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Quick Installation Guide IP Phone


- 4 -

Call forward

1Press Menu > Features > Call Forward. 2Select the line, the type of forward, enter the destination number and status and OK.

Call Mute

1. Press to Mute the microphone during the call. 2. Press again to un-mute the conversation.

Call list

1. Press key or Menu > CallLog > Local Call Logs 2. Scroll through the list using 3. To dial an entry, press Dial soft key or pickup handset or press or .

Call transfer

Attended transfer:

Blind transfer:

1. Press key or Xfer soft key during the active conversation, the call is put on hold. 2. Dial the second telephone number.

1. Press key or Xfer soft key during the active conversation, the call will be on hold. 2. Then enter the 2nd telephone number and press key or Xfer soft key.

3. When the call is answered, then press key or Xfer soft key to complete the operation.


Programmable keys

1You can congure shortcuts for the programmable keys. 2Press Menu > Basic > Keyboard, select among the congurable items, and select your desired type and value, press OK key.

Do not disturb

1. Press DND soft key, and enable the device do not disturb mode. 2Or press Menu > Features > DND, and select the Mode and Type, and press Save soft key.


1. Press key, redial a call number.

Voice mail

1. To access your voice mailbox, press or Menu > Message > Voice Message, number of messages will be indicated if provided by your server or pbx. 2Select the line and press Play to call.

Putting a call on hold

1. Press key or Hold soft key, caller is put on hold. 2. To retrieve the call press key or Resume soft key. Note: with more than one active call, select desired call with the navigator keys and use the corresponding soft key to hold or resume.

3-party conference 1. Once in line with 1st caller, press key or Conf soft key, 1st caller is put on hold. 2. Then call the 2nd number. 3. After, 2nd call is established, press key or Conf soft key to set up the conference.


Access phonebook:

Add new entry:

1. Press or Contact soft key or Menu > PhoneBook > Local Contacts.

1. Press Contact soft key, Press All Contacts or other group > Press Add. 2. Enter name and number and press OK soft key.

2. Select All Contacts or other group. 3. To dial an entry, press Dial soft key or pickup handset or press or .

Screen icon

In hands-free mode

In headset mode

In handset mode

Mute activated

Silent mode

Packaging list

Soft keys

Message waiting indicator

Left and right navigation keys Up navigation key, Shortcut to call log Down navigation key, Shortcut to Status OK key, Shortcut to Menu

Hold key, Hold/Resume the call

Keys features

IP Phone Handset

Handset Cord

Stand Power Adapter (Optional)

Ethernet Cable Quick Installation Guide

- 2 - - 3 -

Wall Stand (Buy separately)

In idle mode: activate/deactivate silent mode In communication mode: mute/un-mute a call

In idle mode or during ringing: increase or decrease ringer volume In communication: increase or decrease handset, headset or hands-free volume

Hand-free key, activate/deactivate hands free

Long press to lock keypad. Enter PIN to unlock keypad (default 123)

Call is on hold

Internet connected

Internet is disconnectedX

No IP address!

Auto-answering activated

Installation the device

Please follow the instructions in below picture to install the device. Bracket desktop installation

Wall mounting (wall stand need buy separately)

Connecting to the device Please connect power adapter, network, PC, handset, and headset to the corresponding ports as described in below picture.

Power port: connect the power adapter. Network port: connecting local area network or Internet. PC port: the network port connect to the computer. Headset port: connect headset. Handset port: connect IP Phone handset.


Internet PC Headset


VLAN activated

Disable do not disturb (Blue)

Call forward activated

SIP Hotspot activated

Do not disturb activated (Red) Keypad locked

Forward call(s)

New VM messages

Voice quality level of call

VPN activated


Call transfer key

Conference key

Call logs key

Phonebook key

Voice messages key

Headset key, activate/deactivate headset

Status key

Redial key, access to redial the last record

Conguration via web

1. Get the IP address from the phone: Press key, or Menu > Status > IPv4 / IPv6. 2. Login: Input the IP address in the web browser. The PC and phone should be in the same IP address segment(The default username and password are both admin.) 3. Congure: Select network/account etc, and ll the relevant content. 4. Save the conguration.

Language setting

1. Press Menu key > Basic > Language. 2. Select the desired language and press OK soft key.

Making a call

Accepting a call

1. Pre-dialing: enter the phone number and pick up the handset. 2. Direct dialing: lift the handset and enter the phone number.

3. Handsfree: enter phone number and press or vice versa. 4. Headset: enter phone number and press or vice versa.

1. Using the handset: pick up the handset. 2. Using the headset: press . 3. Using the handsfree: press .


Conguration via LCD menu of phone 1Press Menu > Advanced (default password 123). 2Select Network: To congure the Network Settings (IPv4/IPv6/IPv4&IPv6, DHCP/Static/PPPoE) 3Select Accounts: To congure enable the account, ll the SIP server address, port, user name, password etc .

5. Designated line: press line key, enter phone number and press dial key.

Line keys

Received call(s)

Dialed call(s)

Missed call(s)

Wireless network connected Wireless network disconnected

Wireless network failure

Network connect

Using Ethernet 1The power on the device and connect the WAN port of the phone to the RJ45 socket of a hub/switch or a router (LAN side of the router) using the Ethernet cable. 2The default is DHCP mode. Using WiFi 1The p

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