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Designed for the most demanding sound contracting requirements, the cabinets multiple cavities and internal wood bracing helps eliminate side wall movement... This design results in low distortion, very high power handling and very high SPL output... Likewise, large ports on the CS-215 cabinet prevent compression at high SPL due to large exit velocities...

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The first is time alignment... The mid/high racks should be as close as possible to the subwoofer so the sound from the subwoofer reaches the audience at the same time as the sound from the mid/high packs... If the subwoofer is placed too far from the mid/high packs, a slight smearing of the lower bass frequencies may occur... While ideal placement for this consideration would involve stacking the mid/high pack on top of the subwoofer, this effect is quite subtle and an obvious effect may not be heard until the separation between the two cabinets is large enough to cause an audible time delay...

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After the speaker system has been placed, the crossover point needs to be set for maximum benefit... While the 15" drivers in the CS-215 are fully capable of accurately reproducing frequencies above 350 Hz, the bandpass enclosure has been designed to acoustically roll off frequencies above 170 Hz... This decreases distortion levels and boosts frequencies below 170 Hz... Thus, the crossover point should be set lower than 130 Hz to ensure that al l frequencies are reproduced... Sett ing the crossover point too low (below 80 Hz) will not take full advantage of the subwoofer because it places too high of a demand on the mid/high packs... For these reasons, a crossover point of ranging between 80 and 130 Hz is recommended depending upon the placement of the speakers...

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DRIVERS Two 15" (38... 1cm) cast frame woofers 4" (10... 2 cm) voice coils 110 ounce (3... 1 kg) magnets

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