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Using Optional Equipment 61

Network Image Express Interface Card

This section explains how to install the optional Network Image Express interface card (B12B808393) in your scanner.

Setting Up Client Computers

Before connecting the scanner to your network, make sure any computer you want to use for scanning is set up properly. Check that:

an Ethernet network card is installed in the computer

the computer is configured to use the TCP/IP network protocol

your scanner software is installed (see the Start Here sheet for instructions)

For instructions on installing your computers card, see the manual that came with the card. For instructions on setting up TCP/IP, see your computers manual or online help.

Installing the Card in Your Scanner

1. Turn off the scanner and disconnect the power cord and any cables.

2. Remove the two screws securing the shield plate to the scanners optional interface slot, and then remove the plate. Keep the screws and shield plate in case you want to reinstall them later.

3. Fully insert the Network Image Express card in the slot, and tighten its screws.

Caution: Do not insert the card with the scanner turned on, or you could damage the card or the scanner. Page 61 Friday, June 4, 2004 1:57 PM

62 Using Optional Equipment

4. Plug in the scanner and reconnect its cables.

5. Initialize the card by holding down its RESET button (to the right of the connector) while you turn on the scanner. Continue holding down the button for about 10 seconds, until the cards red and green lights (to the left of the connector) turn on.

Now youre ready to connect the scanner to your network.

Connecting the Scanner to Your Network

1. Turn off the scanner.

2. Connect an Ethernet cable (Category 5 unshielded twisted-pair) to the RJ-45 jack on the card, and then connect the other end to a hub on your network.

Note: To prevent corruption of scanned data, you must use a Category 5 cable. Do not connect the scanner directly to your computer; instead, connect it to the network through an existing hub.

3. Turn on the scanner.

4. Check the lights on the card. Initialization is in progress wh

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