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15Z90Q Series

Copyright 2022 LG Electronics Inc. All Rights Reserved



For the safe and convenient use of the product, please read this owners manual before use.


1 Precautions before Product Use



Precautions before Product Use

For the convenience of users, LG PC Manuals are provided in an electronic format. The images in the owners manual may differ depending on the language selected and are subject to change without prior notice. Any malfunction in the built-in solid state drive (SSD) may result in loss of stored data. You must back up all critical user data to an external storage device (USB HDD, memory card, etc.). If you shut the system down before it is completely loaded, the product may not shut down properly. Shut down the system after it is completely loaded. (It takes about one or two minutes to completely load the system and may vary depending on the conditions.) For more information on how to use the product, refer to the LG Easy Guide of the LG PC Manuals.

Checking the Components The components shown below are provided when you purchase the product. Check the components before use.

When cleaning the product, use a cleaning agent dedicated to the PC. If you use thinner, benzene, alcohol or other similar agent, the product may be damaged or deformed.

PC Main Body Owners Manual AC Adapter Power Cable

Precautions before Product Use 1

Checking the Components 1

Product Tour 2

Connecting LAN Adapter 3

Power Connection 3

System Shutdown / Power Off 3

Important Safety Precautions 3

Pre-Tech Support Checklist 4

Appendix 6 Registered Trademark and Open Source Information ....................................................................... 6


2Product Tour



Product Tour


IR LED Keyboard

Webcam Touchpad

Webcam Operation Status Lamp Power Button [ ]

Built-in Microphone

NOTE You can use hot keys to use Windows more conveniently.

For details, refer to the LG Easy Guide of the LG PC Manuals.




USB-C Port1 (USB 4.0 Gen 3x2

/ Thunderbolt / Can connect to a LAN adapter / Power Port)

Headphone Port (4-pole Ear Microphone Port2 )

1 Depending on the specifications of the device connected to the USB-C port, it acts as a USB or Thunderbolt port.

The USB-C port provides Quick Charging and Always-On Charging functions for devices that support USB PD (Power Delivery).

2 The 4-pole ear microphone port supports US 4-pole standards, but not the European 4-pole ear microphone.

When using ear microphone (or Bluetooth headset), audio input and output are directed to the connected device and the microphone and speaker on PC do not work.

The 4-pole ear microphone port does not support external microphone.

3 The names of USB versions have changed from USB 3.0 (or USB 3.1 Gen 1) and USB 3.1 (or USB 3.1 Gen 2) to USB 3.2 Gen 1x1 and USB 3.2 Gen 2x1. Devices that are not authorized with USB may not operate normally when connected to the USB port.

The transmission speed of a USB port may differ depending on the type of storage device (NVMe, SSD, HDD, etc.) in the system and the connected USB device.

Built-in Speakers

microSD Card Slot

USB Port (USB 3.2 Gen 2x13 )

Security Keyhole (Kensington Security Slot)

3 Connecting LAN Adapter



System Shutdown / Power Off Press the [ ] key or [Ctrl] + [ESC] to display the Start menu.

- Press the Start button [ ] > Power button [ ] and select [Shut down].

Important Safety Precautions Check the following Important Safety Precautions to prevent unexpected danger or damage in advance.

Important Safety Precautions is divided into WARNING and CAUTION.

WARNING: Noncompliance with the instruction may cause serious physical damage or fatal injuries.

! CAUTION: Noncompliance with the instruction may cause minor damage to the body or the machine.

While Using the Product


Use batteries certified and acknowledged by LG Electronics Inc. Otherwise, an explosion

or fire may occur.

Keep the battery away from heat. Otherwise, an explosion

or fire may occur.

Avoid humidity and heat above 140 F as in cars or saunas. Otherwise, an explosion

or fire may occur.

If you find leakage or smell bad odor from the battery, contact the local service center. Otherwise, an explosion

or fire may occur.

Connecting LAN Adapter To connect to the wired LAN, you must purchase a LAN adapter separately.

1 Connect the LAN adapter to the USB-C port on the PC.

The USB-C port can be used without having to differentiate between the top and bottom surfaces.

2 Connect the network cable (LAN) to the LAN adapter.

3 Check if you can connect to the internet properly.

Power Connection The AC adapter is used to power and charge the PC.

Do not use any other AC adapter than the one that was provided when you purchased this product.

1 Connect an end of the cable to the AC adapter and the other end to a power outlet.

The AC adapter can be used from 100 V to 240 V.

2 Connect the AC adapter jack to the PC USB-C port.

Ensure that the power jack linked to the AC adapter and product is connected firmly.

When the AC adapter is connected, the AC adapter lamp turns on.

Status Power Lamp

On When the AC adapter is connected and charging is complete.

Blinking When the AC adapter is connected and is charging.

Off The AC adapter is not connected.

If you try to turn on the system that has entered the Hibernates mode or been turned off after a low-battery alarm, the system will not be turned on but the lamp will blink three times. If this is the case, connect the AC adapter and charge the battery sufficiently before using it.

4Pre-Tech Support Checklist



Do not use the product on top of carpet, blanket or bed. Also, do not put the adapter under the blanket. The product may

malfunction, cause a fire or burn the user due to temperature rise.

Prevent the battery from coming in contact with any metallic object like a car ignition key or a paper clip. Otherwise, this may cause

damage to the battery, a fire or burn due to overheat in the battery.

Do not leave the powered on product in a space without enough ventilation (i.e. bags) repeatedly or for an extended time. The battery may overheat

and cause a fire.

Charge the battery only with the provided charger. Otherwise, the battery

may be damaged presenting a risk of fire.

Do not bend the cable for the AC adapter too much. Otherwise, the wires inside the cable

may break and cause an electric shock or fire.

Guide on Battery Usage

When the PC is not used for an extended period of time, keep the battery level at about 50 % to increase the battery lifespan.

Use the Extend Battery Life function in the LG Smart Assistant. You can limit the battery charge to 80 % of the maximum charging capacity to increase the battery lifespan.

To increase battery lifespan, use the battery for a while before charging it rather than keeping the battery completely charged.

If you don't use the product for a long time with the battery completely charged, the battery lifespan may decrease.

NOTE This product has a built-in battery pack. After purchasing your PC, be sure to

charge the battery pack completely before using it for the first time. - The battery is a wearable good and thus the battery may not last as long as before after the battery has been used for a long time.

- The internal battery cannot arbitrarily be removed or replaced. Removing it may void the warranty.

- If you need to remove or replace the battery, visit a designated service center. - We charge a fee for removing or replacing the battery.

Pre-Tech Support Checklist Troubleshooting

If the following symptoms appear while using the product, check again. It may not be a malfunction.

Symptom Cause and Solution

Some of the Windows functions do not work normally or are not supported.

Depending on the product, some of the Windows functions may not be supported, and you may need to purchase a separate hardware, driver, or software to use the functions. Also, you may need to update the BIOS additionally. The Auto Update function of Windows is always activated. Updating Windows may incur Internet usage fees as well as additional system requirements for the storage device or the hardware. For more information, refer to the website

Part of LG Software is not installed.

The UWP app provided by LG Electronics can be installed only through the Microsoft Store. Access Microsoft Store and search for the app to install it. For more information on the app, refer to LG Easy Guide of the LG PC Manuals.

5 Pre-Tech Support Checklist



Symptom Cause and Solution

The touchpad is not functioning properly.

Press the Start button [ ] and run [All apps] > [LG Smart Assistant]. Then press [Dashboard] > [Touchpad].

If the touchpad does not function properly, the touchpad is either in the Touchpad Off (disabled) state or Touchpad Auto (disabled when the mouse is connected) state. - For details on the touchpad settings, refer to the LG Easy Guide of the LG PC Manuals.

The wireless network is not connected.

Press [Fn] + [F6] to check if the wireless network device is turned off. - Press [Fn] + [F6] to set airplane mode to [OFF]. Click the Wi-Fi [ ] icon on the right side of the taskbar and check if AP displays properly.

Every time you press [Fn] + [F6], the wireless network and airplane mode turns on or off.

You may not be able to connect to a secure wireless network. Ask the wireless network administrator.

Reinstall the wireless LAN driver.

I want to reinstall the driver.

Press the Start button [ ] and then select

Settings [ ] > [Apps] > [Apps & features]. Then remove the driver to be reinstalled.

Press the Start button [ ], select and run [All apps] > [LG Update]. Then, use the [Required Updates] or [Update list] menu to reinstall the drivers.

An error message appears.

Check if the system is infected with a virus or a malicious code.

Symptom Cause and Solution

The screen color does not display properly.

Check if Reader Mode is on. When the Reader mode is on, turn the setting off. - Press the Start button [ ] to turn the [All apps] > [LG Smart Assistant] > [Display Setting] > [Reader Mode] settings off.

Using the Reader mode and the Night mode at the same time can cause color distortion. Turn the Reader mode settings off or change the Night mode to [Off]. - Turning off Night light: Press the Start button [ ] and select Settings [ ] > [System] > [Display] > [Night light] > [Off].

If the screen still does not properly display, contact the LG Electronics service center. - Reader mode controls the brightness and color of the LCD screen to look like printed paper and protect the user from eyestrain.

The power does not turn on.

Check if the power cord is connected. After disconnecting the power cord and reconnecting

it, press the power button of the product. If the power is not on after reconnecting the power

cord, remove the adapter and hold the power button for at least 6 seconds to reset the system. Once the system is reset, press the power button again to turn on the computer.

The system stops during use or does not properly turn off.

Remove the adapter and press the power button for approximately 6 seconds to reset the system. Once the system is reset, press the power button again to turn on the computer. - Caution: Unsaved data may be lost. Pressing the power button while the PC is in use may cause damage to the hard disk or a system error.




Appendix Registered Trademark and Open Source Information

Microsoft, MS, WinPE, and Windows are the registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

USB Type-C and USB-C are trademarks of USB Implementers forum.

Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt logo are the trademarks of Intel Corporation in U.S.A. and/or other countries.

microSD and the microSD logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SD-3C, LLC.

Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance Corporation.

To obtain the source code that is contained in this product, under GPL, LGPL, MPL, and other open source licenses that have the obligation to disclose source code, and to access all referred license terms, copyright notices and other relevant documents please visit LG Electronics will also provide open source code to you on CD-ROM for a charge covering the cost of performing such distribution (such as the cost of media, shipping, and handling) upon email request to This offer is valid to anyone in receipt of this information for a period of three years after our last shipment of this product.

Battery take-back information

In case rechargeable battery is included in this product, the entire device should be recycled in compliance with rechargeable battery recycling standards because of the internal battery. To dispose of properly, call (800) 822-8837 or visit

Trade Name



Responsible Party LG Electronics USA, Inc.

Suppliers Declaration of Conformity

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