverDrive: Only available on certain displays... Once enabled, the response

Page 25

To use Game Highlights for the first time, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install Game Highlights Plug-in, MSI Companion, before using it...

Page 26

To use Game Highlights, go to MSI Center [Features > Game Highlights]... 1... Game highlight video playback zone 2... Open game highlight video files or share the game highlight video to a social media 3... Drop-down menu which enclose the supported games 4... Setting options for supported games, shortcut for capturing, and file managements... 5... Thumbnails of auto captured game highlights 6... Click to delete the specific game highlight clip 7... Game highlight video timeline 8... Record lists of game highlights 9... Delete the game highlight video

Page 27

To activate MSI Companion, first install it from Features Sets... To open MSI Companion, click on Windows key + G... It can be found in the Widgets tab of the Xbox Game Bar... When MSI Companion is activated, you may find Control and Display tabs for adjusting settings and getting real-time info of your notebook...

Page 28

1... Adjust font size for system monitor 2... Adjust transparency for monitor background 3... Select the a required system performance to display on the screen 4... Click the gear icon of each item to bring out its sub-menu

Page 29

2... Device SYNC: Synchronize the selected LED light effect to the specific devices only... 3... ALL SYNC: Synchronize the selected LED light effect to all devices connected... 4... Device name 5... LED Style setting: Setup LED light effects, colors, speed, and brightness level here...

Page 30

1... Select a device by clicking on the device icon, and the icon turns RED... 1... Select a Profile by clicking on the Profile button... 2... Go to Light Style drop-down menu to select a light effet mode... 3... Use the [LED Color selector] to select colors for the selected light effet mode... 4... Use the slider to adjust the available setting options for the selected light effet mode...

Page 32

(Left is power light and center is local network light... ) 4... Download the Philips Hue app from App Store or Google Play Store... 5... Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Bridge... 6... Find your Hue bridge and add lights in the app then enjoy Philips Hue! Nanoleaf Setup (optional)

Page 33

The following instructions will lead users to do a soft reset... By doing so, only the Wifi connection and all pairing information for your Light Panels will be reset, but all the scenes will be kept... 1... Plug in your Light Panels into power... After a 1 minute boot up sequence, the Panels

Page 34

1... Click on Game Mode tab, select a game and click to access the game control panel... 2... Main swich of synchronization... 3... Eable or disable the synchronization between the game and the deviced connected... 4... Click to return to the previous page... 5... Preview the effect... 6... Select an event within the Game Events drop-down menu... 7... Setup the effect for the selected event... 8... Click [Apply] button to make all the selections taking effect...

Page 35

1... Click on Ambient Mode tab 2... Select a preset effect as background light... 3... Set on/off the background light and music... Use the slider to adjust the brightness

Page 36

Click on Ambient Link tab... Select either Nanoleaf or Philips Hue by click on it...

Page 37

With the help of Smart Image Finder, users will no longer having troubles finding the image they want among the many images ... Smart Image Finder is capable of filtering the imported images, and giving tags to them automatically... Thus, users will be able to search for or filter out the specific images in a second... Lets experience an intelligent way of managing images now!

Page 39

Add a Tag 1... Move the mouse cursor to an image and then double click on it... 2... Move the mouse cursor to [+] icon and click on it... 3... Give some key words to add a new tag, and then click [Yes] to confirm the action... Delete a Tag 4... Move the mouse cursor to a tag which is no longer needed... 5... Right click on the selected tag... 6... Click on [Delete] to remove the tag...

Page 41

1... Select the folder where the target images are placed... 2... Give a keyword for filtering the images... 3... Get the images with the instructed tag... 4... You may also give advanced commands to filter the images... Simply move mouse

Page 42

display to reduce eye fatigue... 3... sRGB: this mode is for accurate color when viewing images on the web... 4... Office: this mode is best suit for office and productivity applications... 5... Movie: this mode is for watching movies

Page 43

The AI-powered noise cancellation is trained through deep neural network (DNN), the model is generated with more than 500 million data, simulate the way human brain works... When a sound is heard, the model automatically recognizes and separates the vocal sound from background noises... Hence, filtering out all the unwanted noise... This feature greatly improves the users communication experience...

Page 45

1... Connect a second display... 2... Go to Windows [Start > System > Display] and find Multiple displays option... 3... The system will detect automatically if there is a second monitor connected... Select

Page 49

2... Setup a hotkey for launching or closing the seleted Duet Display screen profile... 3... Click [Apply] to make the hotkey taking effect...

Page 50

Duet Coach is capable to turn your iPad or iPhone into a high performance display to mirror your MSI PC... Once an iOS device is connected to the notebook, users will be able to interact to the notebook by using fingers or stylus through the iOS multi-touch display...

Page 51

Go to MSI Center [Features > System Diagnostics] and find [Battery Master]... 1... Users may distinguish the battery health status by the colors of the battery icon... 2... Select a suitable Battery modes for different usage...

Page 52

2... Before starting the Battery Calibration process, it is required to check that the following conditions, a green signal will appear for each item if they meet the requirement: The AC/DC adapter must be connected... The battery must be installed properly... No any other application is activated...

Page 55

Go to MSI Center [Features > System Diagnostics] and find [System Checker]... Users may read the real-time status of the HDD and SSD storage and memory usage... 1... To clean up the disk, move the mouse cursor to [Clean Up Disk] and right click on it to

Page 56

3... SSD status provides the information of SSD model, capacity, temperature, health status... Users may distinguish the SSD health status by the colors of the SSD icon...

Page 57

This page will only be available when MSI gaming gear or supported third-party devices are connected to your notebook... You are allowed to setup specific options to the devices connected... 1... Connect MSI gaming gear to your notebook... 2... Go to MSI Center [Features > Gaming Gear] 3... Follow the on-screen instructions to install necessary drivers, if needed... 4... Move the mouse cursor to the detected devices shown on this page, and click on the

Page 58

Activate MSI Center and click on Monitor to browse the page... 1... Click and follow the on-screen instructions to clean up the appointed disk... 2... Click to free up the memory...

Page 59

Live Update 1... Connect to internet, and go to MSI Center [Support > Live Update]... 2... Move the mouse cursor to [Scan] icon, and click on it... 3... Live Update is capable to analyze the system automatically and give a list with every

Page 60

must... 2... Connect to internet, go to MSI Center [Support > Live Update], and click [Scan] icon... 3... Go to Micorsoft app now, users will get a list with compatible utilities... 4... Select a desired utility, and follow the on-screen instructions to downloading the APP...

Page 61

Go to MSI Center [Support > System Info]... 1... System Info: Read-only system information provided here... 2... Export System Info: Export the current system information data to a ... txt file... 3... Content Transfer: Use this function when contacting MSI online customer service

Page 63

Use this function to make a recovery image to a USB flash disk to recover the system back to the initial status of original manufacturers default settings, or the customized recovery point...

Page 64

1... To use MSI Recovery function for the very first time, it is a must to make a MSI Rescue USB disk first... With MSI Rescue USB disk, users may be able to fix or restore the system back to the factory default settings while the system encountering problems booting to Windows... Select [Backup] to start making MSI Rescue USB disk...

Page 65

all data will lost... 5... Follow the on-screen instructions to complete creating the MSI Rescue USB disk... 6... Keep the MSI Rescue USB disk properly, it will be used whenever you perform the

Page 67

2... Insert another USB flash disk or connect a hard disk with available capacity required... 3... Select [Customize Image Backup] to continue... 4... Select the path of the inserted USB flash disk or the connected hard disk, then select

Page 68

If the hard drive or the system encountered non-recoverable problems, it is recommended to proceed the MSI recovery function with the MSI Image Backup or Customize Image Backup which you made in advance... 1... Go to MSI Recovery main page, and select [Restore]... 2... To perform the Restore function, always make sure that the MSI Rescue USB disk is

Page 71

In Knowledge Base page, user can find a list of frequently asked questions and answers, giving them possible instructions to solve basic situations...

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