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Item No : 90677 Version : English Size : 8.5 x 11" Paper : Woodfree paper 80 gsm Color : Black Date : MAR 25, 2002 (CK)


1 888 8926123 Questions or Comments?

Guess What? Elmo

Please keep these instructions for future reference as they contain important information.

GUESS WHAT? ELMO brings the spirit of Elmos World to life! Every single day of the week Elmo talks about a BRAND NEW popular topic right from

the show (7 topics in all) !!! His mouth moves when he speaks and he also sings the ever-popular Elmos World Theme Song!

!" #

" $ % &

' $


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& * +,,+ -." / $ $

Squeeze Elmos right hand. Each day Elmo will start a new topic

by saying, Elmos so happy to see you! Guess what Elmo is thinking about today?!?!

Elmo will then announce one of the following seven topics that he is thinking about for that day: - hats - balls - shoes - fish - birthday cakes - bananas - bugs

Squeeze his right hand for phrases and questions about the topic of the day.

Squeeze his right hand again for answers to the questions or more fun phrases.

Elmo is programmed with a special MAGICAL TIME CLOCK that changes the topic EVERY DAY! (Every 24 hours) Every single day Elmo will randomly choose one of 7 topics to talk about!

Squeeze Elmos left hand (any time, any day) and he will sing the Elmos World Theme Song.

If the toy is not played with for more than 20 seconds it will automatically shut-off to preserve battery life.

Press Elmos right or left hand to resume play.

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BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Please remove and discard the

Try Me pull-tab from the back of the toy.

Try Me pull tab

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