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Advanced Manual Introduction This manual is your step-by-step guide to all the advanced features found on your Bronco 40 amplifier. For information on using Fender FUSE, Ableton Live or Amplitube, please see the separate manuals for each product available at www. fender.com/support

Navigation There are just a few basics of Bronco 40 navigation that you should know before you explore any further...

Selecting Presets The most powerful feature of your Bronco 40 amplifier is its ability to store every amplifier setting and effect selection as a preset that you can instantly recall using the PRESET knob, or remotely from your computer or footswitch.

Use the PRESET knob to select one of 24 presets. Presets are stored in three banks, colored AMBER, GREEN and RED.

Turn the PRESET knob to scroll through each bank of presets in the following order:

Each preset is based on one of the eight amplifier types labeled next to each of the preset LEDs. That gives you a total of three presets for each amplifier type.

The RED and GREEN banks are for creating your own presets. TheAMBER bank of presets can only be modified using Fender FUSE software available free at www.fender.com/support

Each preset includes the settings of all the programmable knobs on the Bronco 40, which includes every knob exceptthe MASTER volume and PRESET knobs.

Programmable Knobs Because the setting of every knob on the Bronco 40 amplifier (except MASTER) is part of each preset, all programmable knobs are normally inactive and knob positions will NOT show their actual settings when a preset is first selected.

How do I activate a programmable knob? The moment you turn any programmable knob it instantly becomes active and it will remain active until you select a different preset, at which time it becomes inactive again.

You may hear a big change in volume or tone when you first turn a programmable knob if there happened to be a large difference between the knob's starting position and the stored preset setting. For example, if the VOLUME knob is pointing to "8" but the stored preset VOLUME setting is "2," the volume level will jump from "2" to "8" when you start turning the VOLUME knob because the VOLUME knob is now instantly active at "8."

Theonlywaytoknowwhatthepresetsettingofaknob is before you turn it, is by using Fender FUSE software andconnectingtheBronco40toyourcomputer.

Effects & Compression Use the FX knob to select effects and the COMP knob to select levels of signal compression.

The FX and COMP knobs share the same three indicator LEDs. The knob that is being turned or has been turned most recent- ly, has control of these LEDs.











AMBER Bank ( Factory presets )

GREEN Bank ( User presets )

RED Bank ( User presets )

PROGRAMMABLE knobs are inactive unless turned

Turn a PROGRAMMABLE knob to activate it

These LEDs are linked to whichever knob was turned last

2 f e n d e r . c o m


The LEDs are numbered 1, 2, 3 and correspond to three posi- tions within each of the 4 selection ranges on each knob. Use the LEDs to determine exactly which position the knob is pointing to, for example, A1, A2 or A3 (A1 is shown below).











Effects Selections The table below lists the effect selections for the FX knob.


A1 Chorus

A2 Flanger

A3 Phaser

B1 Envelope Filter #1

B2 Envelope Filter #2

B3 Octave Down

C1 Small Room Reverb

C2 Mono Delay

C3 Ducking Delay

D1 Combo Effect #1

D2 Combo Effect #2

D3 Combo Effect #3

You can completely change the effects list on your Bronco 40 amplifier using Fender FUSE software availableatwww.fender.com/support

Effects and Channel Volume Levels You can adjust the effects level or channel volume level by holding down the EXIT button while rotating either the GAIN or FX knob.

Tap Button The TAP button can be used to tap in delay time and modulation rate settings:

Delay time TAP button blinks green:

Modulation rate TAP button blinks red:

When you select a delay type effect, the TAP button will blink green in time with the delay time setting. When you select a modulation type effect, the TAP button will blink red in time with the modulation rate setting.

To set the TAP interval of effects:

1. Select an effect that causes the TAP button to blink, using the FX knob.

2. Press the TAP button twice rhythmically in time with the desired interval.

Press the TAP button just one time to set the delay or modulationintervaltoitsmaximumvalue.

Compression Active The EXIT button will light up when the compression circuit is actively compressing the signal volume level.

Higher compression settings limit the dynamic volume range of your bass, effectively reducing distortion and increasing sustain. Experiment to find the right setting that suits your style of playing.

XLR Line Output The LINE OUT jack on the rear panel is a balanced, line level output suitable for connection to mixing consoles and recording equipment. This is a mono output, however, the USB audio connection provides a means to record in stereo (see USB Port on page 5).


3f e n d e r . c o m


Tuner Button Your Bronco 40 amplifier has a built-in Tuner mode that turns the control panel LEDs into a chromatic bass tuner.

To use the tuner:

1. Press and hold the TAP button for 2 seconds. The TAP and EXIT buttons will illuminate.

2. Strike any single string on your bass and watch the panel LEDs. The Preset LEDs are used to indicate the note of the string being tuned (the top LED "#" indicates if the note is sharp).

3. Turn the tuning peg on your bass until the fine tuning LEDs above the COMP knob indicate the string is in tune, as shown above.

4. Five-string bass tuning is shown below. For four-string basses, omit the "B" string:

5. Press EXIT or TAP to exit from the Tuner.

Save Button Your Bronco 40 amplifier gives you the powerful

ability to save every setting on the amplifier as part of a preset. When you select a preset, the level of each

knob, including effect selections, is instantly recalled to your pre-programmed settings!

The SAVE button will light up red when you turn any programmable knob on the amplifier. This indicates that you have temporarily modified the preset. You can reset your modifications simply by selecting a different preset and then back again.

The EXIT button will not cancel changes to the current preset. Only by selecting a different preset using the PRESETknobwillyourtemporarychangesbeerased.

To save a preset:

1. To save a preset you must first modify an existing preset by turning any of the programmable knobs, such as GAIN or FX. (once the SAVE button is illuminated, you can proceed to step 2).

2. Press the SAVE button. The SAVE and EXIT buttons should be flashing rapidly. You can press EXIT at this point to cancel the save process.

3. Turn the PRESET knob to select a preset to overwrite. You can only overwrite the red and green banks of the amplifier type that you started from (if you started by modifying the amber bank, you must select either the red or green bank to overwrite).

4. Press SAVE a second time to complete the save process.

You can modify theAMBER bank of presets by using your computer and Fender FUSE software available atwww.fender.com/support

Aux / Phones Jacks Auxiliary Input You can use the Auxiliary jack to input audio into your Bronco 40 amplifier for accompaniment. Connect the headphone output on your CD player or MP3 player to the AUX jack using a mini-stereo cable. Use the volume control on your player, together with the MASTER volume knob, to adjust the auxiliary volume level.

Phones Jack Plug in your headphones or ear buds to enjoy the Bronco 40 privately. The amp's internal speaker is muted when the PHONES jack is used. This is a mono output.

Letters next to LEDs indicate the note being tuned

3 LEDs indicate fine tuning. GREEN means "in tune"





4 f e n d e r . c o m



Connect a (optional) 1-button footswitch (P/N 0994049000) into the FTSW jack to enable remote selection of your two favorite presets. The LED (next to the FTSW jack) will turn red or green to indicate which footswitch preset is active.

To program the footswitch:

1. Select a preset that you want to assign to the footswitch. The preset must not be modified (the SAVE button must NOT be illuminated to proceed to step 2).

2. Press the SAVE button. The SAVE and EXIT buttons should be flashing rapidly. You can press EXIT at this point to cancel the footswitch assignment process.

3. Press the footswitch button to select either the red or green LED next to the FTSW jack to associate with the chosen preset.

4. Press the SAVE button to confirm the footswitch assignment. Now when you press the footswitch, the chosen preset will be activated with the assigned red or green footswitch indicator.

USB Port Use the USB port to connect the Bronco 40 amplifier to your computer and take your music to the next level in stereo:

Use Fender FUSE software to control your Bronco 40 fromyourcomputerandaccessbonusampfeaturesnot availablefromtheBronco40alone.

Please see the Fender FUSE manual at www.fender. com/supportfordetails.

RecordandeditBronco40audioinstereousingAbleton LiveLite8FenderEditionsoftware.

Please see the Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender edition at www.fender.com/supportfordetails.

Stream live audio and play with people around the worldusingFenderBANDJAM,poweredbyeJamming AUDiiO.

Fora30-daytrialsubscription,logonto:www.fender. com/ejamming

Factory Restore & Firmware Update

Factory Restore You can restore your Bronco 40 amplifier to the original factory settings if desired. All user presets will be erased!

To restore the Bronco 40 amplifier to factory settings:

1. Turn the amplifier OFF.

2. Press and hold the EXIT button while turning the amplifier ON. Continue holding the EXIT button until it is no longer illuminated.

! The FACTORY RESTORE function will erase all user modified presets. It will also restore theAMBER bank of presets and any effect selections that have been modifiedusingFenderFUSEsoftware.

Firmware Update From time to time, Fender may make available firmware updates for your Bronco 40 amplifier to improve operation or to add new features. To update the firmware on your amplifier you will need to connect it through the USB port to a computer with Fender FUSE software and an internet connection.

Please see the Fender FUSE manual at www.fender. com/supportfordetails.

FAQ There are several great places you can go to learn more about the Bronco 40 and music in general:


Join a Fender Community forum where you can ask questionsandreadthreads.There'sevenaforumjustfor theBronco40:www.fender.com/community/forums

LogontotheFenderKnowledgeBasetodownloadand read "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ): www.fender. com/support/faqs.php

Findmusictheorylearningmaterialsandsheetmusicat HalLeonardPublications:www.halleonard.com



5f e n d e r . c o m

This product is covered by one or more of the following patents: US Pat. 6,222,110

AMPLIFICADORDEAUDIO IMPORTADO POR: Instrumentos Musicales Fender S.A. de C.V., Calle Huerta # 132, Col. Carlos Pacheco, C.P. 228890, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

RFC: IMF870506R5A Hecho en China. Servicio de Cliente: 001-8665045875


Fender, Bronco and Fender FUSE are trademarks of FMIC. Other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Copyright 2011 FMIC. All rights reserved. P/N 0091728000 (ENGLISH) rev a

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