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Safety instructions Product description Installing the projector in the frame Stacking projections Maximum stacking information Adjustment options Dimensions & weight 9

Frame for Epson projectors

Epson EB-L1100 Epson EB-L1200 Epson EB-L1300 Epson EB-L1405 Epson EB-L1500 Epson EB-L1505

Only a qualified technician should install this product. Read these instructions carefully before installing the ELPMB50 projector frame. Please also read the product manual of the specific projector carefully.

These instructions must always be handed over to the installing person.

SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Dear customer, for your safety, read all the instructions in this installation manual before using this product. Incorrect handling that ignores instructions in this installation manual could damage this product or could result in personal injury or property damage. Keep this installation manual at hand for future reference.

Model number: ELPMB50

This frame is DGUV V17 (BGV-C1) certified. Please consider the valid laws at the place of event.


The documentation and this product use graphical symbols to show how to use this product safely. The indications and their meaning are as follows. Make sure you understand them properly before reading the guide.

This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could result in personal injury or even death due to incorrect handling.


This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could result in personal injury or physical damage due to incorrect handling.

Indicates actions that must not be performed.

Indicates actions that should be performed.




Follow the instructions in this guide when installing this product. If the instructions are not follow, this product may fall, resulting in personal injury or an accident.

After making adjustments, make sure you tighten all of the screws. Otherwise, the product may fall and cause personal injury or property damage.

Do not cover the projectors air intake vent or air exhaust vent. If either of the vents is covered, the internal temperature could rise and cause a fire.

Wear non-slip gloves when moving and installing. If this product falls, it could cause personal injury or property damage.

Make sure not to exceed max. weight loads for ceiling mounts. For suspended installations, use only designated hanging accessories, like TH-SHORTY-150-8 for a max. weight load of 150 kg (330.69 lb).

Do not install this product in an unstable location. Make sure the installation location is strong enough to support the weight of the projector and this product.

This product should be installed by at least two qualified service personnel. When loosening screws during installation, be careful not to drop this product. If this product or the projector falls, it could cause death or personal injury.

This product is for portrait projection or stacked projection only. Do not attach any devices other than the projector. Otherwise this product may be damaged; if the projector falls, it could cause death or personal injury.

Do not use adhesives, lubricant, oil, and so on when securing the screws. If you use adhesives on the mount fixing points to prevent the screws from loosening, or if you use things such as lubricants or oils on the projector, the projector case may crack and cause the projector to fall, resulting in personal injury or property damage.





Do not install this product in a location subject to temperatures outside the projectors operating range. The may cause malfunctions to occur.

When securing the frame with bolts, make sure you do not catch your hand or finger between the bolts and the frame.

Do not install the projector in a location where it may be subject to vibrations or shocks.

Do not stack more than three projectors in a stacked configuration. The frame could fall and cause an injury.

With regard to the overall weight of all necessary installation devices, make sure to handle those with at least 2 people.



Modifying and disassembling should only be performed by qualified service personnel except when explicitly stated. Otherwise, malfunctions or accidents may occur.

Do not apply too much force when adjusting this product. Otherwise, the product may break and cause an injury.

Do not stand or sit on this product. Otherwise, the product could be damaged.

Do not hang from this product. Also do not hang any objects on this product except for the projector If this product breaks and falls, it could cause death or personalinjury.

Do not place screws or feet within reach of small children. Children may swallow them by accident. If this happens, contact a doctor immediately.

Periodically check that there are no damaged sections or loose screws. If any parts are damaged, stop using the product immediately If this product or the projector falls, it could cause death or personal injury.





For tandem assemblies,

another separate frame is required.Screws (M6 x 20) x 4

Flat washers (M6) x 8 max. 2mm



Screws and washers

Used for securing the projector into

the frame.

Used for projector installation.

Parts name Image / Drawing Purpose Finished assembly diagram



Place the frame on the projector so that it is aligned with the screw hole positions. (Make sure that the forward/back direction is correct when installing. If the direction is reversed the hole positions will not match.)

Please make sure to use ONLY the correspondent screw holes when installing a projector!

Secure the projector in the frame using the four screws (M6x20) and the eight flat washers (M6).

Do not forget to use the washers as they are responsible for the galvanic isolation.

Torque: 5 0.5 Nm

screw (M6x20)

flat washers (M6) max. 2 mm


ceiling mount with TH-SHORT-60-6



Place the upper framed projector on top of the lower frame projector. Make sure the four male location bolts enter into the correspondent female location bolts. To secure, draw the locking pin through both bolts.


ceiling mount with TH-SHORTY-150-8

table mount

Epson EB-L-Series

female bolt

male bolt locking pin


VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT Using both adjustment screws on the left and right you can adjust the position of the projector by approximately 5 degrees upwards and 3.5 degrees downwards. You can lower or lift the front left or right corner.

TILT ADJUSTMENT By lifting the front left or the front right corner an adjustment of 3.5 degrees upwards and downwards is possible.


HORIZONTAL ADJUSTMENT By turning the single round adjustment screw, placed on the side of the frame, you can move the back of the projector to the left or to the right by approximately 5 degrees.

adjusting screws

adjusting screws

single adjusting screws


733,75mm 28,888in

17 9m

m 7,0

47 in

706mm 27,795in

64 2m

m 25

,27 6i


339,6mm 13,370in

235mm 9,252in


Weight: 12,50kg

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