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Designed for the most demanding sound contracting requirements, the cabinets internal wood bracing helps eliminate side wall movement... This design results in low distortion, very high power handling and very high SPL output... Likewise, large ports on the CS-18 and cabinet prevent compression at high SPL due to large exit velocities...

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The second consideration is to try to obtain as much bass as possible from the subwoofer... A subwoofer hanging in free air is referred to as operating in "full space" since the subwoofer is free to radiate in all directions (omnidirectionally)... A speaker in the middle of the floor or up in the air with its back against a wall is referred to as operating in "half space"... Full space operation will result in about a 3 dB decrease in output as compared to half space... In order to compensate for the decrease in output using a full space configuration, the power amplifier may need to be turned up... Placing a speaker near a large, flat wall and on the floor (quarter space) will boost the bass performance by about 3 dB as compared to half space... The more surfaces the subwoofer is placed against, the fewer the number of subwoofer enclosures are needed to achieve a desired SPL...

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After the speaker system has been placed, the crossover point needs to be set for maximum benefit... While the 18" driver in the CS-18 is fully capable of accurately reproducing frequencies above 400 Hz, setting the crossover point this high makes time alignment very difficult and the large 18" woofer will start to "beam"... Beaming occurs when lower frequencies are emitted in an approximately omnidirectional pattern while higher frequencies are emitted more on-axis... For the CS-18, this occurs above the crossover point of 400 Hz... I f the crossover point is set too high and the subwoofer is placed far from the mid/high packs, bass frequencies will sound like they are being produced in two different locations... Most listeners cannot locate the origin of frequencies below 150 Hz... Setting the crossover point too low (below 80 Hz) wil l not take ful l advantage of the subwoofer because it places too high of a demand on the mid/high packs... For these reasons, a crossover point of ranging between 80 and 200 Hz is recommended depending upon the placement of the speakers...

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WARNING: The length of the useful life of this cabinet will depend in substantial part upon how this cabinet is treated in use... The user of this cabinet must periodically have this cabinet inspected to ensure that continued use has not weakened the cabinet's structure, including the various joints which are fastened with glue and/or screws... Because this cabinet is in some instances, suspended from heights in use and could cause serious injuries or fatalities if it falls, this determination is important and must be attended to by the user...

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