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Installation Bump-Out Kit Instructions JX15BUMP For 15 Deep Cabinets

49-40719-1 03-15 GE

IMPORTANT: Use the existing mounting bracket that comes with your OTR Microwave to identify location for the Bump Out Kit.

Place the original bracket on the wall according to installation instructions from the OTR Microwave to determine where to place the Bump Out Kit Bracket.

Mark lowest edage of bracket

Existing Mounting Bracket from OTR Microwave

Place the Bump Out Kit Bracet in place of existing bracket location making sure that the bottom edge lines up.

Bump-Out Kit Bracket


Installation Instructions


#1 and #2 Phillips screwdriver Pencil

Ruler or tape measure and straight edge Carpenter square


Tin snips (for cutting damper, if required)

Electric drill with 3 16 , 7 16, 3 8, 1 2 and 5 8 drill bits

Hammer (optional)Stud finder or

Filler blocks or scrap wood pieces, if needed for top cabinet spacing (used on recessed bottom cabinet installations only)Gloves

Saw (saber, hole or keyhole)

Level Duct and masking tape

Scissors (to cut template, if necessary)

Safety goggles


The space between the cabinets must be 30 wide and free of obstructions.

If the space between the cabinets is greater than 30, a Filler Panel Kit may be used to fill in the gap between the oven and the cabinets. Your Owners Manual contains the kit number for your model.

This oven is for installation over ranges up to 36 wide.

If you are going to vent your oven to the outside, see Hood Exhaust Section for exhaust duct preparation.

When installing the oven beneath smooth, flat cabinets, be careful to follow the instructions on the top cabinet template for power cord clearance.


66 or more from the floor to the top of the oven



30 min.

16-1 4

Bottom edge of cabinet

needs to be 30 or

more from the cooking


NOTE: Maximum cabinet depth is 15.


Installation Instructions

Find the studs, using one of the following methods: A. Stud finder a magnetic device which locates nails.

OR B. Use a hammer to tap lightly across the mounting

surface to find a solid sound. This will indicate a stud location.

After locating the stud(s), find the center by probing the wall with a small nail to find the edges of the stud. Then place a mark halfway between the edges. The center of any adjacent studs should be 16" or 24" from this mark.

Draw a line down the center of the studs. THE OVEN MUST BE CONNECTED TO AT LEAST ONE WALL STUD.




Wall Studs

Level line for front overhang

Center 3


Draw a vertical line on the wall at the center of the 30 wide space.

Use mounting plate as the template for the rear wall. Place mounting plate on the wall, making sure that the tabs are touching the bottom of the cabinet or the level line drawn for cabinets with front overhang. Line up the notch and center line on the mounting plate to the center line on the wall. (If the tabs are not in line with front overhang, unit will be tilted.)

While holding mounting plate with one hand, draw circles on the wall at holes A, B, C and D (see illustration above) . Four holes must be used for mounting.

NOTE: Holes C and D are inside area E. If neither C nor D is in a stud, find a stud somewhere in area E and draw a fifth circle to line up with the stud. It is important to use at least one wood screw mounted firmly in a stud to support the weight of the oven.

Set the mounting plate aside. Drill holes on the circles. If there is a stud, drill a 3 16 hole

for wood screws. For holes that dont line up with a stud, drill a 5 8 hole for toggle bolts.





Draw a Vertical Line on Wall from Center of Top Cabinet

Area E

Hole Location A Hole Location B

Hole Location D


CAUTION: Wear gloves to avoid cutting fingers on sharp edges.


Hole Location C

NOTE: Appearance and shape of the mounting plate may vary from your model.


Installation Instructions

Attach the plate to the wall using (2-4) toggle bolts. At least one wood screw must be used to attach the plate to a wall stud. NOTE: Use hardware from OTR packaging. Remove the toggle wings from the bolts. Insert the bolts into the mounting plate through the

holes designated to go into drywall and reattach the toggle wings to 3 4 onto each bolt.

1 2




Place the mounting plate against the wall and insert the toggle wings into the holes in the wall to mount the plate.

NOTE: Before tightening toggle bolts and wood screw, make sure the tabs on the mounting plate touch the bottom of the cabinet when pushed flush against the wall and that the plate is properly centered under the cabinet. CAUTION: Be careful to avoid pinching fingers between the back of the mounting plate and the wall. Tighten all bolts. Pull the plate away from the wall to

help tighten the bolts.




Mounting Plate

Spacing for Toggles More Than Wall Thickness

Bolt End

Toggle Bolt

Toggle Wings

To use toggle bolts:

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