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dispose of it at designated collection points... For more information see: www... recyclethis... info 2006/66/EC (battery directive): This product contains a battery that cannot be disposed of as unsorted municipal waste in the European Union... See the product documentation for specific battery information... The battery is marked with this symbol, which may

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Input voltage should meet both the SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) and the Limited Power Source with 100 to 240 VAC or 12 VDC according to the IEC60950-1 standard... Please refer to technical specifications for detailed information...

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Please make sure that the plug is firmly connected to the power socket... If smoke, odor or noise rise from the device, turn off the power at once and unplug the power

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5... Package Details... 28

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disassembly... Labor saving: One single person can manage installation easily, which can save labor cost... Screen can be both inward and outward curve... (needs customization) 90 connection is available(needs customization) Anti-collision design: there are protectors at the four corners of the cabinets, which can help to protect lamps

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Cabinet Resolution 256*256 192*192 168*168 128*128 168*168 128*128 104*104

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The display system mainly consists of LED screen, control system, control computer, splicing controller, power distribution, other front-end video source and so on...

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HikVision CBF&CB SERIES LED Video Walls:

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LED displays are widely used in meeting rooms, staging events, conference hall, multi-functional studios, airports, stations, urban railways and other public places, as well as hotel lobbies, company exhibition halls, shopping malls, brand stores, promotional sites and home theaters and other fields... 1... 5... 1 Conference Hall Staging Events

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2... 1... 1 Front Installation Demonstration 2... 1... 2 Connection Alignment Plates (4-M6 Nuts)

Page 14

2... 3... 1 Stacking Rear View Demonstration 2... 3... 2 Stacking Side View

Page 15

LED display power cable is the cable connecting power distributor and LED screen... GB/CE/UK/UL standard 3*2... 5 or 3*4 Sqmm cable is usually used... GB/CE/UK/UL 3*2... 5 Sqmm cable loading capacity is not more than 4... 5KW... GB 3*4 sqmm cable loading capacity is not more than 6KW... Please note to make wiring in accordance with the standard... Conventional method is horizontal cabling but there are some special situations who can choose only vertical wiring...

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3... 1... 1 Ensure that power cables and data cables are correctly routed before powering up the screen and equipment... 3... 1... 2 Start the control computer, start the Windows system, and set the computer graphics card to duplicate mode after the graphics card driver is finished... Short cut key is Windows key + P to select Duplicate mode...

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... Download display debugging software(Nova LCT) and PC player software(ViPlex Express)...

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Sending card interface: For LED display with 1920*1080 resolution or lower, ensure that the sending card resolution is consistent with the display card output resolution and the sending card resolution is greater than or equal to the LED display resolution; If the resolution exceeds 1920*1080, you can customize the resolution...

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1... For the cabinet containing the receiving card, after the connection is normal, the LED screen will display a normal picture, but not a complete picture... In this case, it is recommended to read from the receiving card and save it to a file for backup, so as to avoid the incorrect operation of later staff to find the correct configuration file (... RCFGX)...

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According to the previous network cable wiring, configure the display screen, change the number of receiving card columns, rows, and load width and height of receiving card... For MRV412, MRV416 and AXS series (A5s, A8s, etc... ) receiving cards, you can open the Mapping function, see the cable routing mode, and then click the corresponding grid (grid is the front view), and then send to the hardware (Send to HW), solidification (Save)... Finally, it can be saved to a file to avoid the loss of screen connection files by mis-operation...

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Click Setting-Working mode, and choose local play (synchronous mode, connected to the computer for play) or asynchronous play (offline play)... Here we will briefly explain local play...

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Set the size and starting position of the playback window according to the size of the LED display...

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Click component properties on the right to unlock aspect ratio, change starting position and width...

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More operation instructions can be viewed by clicking the software user manual:

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4... 1... 4 Remove the four retaining screws on the power board and remove the power supply

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4... 3 Remove adapter plate (Also called HUB)... 4... 3... 1 Remove the three adapters plate retaining screws

Page 28

4... 4... 1 Remove the 7pcs module retaining screws 4... 4... 2 Take out the module

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(e) It's prohibited to use 84 disinfectant containing (Fluorine, Bromine) or highly effective disinfectant water to spray directly on the environment where the display is used... If disinfection is required, it's recommended that 75% medical alcohol be used and the power to the display must be turned off during disinfection... Prohibit flames, prevent static electricity, maintain ventilation and pay attention to safety...

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