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EPSON,+aqpm Quick Reference Card 3250

This card summarizes the printer instructions youll need most often. For detailed information on any of these topics, see your Users Guide.

1. Fan a stack of up to 50 letter-size sheets and tap the edge to even the stack.

2. Hold down the metal plate in the paper cassette and insert the paper. Secure the stack under all five tabs on the cassette.



Insert the cassette into the printer as far as it will go (it extends about three inches).

Note: If the printer runs out of paper while printing, reload the paper cassette, install it, and press the FORM FEED button to continue printing.

4. Once youve loaded paper, you can print with the printer upright or flat. Choose the position that is best for your workspace.

w FF

Caution: Turn on the printer before you load a sheet into the manual insertion slot, or it may eject the page and print on the platen.





Turn on the printer and place it upright.

Lower the back flap and insert a single sheet of paper into the rear slot, aligning the left edge with the arrow mark on the case.

The page loads automatically. When the printer receives data, it begins printing. Continue inserting sheets and sending data as needed.

To switch back to the paper cassette, press FORM FEED without inserting a sheet in the slot. The printer automatically loads a sheet from the paper cassette. D


Set the paper-thickness lever to 0 for ordinary printing and printing on two-part carbonless forms. Set it to 1 to print on labels or envelopes.

You can print a self test to make sure your printer operates properly.

1. Make sure the printer is turned off and paper is loaded.

2. Hold down the FORM FEED button while you turn on the printer. It loads a sheet of paper automatically and begins to print characters in the current font and character table. m

FF 3. To stop the self test, turn off the printer.

Press the FONT button F O N T 7

to select from the zz3 seven fonts listed on l l Roman 0 0 ' the control panel. 0 0 Sans Serif 3 0 ScriipT

Each time you press the FONT button, the

0oCourier o o Draft Condewd

two font lights come on (O), go off (O), and flash (&I to indicate the active font.

Font settings you make with your software may override these control panel settings.


Roman and Sans Serif fonts can be scaled (or sized) from 8 to 32 points in 2 point increments with your software or ESC/P2 commands only; you cannot use the FONT button to produce scaled versions of these fonts.

Make sure the printer is turned off and paper is loaded.

Remove the narrow cover from the printer.

To enter the default settings mode, hold down the YES button while you turn on the printer. IIYES

4. The printer prints a series of questions about your printer settings. Press the YES and NO buttons to respond and make your changes. All new settings remain in effect until you change them again. YES NO Note:

5. Turn off the printer at any time to exit the default settings mode; then replace the narrow cover.

You can change the printer settings listed here:

Character table 437, 850,860, 863, 865

Page length* 11, 12, 8.5, 70/6

Skip over perforation* On. Off

Tear-off position* On cutter, Above cutter

TOF position -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3

Graphic print direction Unidirectional, Bidirectional

Download On, Off

Auto line feed On, Off

Hex dump/Demonstration Hex dump, Demonstration

* Available only if optional push tractor is installed

R Caution: If you just used the printer, let the print head cool for a few minutes before you touch it.

1. Move the print head to the center of the printer. Grasp the sides of the ribbon cartridge and lift it out of the printer.

2. Insert the new ribbon cartridge. Press down firmly on its sides until it snaps into place. Then turn the ribbon tightening knob to remove any slack.

When printing from the paper cassette:

Turn the printer off and pull the page carefully out of the printer. Remove the paper cassette and make sure the paper is loaded properly; then try again.

When feeding a sheet manually:

Turn the printer off and pull the sheet carefully out of the printer. Insert a new sheet straight into the paper slot. If you are printing on envelopes, did you remember to adjust the paper-thickness lever to 1?

If paper jams continue, check the paper specifications in your Users Guide to make sure youre using the right type of paper.

If you purchased your Epson product in the United States, Epson America provides local customer support and service through a nationwide network of authorized Epson dealers and Service Centers

Epson also provides the following support services through the Epson Consumer Resource Center at (800) 92243911:

n Assistance in locating your nearest Authorized Epson Reseller or Service Center

n Technical assistance with the installation, configuration, and operation of Epson products

n Sales of ribbons, supplies, parts, documentation, and accessories for your Epson product.

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