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Installation instructions RAVRG2for your new Return air grille

Before you beginRead these instructions completely and carefully. IMPORTANTOBSERVE ALL GOVERNING CODES AND ORDINANCES. Note to InstallerBe sure to leave these instructions with the Consumer. Note to ConsumerKeep these instructions with your Owners Manual for future reference.

Tools Needed Ruler or tape measure Pencil

Phillips head screwdriver Wood saw


Parts Needed 8 Mounting screws (mounting hole dimension 732)

20 x 20 x 1 Filter

Install the return air grille NOTE: The return air grille must be installed in an interior closet wall common to the unit.

1. Cut and frame a 2038 W x 2038 H opening in the closet wall panel.

NOTE: Use a level or suitable method to make sure the cutout is square and plumb. Install the grille frame in the orientation shown.

2. Remove the two screws from the grille and remove the grille from the frame.

3. Fit the grille frame into the cutout opening.

4. Secure the grille frame to the closet wall frame using 8 mounting screws (field supplied).

5. Install a 20 x 20 x 1 filter (field supplied) in the grille.

6. Install the grille into the frame and replace

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